Ask Yourself..


When you’re stuck with a tough decision

And you don’t know what to do

And the pros and cons seem equally balanced.

Such as..

Should I become a pro domme or not?

Pros: It’s good money, it seems fun and kinda glamorous

Cons: It’s in a gray legal zone and there’s a slight possibility of getting arrested for prostitution



Here’s what you ask yourself..

What’s the story I want to tell?


When I was on the fence

13 years ago

I asked myself

What’s the story I want to tell?


The story I want to tell is..

I took a risk

And tried something new

I put on a strap-on for the first time

And I fucked a man


I’m not saying that’s what you want

That’s just want I wanted to tell

And I’m glad I made the choice

That allowed me

To tell that story


Because if it weren’t for that

I wouldn’t be here

Writing to you

To let you know

That that was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.


Now if you’re not sure about the story you want to tell.

You can invert the question

(Applying the same logic as Know What You Don’t Want)

And you can ask yourself

What’s the story I don’t want to tell?


It works just as well.


If I may suggest a few pointers, you might want to

Avoid telling boring or unremarkable stories



I did what everyone else was doing

I did what I knew

I did what was safe or comfortable

I did the same thing every day/week



Avoid telling stories where you it seems like you had no choice



I did what my folks wanted me to do


And always

Avoid telling the story that begins with 

I was desperate


What I’m angling is for

You to makes choices

Where you can tell a story

That sounds like an adventure

One that leads you

To a mystery

That keeps opening up

New possibilities

And more choices..


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