oh hi

it’s just me


chipping away on pervette

i know, the progress seems very glacial

as i’m still in the process

of learning how to express myself

i’m still learning how to find my voice

i mean i’m still learning how to write

some days i get super excited and feel like i have so many ideas waiting to be poured into here. other days i just want to go for a long walk and not be near this computer

yes i’m still learning how to discipline myself

i’m getting a little bit better each day

(i promise)


it’s tricky because it’s not only content that i have to be disciplined about creating, it’s structure

how do i structure pervette so that it can flow?

this is what i’ve been tinkering with for years now

all i can do is feel my way,

does this feel right

or fluid


when i get stuck

i  change it up.


but y’know it’s not only the structure that i’m playing around with, it’s my tone as well

how do i want to express myself to you?

i keep thinking that it has to sound like my voice

it has to be an expression of my authentic self

whatever that means


so to that end, i’ve been working on myself

trying to be as honest as i can

with my speech and writing

which is new to me.


i’m a pleaser

or was.


so that’s what’s going on. i’m trying to work on this thing as i’m work on myself


i’m just making dots right now.

at some point

it’s all going to click

(i cam almost feel it)




i just wanted to see

if i could create a website that fits me perfectly

can i build a space that allows for my quirks, connections and visions to be fully expressed?



for example since i have this perfectionist problem

i have a hard time showing my work, it’s always a work in profress