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Dear U Jan 12-25 2020

How to Heal Heartbreak

Dear U Jan 1-11 2020

Meditation Practice


Misconceptions in BDSM

Dear U Dec 15-31 2019


Dear U Dec 1-14 2019

Dear U Nov 24-30 2019

Dear U Nov 3-9 2019

Dear U Oct 27-Nov 2 2019

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Dear U Sept 8-14 2019

Dear U Sept 15-24 2019

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Dear U Mar 3-9 2019

Dear U Feb 17-23 2019

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Dear U Jan 27-Feb 2 2019

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Dear U Dec 23-29 2018

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Dear You Nov 18-24 2018

Dear You Sep 23-29 2018

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How do I explore without disrupting my default world?

DEAR COLETTE: How do I explore without disrupting my default world? What are the appropriate…

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Vessels of Delight: Origins of a Breast Fetish

I’m calling it a fetish here, but most men share this enthusiasm.  Years ago a “Candid Camera”-type…

How did I become a pervette?

I think it started when I was 2. I was sitting on the carpeted floor, next to my mom’s closet. It…

Secrets and Origins

How did we get here? What shaped us into the weird kinky perverts/pervettes that we are today? When…

Why are relationships so hard?

Was it just me or did it seem like everyone was going through some huge relationship crisis this…


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