the truth is..

We don’t have much time1just this very short minute called our life-time

And I want to get2you and me to the point

I’ve been searching for it

And I don’t want to say that I found it

But I think I’m getting closer3And dare I say, I feel like I might be a few steps ahead of you

I’ve done the work4the work on self

These past 5 years

Has been a journey

on some crazy ride

that’s pushing me

to evolve

as fast as humanly possible


Along the way

I found my way.

And that’s why I’m here

To show what I mean


I want to give you everything I got

The knowledge I found

The tools I collected

The power I harnessed


It’s all here

or really,

it’s there

Inside you.


I can show you how to tap into it

But you have to trust me

And you might have to let go

of what you think

you know


That’s all.


So if you’re ready

You know the word..