Advice to Self


Do the following if you want:

To feel amazing

Have a good relationship with your body and food

And as a awesome side effect, lose excess weight

  1. Start your morning with a shot of apple cider vinegar (acv for short) diluted with water (I like using sparkling mineral water, it kinda tastes like a kombucha). This is really good for your health in general.
  2. With your shot of acv, take one dose of garcinia cambogia (that is if you want the added bonus of losing weight, this is all natural).
  3. Intermittent fast. Which means don’t eat anything from like 7 or 8pm till noon the next day. Why? Because it’s good to give your digestive system a rest. If you can’t bring yourself to intermittent fast, try to stop eating at last 4 hours before bed. I’ll write more about this later, because this is a total game changer to your body, work, creativity, life, etc..
  4. Get a lot of rest. Note how on days when you’ve given yourself at least 7-8 hours of sleep the night before, you’re less hungry. It’s like your body has been recharged by the rest it needs. And when you deprive yourself of rest, it reaches for food for energy. In short, sleep more, eat less.
  5. Drink a ton of water. Get a good mix of water (e.g., filtered tap, alkaline spring, and sparkling mineral). Always try to put some alkaline spring water in your body daily (esp before bed and when you wake). Try to remember to drink some water every 1/2 hour or hour if you can. When you think you’re hungry, try drinking water because your mind might be confusing its need for water with desire for food.
  6. When you think you’re hungry, try masturbating first (if the conditions are right). Trust me on this one. After you come, you will find that you’re not hungry anymore and fully satiated. Which leads one to think, have we been reaching for food as our default mode of self-nourishment when really what we ought to be doing is drinking more water, sleeping, getting active and masturbating more? Yep.
  7. Get up and walk/get active. When you’re sitting, your mind registers it as time to eat. You ever notice why you can’t stop eating when you’re sitting on a plane or at work on your computer. And you ever notice when you’re traveling, you’re not hungry because you’re too busy walking around exploring a city. This all goes back to our ancestral hunter and gathering wiring. Sitting = time to eat. If your lifestyle is sedentary, it’s time to change it up like get a standing desk or just get moving.
  8. The first thing you put in your body sets the tone and your body for the rest of your day of eating. Ever notice how if you eat pancakes for breakfast, you’re fucked. You crave carbs and sugar all day. But if you start with something
  9. Cut out sugar. Especially refined sugar. This is crucial. Sugar is like white death. It’s so bad for you. And it’s making you gain excess weight. You can make a teensy tiny exception for coconut sugar, alternative natural sweeteners (like stevia, erythitol, monk fruit, etc), raw local honey or manuka honey. But even then, be careful, it’s a slippery slope. If you must, limit sugar intake to 20 grams/day. Pretty much the only thing you need to look out for on Nutrition Facts labels and keep track of is sugar. Note how when you consume sugar, it throws you into a cycle of craving more sugar. That’s why it’s so important to cut it out completely if you can. Even be careful about the exceptions you make, that organic 70% cacao dark chocolate you think you can just have a tiny square of, that might be your downfall.
  10. Cut out grains/gluten/basically most carbs. That’s right, don’t eat bread, pastries, rice, corn daily. Because it’s basically sugar, which all converts into fat on your body. And it will wreck your gut by causing inflammation. And note how eating carbs make you crave more carbs and sugar throughout the day. If you must, you can make make it a small “treat” once a week or every other week. You can still enjoy that amazing-looking perfectly toasted plain croissant or that super incredible high-end sushi. But even then, note how after eating it, your body doesn’t really want it. Your mind does. If you replace carbs with vegetables, good fats, and high quality protein, you will be just as satiated and feel lighter and cleaner and your body will thank you.
  11. Read the Plant Paradox. Or if you’re like me and don’t have time to read the whole book, get the Plant Paradox cookbook and just read the the summary section. This will dispel so many preconceptions that you have about what “healthy food” is.  Yep..oatmeal, chia seeds, lentil, brown rice, quinoa, all that stuff that you think is healthy for you, is actually causing inflammation in you gut and making you gain weight. Why? Because they have lectin, which is a protein found in some plants. Lectin is their defense mechanism from being eaten by animals like us. Once eaten, it fucks with our body. I know. This is a hard knowledge bomb to digest. It’s a complete reconceptualization of what you think is good for you and how your body works. But once you get it and cut out lectins from your diet, you’ll feel the difference in your body and mind (this will totally clear up that brain fog). And you’ll finally understand why you’re gaining weight, even though you think you’re eating healthy
  12. Eat meat sparingly, when you do, only eat high quality meat. Meaning locally caught (not farmed) fish, pasture-raised chicken and eggs, and grass-fed and grass-finished red meat Remember, you are what you eat and what your food eat. (I have more to write to explain why)
  13. Listen to your body. Eat when you feel hungry in your body, not your mind. This is difficult to distinguish, but there is a huge difference between mind hunger and body hunger. Mind hunger happens when you think you should be eating, like “Oh, it’s noon, I should eat lunch now,” or maybe you call yourself a social eater (you eat when everyone else is eating). If you eat when you’re not really hungry in your body, it confuses your body and you end up eating unconsciously non-stop all day. So if you can, just slow down that hungry mind and check in with your body, listen to it. It will tell you when to eat. And if you cut out sugar and lectin, your mind and body will become so clear and attuned to each other that it will communicate to you exactly what it needs for you to put in it. But if you throw in junk (like sugar and carbs), it will throw your whole body into whack and you’ll crave more junk to be put in it.
  14. Treat eating like it’s a meditation. This is the total game-changer. Because it’s not just what you eat, but how you eat. Overeating happens when you unconsciously eat. And you are unconsciously eating when you are eating while: reading, talking to friends, driving, watching tv, even thinking about you’re going to do next. Basically if your mind isn’t connected to your body and the present moment of eating, if you’re not aware of your chewing, the feel and taste of your food in your mouth, then you are unconsciously eating. So slow it down. And be mindful of every bite.
  15. Before you put it in your body, ask Do I want this to be a part of me? 
  16. Go organic. Everything else is pretty much toxic or bad for you. I know it costs more. But invest in your body. Don’t be cheap or skimp on the quality of what you’re putting in your body.  It deserves the best. Besides, going organic probably means buying less food, which means eating less food. That’s a good thing. Which leads to the next point
  17. Eat less… okinawans…rewire/reconceptualize the feeling of what’s healthy and good. Don’t eat to a point of discomfort…push the plate away when you feel full, don’t finish everything..
  18. Take psyllium husk
  19. what you put inside you will altar your consciousness. What you put or don’t put in your body can either make you feel powerful or disempowered. So choose carefully and be aware. Note what kinds of food make you feel like lost control over yourself and feel like shit after you eat it (i.e, sugar, carbs, low quality meat). And note what kinds of food make you feel amazing after you consume it. And yes it also matter how much of it you eat (i.e., less is more).
  20. Eat pretty…
  21. Learn how to make a healthy hearty salad that you crave.
  22. Eat in. Mostly all restaurants are cooking food to taste good, but aren’t good for you (they are probably not using high quality meat and are not organic). If you want to eat well, you have to learn how to cook. Overcome the beliefs that you can’t cook or it’s not your thing. Or the idea that it’s easier, quicker and cheaper to cheap out… (more to write)


How to let words flow

  1. Set the stage-clear out the writing table, wipe it down and mindfully set it
    1. With a pot of tea (sip it mindfully, let it slow you down)
    2. With a stone or any talisman that’s calling to you
    3. With a notebook or project planner to jot notes/ideas that come to you
    4. Light an incense and candle
  2. Turn off the phone and put it away..
  3. Be upright-your perfect posture is the antennae channeling what needs to come through
  4. Let every act slow you down, walking, sipping tea, smelling the incense, etc
  5. Chant the melody inside you that wants to come out, let your arms and hands and fingers shape that song
  6. Try not to eat a meal during this creative time. It will shift your consciousness, you want to be a light and clear vessel to channel what wants to come through, if you need something in your belly, mindfully nibble on a few walnuts or macadamia nuts that you have thoughtfully set out in a small bowl.


How to Change Your Life