Aquarian Birthday Party Details


Yay!! I’m SO excited that you can make it to the party this Saturday!

Here are all the details…1This very page is for your eyes only. Thanks!

Important update: I completely underestimated the rsvp guest list this year (uhhehheh) and it has ballooned beyond capacity! It’s with much regret we have to limit the party to invite-only and no +1’s. Sorry and thank you for understanding!

Where: My home in Berkeley

(I recommend getting a Lyft/Uber as parking can get tricky in the hills. If you’re planning on driving, use Google Maps, since Waze doesn’t have the right directions to our house)

When: Saturday, Feb 8, 2020. Party starts at 8 and goes till late

For the ladies, there will be a Dress-Up Pre-Party Photoshoot starting at 6pm. Come early if you want to get ready together!

Dresscode: For the LADIES-Latex, leather, lingerie, wear anything (or nothing) that makes you feel sexy af (If you can’t decide what to wear, feel free to bring multiple outfits to shoot in and/or strip down to)

For the GENTS-When in doubt, wear less, cross-dress, cocktail or Sunday best


And if you’ve been to my bday party before, you know that there are always a few cameras floating around documenting the night. Play and rest assured that no faces will be shared or aired without consent. There might be some playing and filming in the Orgy Room. If so, there are masks and veils if you wanna don one and be a voyeur or play with me there..


And also, this party is celebrating multiple birthdays: Mine, Sam, Krystle, and all the Aquarians in the house, including my brainchild, Pervette.2It was on my birthday in 2015 when David bought me the domain, Five years and 11 iterations later, this is where Pervette is now, at yet another new beginning. I’m either days or weeks away from launching Pervette (for reals), I can never tell. All I know is there’s still a lot of work to be done. That being said, if you feel compelled to explore Pervette in this raw fledgling stage, it would make my night to hear what you think..

If you want to explore Pervette3Since there’s a lot of background video going on here, it’s best to experience Pervette on a desktop.. just click here