do you really want to know what happened?

i know. i’m such a tease.


beyond these little spurts of words is a world

that’s not what you think.


every day is different

every moment a choice

to be true

to my self and to you



it’s a strange practice, to write in my diary to you


it’s a letter to a future lover

it’s a contemplation of my life

as I undress

and bare it all

it’s a revelation

that all I have to do is tell you the truth

and allow you to see

how I see the world


it’s the most intimate thing i can do

sometimes it’s the only thing i want to do

to record

to remember this time



do you what to know what I think?

do you want to know how I feel?

do you want to know the depths of my interior world?

it’s all here..

day by day

moment by moment

place by place



If you want to read my diary

you have to promise not to judge,

as you go down the rabbithole..