In a nutshell..
Pervette is a labyrintine transmedia (part book, part film, part game) website that takes you on a choose your own erotic adventure down multiple rabbit holes as you get more intimate with the Creatrix behind it, Colette Pervette. The deeper you go, the more intimate and interesting the experience becomes. Pervette is (and stands for) a Permanently Evolving Radical Vision. The website and each of its pages evolve organically over time and is hyper dependent on how you engage with it. At this infant stage, you can begin to track the beginning of its evolution. Over time, as the paths grow deeper, you are given more choices. Some choices will lead you to the more intimate (and at times erotic) levels, of which you can access if you choose to play and create an exchange with her. And if you so choose to, you’ll get to know Colette, the woman behind the veil, whose one true desire is to reveal all of herself to you..

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