On Secrets, by Mistress Catherine

I was up till 5am last night trying to write a short intro to Mistress Catherine. The problem is, there is no way for me to describe Catherine properly in just one paragraph. I realize that the story behind us (of her being my Domme Mom) merits a longform piece, so that’s exactly what I’ll do. And for now, I’ll introduce Mistress Catherine as the woman who starts at amazing…  xoxo Colette

On Secrets

by Mistress Catherine

While I do not like to have secrets, I am very good at keeping them.

I never liked secrets. It always made me feel like I was a liar.

I pride myself on being a truth-telling, sincere communicator. I’ve always felt it easiest to maneuver when you have all the facts you need to go through life with ease.

Secrets aren’t necessarily lying, but they aren’t rooted in truth either.

I am partly out and partly hidden with regard to BDSM. I have this almost snobbish attitude when interacting with people who make the mistake of processing data as an invitation for judgement.

It helps to know I am an introvert. This is part of why I am “snobby” with who I befriend and trust. It isn’t based on an idea that I think I am better than anyone. Rather, it is more of a self-preservation thing.

The majority people who know that I am a Pro-Domme are the people I wanted to know. The others found out by sleuthing and snooping. I obscure my face and remove any telltale signs of my identity in photographs so if you find me, you meant to find me in places you never belonged to begin with.

The irony of my personal feelings about secrets is I am trusted to keep a myriad of secrets for my loved ones, friends, and professional contacts. I don’t mind holding secrets for others.

I just don’t like having secrets of my own.

Yet here we are. I have a secret. I keep it for practical purposes.

I admit I understand the shame so many carry along with their secrets. I am not one of those people. I used to be, but I am no longer saddled with shame. I am the kind of person who, again, finds it odd to be judged by others when the situation really doesn’t call for it.

In the end, the way I tie it all together is that secrets are survival. Some people have them to protect their income, loved ones, maintain that real world mask we all wear to survive.

Others have them because that is the only taste of danger and excitement they have in their lives.

Me? I’d rather be vulnerable and trust the people I love with the things that are so hard to say out loud in the daylight. To me, the reward of being loved for who I am – flaws, scars, and things people will never understand, is everything.




photo of Mistress Catherine