Call for Secrets and Submissions…

Psssst! Do YOU have a secret? Or are YOU a perv? Great. Then you’re invited to be a part of Pervette. Here’s how you can add to our conversation:

  1. The theme of the launch is SECRETS. So we want your secrets….secret job, secret life, secret desire, secret relationship, secret anything as long as it was a secret that you kept for a while. Tell us about it: How did it start? Is it still a secret? Why? Is it no longer a secret? What happened? Was this secret hard to hide? Did it grow? Did it fade? What’s your take on secrets anyway? Do you like having secrets? You don’t have to answer all or any of those questions. They’re there as guideposts if you don’t know where to start.
  2. You can ASK COLETTE ANYTHING. Yes, anything. But she does have a penchant for dispensing advice on love, sex, life, topping, and anything pervy or kinky.
  3. You can SHAPE PERVETTE. This space is yours and ours to mold. Think of it as this organic thing that’s absorbing all your curiosities and can potentially scratch your itch. So if there’s something you would like Pervette to talk about, drop us a line. We’re listening and taking notes.
  4. If you’re a DOMME. And your MOM knows it. Then we would love to talk to you and your mom. We’re creating a oral history of MOMS OF DOMMES and their thoughts on their daughters and their work. If you and your mom are open to being interviewed, then we would love to feature you and her in Pervette.

You can email your submission to or you can use the submit page on the site. Please use the subject headline to specify your post (e.g., “Secrets,” “Ask Colette Anything,” etc). And continue to check back in as we continue to add to the list above and refine our submission process. If you have any questions about submissions, feel free to ask away. And THANK YOU for being a part of Pervette.