Dear You,

So much is going on, I’ll try to give you the briefest update..

  1. I just spent the past 3 days figuring out a way to get intimate with you. And I think I’m getting somewhere. If you click on the notebook icon, it will take you down a new path.. I spent most of today from 10am till 10pm writing, editing, recording, video-editing, and creating 2 new pages. I hope you go deep as you can in it because that’s where we can start to get intimate. It’s so interesting how I don’t really have a clear idea of where this will go. It’s all a series of actions and reactions, sparked by a few intuitions.
  2. I’m getting really good at disciplining myself. I’m putting in  the hours and working on Pervette everyday. If I’m not creating actual pages on the website, I’m writing, recording audio, shooting or brainstorming the next steps to take in building out this organic website. It feels so good to create in all these ways. This is what I’ve always wanted: To be in  flow.
  3. Yesterday, I wrote in the morning, and in the afternoon I turned the camera on and recorded 5 videos during the magic hour (the photo above is a still from one of them). You’ll eventually find these videos when you click on the icons on the home page (I’m still working on them).
  4. Big news: as of this past Friday, Feb 1, 2020, I got approval from the bank and I can now process credit cards on Pervette. Woohoo! This whole application process took a while, like 2 1/2 months. I actually got rejected from the first bank since I mentioned psychedelic drugs and plant medicine in my Shamanatrix path.1So now I gotta be more stealth and speak in code Anyways, long story short, it’s not easy to get credit card processing when you’re considered “high risk” and wanna talk about all the things that matter, like sex, drugs and kinky shit.
  5. Other news: I have patrons who want to support my art. Yay! Last week I had to create a mock subscriptions page on the Pervette menu for the bank to review. And because this subscription page was up on the live site, there were a few who tried to subscribe to the different pay tiers of the site (if this was you: thank you! And please know that your credit card didn’t get processed because it was a mock page!) I’m thrilled that even before I could process credit cards, I have supporters who want to subscribe to the deeper levels of Pervette. It’s affirming to know that what I have to offer here is valued and desired. And it inspires me to keep going, to keep creating..

There’s more to share but I’ll stop here and save the rest for a later post. Thanks for reading!



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