You can go down the rabbithole of me and you

But somehow my story doesn’t seem as important right now

I’m more compelled to talk about my mom

I think I’m supposed to collect her oral history

And share her story

I’m coming home

For the moon festival

this Tuesday, September 21st

It’s then over tea and mooncakes

and under the full moon

will I ask her


tell me about Vietnam

tell me about your childhood

tell me about the war

tell me about the boat voyage

tell me about being a foreigner in a foreign country

tell me about your sacrifices

tell me about your dreams

tell me about your fears

tell me everything


Until I can see everything you see

Until I can see every choice you’ve made

Until I can love you for all that you are

Until I can thank you for everything you’ve done

Until it’s so perfectly clear


You are the power of the Feminine.

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