A More Interesting Place

You are due to be born in Chau Doc, a small sub hamlet in South Vietnam. The other place you were most likely to be born in, if not Orange County. It was a pretty sad scene there after the war. There had been many wars there, but this recent one in particular was pretty bleak because you (the collective Vietnamese you) had just “mat nuoc” or lost your country to the communist party a few years prior. Which really meant you had lost your freedom before you were even born.

But before you even got to that..

You are standing upright in your mom’s belly as she’s trying to push you out of her cooch. There are no X-rays at the time in Vietnam (or at least in the hospital your folks were at) to see that it was your head that was supposed to come out first, not your legs.

This is not good. Your head gets stuck in her canal. Your poor mom tries as hard as she can to push you out of her and the the ill-equipped medical staff tries to gingerly pull you out, but your neck is stuck in your mother’s dilated cervix.

Before you arrived at your first your breath, you had already lost your pulse.

Sorry for the tragic beginning.

And End.



If you would like to experience a much longer and more fulfilling life, go back and and be grateful with your boring Orange County beginning