Chatbox Thread from Sunday Lesson 11/21/21

09:58:37 From meganmillington she/her : yay Jade!! ugh! just beauty!
09:59:09 From Quinn : this is so beautiful, that it’s making me cry.
09:59:15 From Quinn : thank you so much, jade
09:59:19 From meganmillington she/her : Will there be a shared recording of the coven night? jw, I was at work unfortunately
09:59:27 From Shalini Sarena Bahad : yes there will be!
09:59:34 From meganmillington she/her : perfect!
09:59:51 From Quinn : soul-healing
09:59:54 From Shalini Sarena Bahad : Colette will upload it later today she mentioned (via Telegram)
09:59:57 From Mistress Desirae : Spectacular as always Jade. 🙂
10:00:01 From Quinn : vibrant
10:00:08 From Quinn : just beautiful
10:01:29 From Kristin Taravella : Good morning Colette!
10:01:49 From Kristin Taravella : And all you beautiful people!
10:02:01 From Mistress Arturus : Thank you for sharing your gifts and love of music Jade ❤️
10:02:24 From Goddess Shalini : Good morning amores <3
10:04:59 From Domina Flora : Good morning
10:05:19 From DT AI : Absolutely beautiful playing Jade <3
10:05:34 From DT AI : Good morninggg everyone ~
10:05:54 From Coley (Lady Lore) : Morning!! 🙂
10:05:59 From Naadia : mesmerizing music
10:06:13 From Domina Flora : The music is calming to my dogs
10:06:16 From Goddess Anna Lisa : Thank you so much Jade
10:06:28 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Thank you so much Jade!!
10:06:44 From Melinda Molenda : beautiful playing, jade!
10:09:05 From Ai : Jade, I would love to know what that last piece was!
10:09:20 From kp k : Good morning 🌟
10:09:34 From meganmillington she/her : Thank YOU Colette! for such a profound space, of truth, honesty, repair, love, safety and growth!! I love all of our sentient bodies and am so grateful to be in this community <3
10:10:10 From Laura (she/her) : Hell ya
10:10:15 From Goddess Shalini : love that x
10:10:22 From Mistress Malissia : Sounds amazing
10:10:23 From Quinn : yaaasssss!
10:10:34 From Domina Flora : I love that
10:10:38 From meganmillington she/her : Yes!
10:10:46 From Coral : YES!
10:10:53 From Sofia : I Love it! Especially since I had to miss the last Coven night, yay
10:11:17 From meganmillington she/her : yes Qween!
10:11:44 From daddy jaw : Will there be more info on the tea party?
10:12:11 From DT AI : <3
10:13:08 From Susanō  To  Colette Pervette(privately) : I had to miss coven night due to travel, and will watch the documentation to understand what happened. I’d like to help with the next one and maybe even the tea party – as a nonbinary person, and also an event producer who has a lot of experience making events more accessible from the disability justice standpoint. (I have zero witch experience however!)
10:13:12 From Quinn : love your honesty — thank you! so rad
10:13:23 From Domina Flora : agree
10:13:35 From DT AI : Awww you are a total sorceress in your own way Colette <3
10:14:17 From meganmillington she/her : haha
10:14:26 From Mistress Desirae : I really did enjoy the coven night! I’m sorry to hear that some people didn’t feel included. 🙁
10:14:27 From Coley (Lady Lore) : Anyone can tap into that witchy power you’ve got it 100%!! <3
10:14:32 From DT AI : I don’t want it to ever endddd
10:14:33 From mistress priscilla : Valentines day dome dinner
10:14:34 From Morgan (she/her) : haha i hope so! dont want it to ever end
10:14:40 From mistress priscilla : domme*
10:14:45 From Mistress Esmee | Desirée : Same!!
10:14:57 From Cheyenne Sapphire : Thanks for your vulnerability <3
10:15:04 From DT AI : love you so much Colette T_T <3
10:15:13 From Coley (Lady Lore) : <3 <3 <3
10:15:14 From meganmillington she/her : And so it is.
10:15:15 From Rachel Lipton : What would be language that is inclusionary for the next Coven night? I want to know for my knowledge so I can use use the right language in other spaces
10:15:23 From JadePervette : Ai asked what the piece I played was – it was actually a medley – Bach transitioning to il giorno (a special request from a special someone) and then to a jazz tune called Beatrice and then a free improv.
10:15:44 From Domina Darla / Kristin : Thank you for being so open and transparent. You model it for all of us. Beautiful.
10:15:56 From Ai : Gorgeous, Jade! Thank you
10:16:04 From mistress priscilla : Bad sub!
10:16:04 From JadePervette : And thank you to everyone for your warm comments on my playing.  Plenty more where that came from…
10:16:14 From Cheyenne Sapphire : lol
10:16:21 From DT AI : Ahahahah he gonnn get disciplineeedd
10:16:24 From Domina Darla / Kristin : Yay! punishment scene!
10:16:25 From Quinn : i landed just as i giorno began. ahhhhhh. no words. so emotive.
10:16:35 From Coley (Lady Lore) : >:)
10:17:00 From Domina Darla / Kristin : This is gonna be amazing!
10:19:56 From DT AI : Yaaaasss yaaay Coley <3
10:23:49 From DT AI : awww so sweet
10:25:19 From Princess Coco Celeste : OMG YES
10:25:23 From Princess Coco Celeste : the hoarding ;_ ;
10:25:31 From jude salazar : that just resonated so hard lol
10:25:32 From Domina Darla / Kristin : same when I visit my  mom!
10:25:47 From Princess Coco Celeste : it makes so much sense now
10:28:13 From Mistress Tien / Lily : My mom hoarded everything from things to feelings too – very typical immigrant mentality
10:28:31 From Coley (Lady Lore) : ^^
10:28:32 From Mistress Tien / Lily : Come here with nothing and hold onto everything for dear life
10:28:34 From DT AI : Yeeeeessss <3
10:28:41 From Susanō : My mom will buy a new fridge/freezer when the fridge/freezer gets too full (she’s on fridge/freezer 4)
10:29:02 From Susanō : Totally get why. But the 40 year old green tea..
10:29:20 From DT AI : Thank you Colette <3
10:29:27 From Mistress Esmee | Desirée : absolutely
10:30:04 From Mistress Esmee | Desirée : made my parents relive panful memories though, hate it that i made them both cry..
10:30:18 From Mistress Esmee | Desirée : painful*
10:30:32 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Me as well
10:30:58 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : But I’d like to think that it was a bit of a relief for them too, to be able to share some of that heaviness with you <3
10:31:37 From Goddess Shalini : I’ve already had some subs come into my field, so guiding that pre-questioning and context asking is helpful to understand.
10:32:12 From Mistress Esmee | Desirée : i hope so yes, thank you<3
10:32:36 From mistress priscilla : My mom has stage 4 cancer, recently diagnosed, so this was a great time to connect like this. She had me young and was unfortunately a drug addict most of my life. Now we are talking a lot more. I was able to see my life path was so similar to hers- I just chose alcohol. Check out Lisa ling: this is life tonight. She is profiling what happened to the tribe I am from, why this trauma in my blood exists
10:32:41 From DT AI : Hahahahahaha yaaaas
10:35:27 From meganmillington she/her : @mistress priscilla, thank you for sharing this <3
10:35:29 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Thank you for sharing mistress priscilla, I’m so sorry your mother is ill, it must be really difficult and painful. I’m so glad you got to connect with her in this way.
10:36:19 From DT AI : @priscilla I’m so sorry your mother is very ill but I’m really glad you got the chance to connect more with your mother in this way. Thank you for sharing. I hope you found some healing insights through the connection <3
10:36:31 From Susanō : I’m going to talk to my mother about our history next Thursday – I really want to have the conversation in person. So I’m a bit behind on the assignment but due to its nature I wanted to do this at the right time/context. She is not someone who can have this talk on the phone, and doesn’t use smartphones/video.
10:36:58 From Susanō : Mistress Priscilla that sounds really powerful and also glad you got the chance to connect.
10:37:26 From meganmillington she/her : haha yesss!!!
10:37:31 From meganmillington she/her : bring her!
10:37:36 From Mistress Cadenza (jisoo) : thats awesome
10:39:02 From Coley (Lady Lore) : Yassss
10:41:26 From Mistress Cadenza (jisoo) : I chatted with my dad, and unexpectedly he really enjoyed talking about his past. We had never talked about his past before, and it was really cool to connect with him. He even expressed an interest in continuing our conversations!
10:43:04 From meganmillington she/her : what is CBT?
10:43:11 From Mistress Esmee | Desirée : cock and ball torture
10:43:11 From Mistress Malissia : Cock and ball torture
10:43:13 From Lady Violetta : cock and ball torture hehehe
10:43:15 From meganmillington she/her : k thank you
10:43:58 From Coral : would love to have a yes/no template
10:44:24 From Mistress Malissia : Princess Kali has a yes/no/maybe ‘’workbook’’ that is great
10:44:40 From Coral : please share
10:44:46 From Goddess Lylah (Fran) : @mistress malissia could you drop in discord?
10:44:48 From Goddess Lylah (Fran) : ty!
10:45:08 From Melinda Molenda : yes please!
10:45:18 From Coral : what is colette weargin
10:45:28 From Coral : rubber?  ot
10:45:32 From Coral : it’s shiny
10:45:36 From Goddess Shalini : latex
10:45:38 From Goddess Anna Lisa : Looks like latex
10:45:39 From meganmillington she/her : LOVE!! this detail! I can feel how the domme arives with the sub arrives!
10:45:40 From Mistress Talia : Yeah it looks like latex
10:45:46 From Coral : ooooh
10:46:12 From Mistress Tien / Lily : Such refreshing dialogue
10:46:27 From Mistress Malissia :
10:46:31 From Mistress Malissia : All her books are great actually
10:47:00 From Mistress Cadenza (jisoo) : omg love that outfit
10:47:04 From Mistress Desirae : Omigod… I LOVE that outfit
10:47:12 From Coley (Lady Lore) : Colette’s outfit😍😍
10:47:17 From Mistress Talia : thank you! I just met a potential sub recently and that book will be useful
10:47:18 From meganmillington she/her : ty, Mistress Malissia
10:47:32 From Goddess Lylah (Fran) : Thank you!!
10:47:41 From DT AI : Ty, Mistress Malissia~
10:47:47 From Coral : what a good looking sub
10:47:51 From Mistress Malissia : You’re all welcome 🙂
10:48:22 From LX : Is it atsuko kudo @colette
10:48:34 From Mistress Desirae : Colette’s house just looks like a dream… 💖
10:48:36 From Donna Valentina | Morgan (she/her) : love the black latex face mask he is wear too
10:50:02 From Rachel Lipton : Anybody else having trouble hearing Colette?
10:50:10 From Goddess Lylah (Fran) : Yes I was just about to message that
10:50:14 From Mistress Esmee | Desirée : yes, me
10:50:21 From Lady Violetta : it’s because zoom tries to eliminate background noise so it thinks that the music is
10:50:23 From Mistress Cadenza (jisoo) : yeah the sound is kinda going in and out
10:50:26 From Domina Darla / Kristin : yes me too
10:50:27 From Princess Coco Celeste : it sounds better now to me
10:50:32 From Mistress Cadenza (jisoo) : yeah its better now
10:50:44 From Mistress Esmee | Desirée : yes is better now
10:53:32 From Lady Echo : omg need that cattle prod
10:53:33 From Coral : wow, great timing, someone just loaned me one of those things
10:53:47 From Mistress Desirae : Is that electric play?
10:53:59 From Mistress Esmee | Desirée : i think so yes
10:53:59 From Mistress Malissia : ‘’The stinger’’ – yes it’s an electric device
10:54:41 From Susanō : With the sound, they can change it to “original sound: on” – zoom’s AI audio correction isn’t great for anything other than one person talking directly at the mic
10:55:18 From Coral : I want to know what flogger that is, mine is way too heavy.  more heavy than snappy
10:55:51 From DT AI : @coral You can ask on the discord server and I’m sure Colette will give you the details 🙂
10:57:02 From Goddess Anna Lisa : Oof, I felt that one 😅
10:57:16 From Mistress Talia : I have a heavy flogger for a more thuddy impact, this one looks to be a sort of mid size one. Maybe look into something with 30-50 falls? @coral
10:57:16 From Princess Coco Celeste : that was the loudest scream ever
10:57:18 From Princess Coco Celeste : so epic
10:57:19 From Princess Coco Celeste : ahaha
10:57:26 From Mistress Malissia : I always tell my subs to say ‘’Thank You Mistress’’ when they feel the pain.
10:57:39 From Coral : thanks @M_Talia
10:58:19 From Naadia : I cry tears of pure joy at belts of pain like that…*chefs kiss* Colette!
10:59:34 From Rachel Lipton : I wish I knew what they were saying!!
10:59:43 From Domina Flora : yes now the fun stuff
10:59:53 From Goddess Shalini : I’m a yoga teacher fam, I don’t really like wearing heels too much tbh. I vibe with domme gear, though I’d rather just be barefoot (as I look foot worship too), or boots I suppose.
11:00:09 From Mistress Malissia : You don’t need the heels!
11:00:23 From Mistress Talia : your dome attire is anything you want it to be
11:00:24 From meganmillington she/her : yes!
11:00:26 From Mistress Malissia : They are always ‘’lower’’ anyways on their knees 😛
11:00:43 From Goddess Nalini : Totally relate to that a lot Goddess Shalini, was totally just going to wear boots/ barefoot
11:00:45 From Domina Flora : yes
11:00:48 From Coral : oh just blindfold them and then take them off, unless you would like dramatic effect of walking away then slip them back on for a minute @shalini
11:01:29 From Goddess Lylah (Fran) : Oh man I would love my sub to choke on my “cock”
11:01:36 From Coral : so much for CFNM, do you guys get naked with your subs?
11:01:56 From Rachel Lipton : WHat’s CFNM
11:01:56 From Mistress Esmee | Desirée : yeeees @goddess lylah
11:02:01 From Mistress Malissia : I get topless with my regulars / personal stubs but make them earn it.
11:02:05 From Mistress Malissia : subs*
11:02:20 From meganmillington she/her : what is CFNM?
11:02:23 From mistress priscilla : When I worked at a domme house it was always up to the person. I saw some fully clothed always and some butt naked from beginning to end
11:02:26 From Mistress Malissia : Clothed female naked male
11:02:46 From mistress priscilla : Butt naked with heels*
11:02:56 From Naadia : Never heard of CNFM before today. I do whatever I feel comfortable doing…and that has greatly developed into different things over the years.
11:03:05 From Domina Flora : Love that choking sound
11:04:40 From LX : Does anyone know what the first song that played was?
11:05:02 From Coral : what is she doing
11:05:08 From Domina Fawn : Needle play
11:05:09 From Ai : Ugh, love needles <3
11:05:09 From Goddess Anna Lisa : Needle play
11:05:11 From DT AI : I wish I could zoom in LOL
11:05:13 From Mistress Esmee | Desirée : i think putting needles in his nipples
11:05:23 From Coley (Lady Lore) : Piercing his nips <3
11:05:26 From Lady Violetta : Didnt know this was an option until just now and very thrilled to learn
11:05:39 From Mistress Desirae : whooooooa!
11:05:41 From Coral : good god, how big is it
11:05:44 From Mistress Esmee | Desirée : holding my own chest in response
11:05:46 From Domina Fawn : thats what makes domming so exciting!
11:05:47 From Mistress Cadenza (jisoo) : wish we were a little closer
11:06:15 From Domina Fawn : The first song she was playing is How Now by Snowblink
11:06:48 From Lucy Sweet (she/her) : CFNM is a kink  that tends to be affiliated with humiliation – its less about A Domme preference in clothing
11:07:22 From Coral : well, my main sub is a rubberist, doesn’t like the feeling of skin
11:07:45 From Lucy Sweet (she/her) : Clothing doesn’t determine your dominance but it can help get you into a Dominant mindset as well as connect with a sub who has a clothing fetish
11:08:18 From Mistress Cadenza (jisoo) : thank you @Lucy Sweet!
11:08:31 From Coral : I love this
11:08:40 From Lucy Sweet (she/her) : Also, if a sub is into CFNM and you enjoy being nude – it may not be a good fit
11:09:01 From Cathy Reisenwitz : Can I just say that’s a nice-looking cock being tortured?
11:09:06 From Coral : is that mini flogger leather or plastic?  so hard to clean leather
11:09:22 From Lucy Sweet (she/her) : All of it is just information for you to figure out if two individuals want to engage – is there mutual interests
11:09:22 From Leiti : ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
11:09:37 From Mari de Luna (ella/she/her) : @Coral – I was thinking the same thing
11:10:16 From Lucy Sweet (she/her) : Impact tool material varies and some folks do not respond well to certain materials
11:10:48 From Lucy Sweet (she/her) : Plastic tends to be extremely painful while leather has much more variety
11:11:08 From Goddess Anna Lisa : ^^very true with neurodivergent folks
11:11:38 From Mistress Cadenza (jisoo) : his body holds marks very well:)
11:11:44 From Lucy Sweet (she/her) : Cleaning concern is mostly body fluids like blood /anal fluids – sweat is a little different
11:11:55 From meganmillington she/her : Thank you!
11:12:02 From Domina Fawn : is the needle still in his nipple?
11:12:02 From mistress priscilla : What a great way to start the morning
11:12:03 From Coral : when did she take out the needles
11:12:12 From Lucy Sweet (she/her) : Invest in leather cleaners and conditioners
11:12:17 From Mistress Esmee | Desirée : she didn’t, they are still in there
11:12:26 From Coley (Lady Lore) : Better than coffee!
11:12:42 From Cathy Reisenwitz : Lucy coming in with the knowledge! Are you in the Discord?
11:13:04 From Coral : incredible coverage of topics, everything but bondage
11:13:29 From Mistress Cadenza (jisoo) : the double handed cup hold, so cute
11:14:14 From meganmillington she/her : How is that conversation with your subs around STI checks. With any partner I engage with I have conversation around that. But I haven’t gone deep with a sub when fluids are involved. No shame, just curious to hear from the pros in the group <3
11:14:24 From Mistress Mina : 🙂
11:14:46 From Lucy Sweet (she/her) : The smaller the # the bigger it is for ndles
11:15:02 From Lucy Sweet (she/her) : Needles – I find 25 to be best size
11:15:14 From daddy jaw : 18g is a typical ear piercing
11:15:24 From daddy jaw : For anyone who needs a visual
11:15:34 From Naadia : Lucy is a legend. Thank you for taking the time to explain.
11:15:41 From Laura (she/her) : Can he be pierced more than once? Like would he go home and let them heal and then have them pierced again next time?
11:16:14 From Coral : where in the cock?
11:16:15 From Domina Darla / Kristin : where in the cock do you stick em?
11:16:18 From Coral : do ti!
11:16:19 From Lucy Sweet (she/her) : Large area for needles – I recommend using betadine
11:16:51 From Lucy Sweet (she/her) : You want loose skin
11:17:12 From Laura (she/her) : Jacobs ladder 😉
11:17:27 From Lucy Sweet (she/her) : You can do the head but that requires a lot of knowledge and comfort with needles – its tense play I do not recommend for anyone neew
11:17:39 From LX : The question re: bodily fluids above
11:19:16 From Ai : @Lucy, do you have a good resource for those interested in learning more about how to implement needle play safely?
11:20:27 From meganmillington she/her : yes! erotic tension i the space in between!
11:20:49 From Mistress Esmee | Desirée : (fangirl scream)
11:23:03 From Laura (she/her) : Do you ever give the subs more physical pleasure stimulation to enable them to take more pain? Or do you always withhold pleasure?
11:23:21 From meganmillington she/her : great Q @laura
11:26:09 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Congratulations Lucy!!
11:26:11 From Goddess Anna Lisa : Congratulations!
11:26:16 From Mistress Malissia : Hey Lucy nice to see you again!
11:26:38 From meganmillington she/her : celebrate you Lucy SweetKill
11:26:39 From M. Xuan (they/she) : Congratulations on your anniversary!
11:28:25 From Lady Sapphire : How long are sessions typically?
11:29:24 From Mistress Malissia : I don’t think there is something like ‘’typically’’, it can go between 1h and a few days. In general if it’s the first time you meet it would be between 1h-90min-2h
11:29:34 From Coral : would love to talk about new subs, it’s convenient to have a sub that knows exactly what they like but this can be rare
11:29:40 From Lady Sapphire : Thank you!
11:30:14 From Lady Sapphire : Agree Coral!
11:31:25 From Susanō : I took an improv 101 class online through Upright Citizens Brigade LA… it was AWESOME and I highly recommend that program! Totally spot on with what Lucy is saying rn.
11:32:03 From Mistress Tien / Lily : Thanks for that rec Susano
11:32:09 From Susanō :
11:32:46 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : The innovation!!! Amazing omg
11:33:07 From DT AI : Thank you Susan for the rec! 😄
11:33:10 From DT AI : Susano ***
11:33:14 From DT AI : Autocorrect -_-
11:33:48 From Susanō : They roll new class times out regularly… I did an intensive that met every morning for 2 weeks which worked better for my schedule than once a week for 8 weeks. So if you don’t see something that fits you just keep looking every few weeks
11:34:58 From Mistress Esmee | Desirée : are you always in character with a sub?
11:35:05 From Mistress Esmee | Desirée : or just when the scene starts?’
11:35:13 From Laura (she/her) : Sounds like Tarantino character 😄
11:36:17 From Mistress Malissia : I see it more like an ‘’extension of yourself’’ than playing the role of a character … so you can be that ‘’extreme’’ version of yourself but it is part of who you can be ‘’yourself’’ too. That’s what makes the connection deep and real.
11:36:40 From Mistress Talia : ^
11:36:42 From Mistress Malissia : it is part of who you are and you can be ‘’yourself’’ too*
11:36:54 From Coral : I don’t see it as playing a role. The “role” is my vanilla life lol.  The domme work is my true self
11:40:33 From Goddess Lylah (Fran) : As an actor this resonates with me so much and I think it’s prepared me for this next step in going deeper into myself and bringing that out
11:40:50 From Goddess Lylah (Fran) : +1 that a character is just an extension of our true self!
11:43:15 From Coral : would love a sample intake form
11:43:28 From Coral : love this foreshadowing lol
11:43:36 From Lady Violetta : Same here to the intake form
11:44:57 From Goddess Lylah (Fran) : 👆
11:45:13 From Miss K : ^^
11:45:32 From DT AI : niiiiiiiice
11:55:41 From Sofia : I would love to hear / experience some more of exactly that psychological / verbal side of BDSM
11:55:47 From Laura (she/her) : Recs on books pls!!
11:55:56 From Goddess Lylah (Fran) : 👆
11:56:04 From Mistress Tien / Lily : Ooooh yess would love book recs!
11:56:25 From DT AI : Yesss would love the book recs for that too~
11:56:48 From Leiti : Chris Voss’ Masterclass on hostage negotiation for everyday life I love 😈
11:56:53 From Mistress Cadenza (jisoo) : i’m here for as longggg as we need:)
11:57:02 From Mistress Tien / Lily : Really appreciate your time and insight Lucy
11:59:10 From Goddess Lylah (Fran) : Ditto! 🙏
12:01:00 From Mistress Tien / Lily : “Life is suffering” is a very Buddhist belief/teaching
12:03:31 From Goddess Anna Lisa : That release, is that sub space?
12:04:13 From Lady Violetta : It’s the same exact chemical reaction that causes people to get obsessed with picking their skin, pulling their hair, pressing bruises, etc 🙂
12:04:13 From Mistress Malissia : Sub space is the haadspace of feeling their submission, it’s throughout the whole session and the feeling can linger beyond the release.
12:04:41 From Goddess Anna Lisa : Thank you
12:06:27 From Mistress Malissia : She can finally surrender. That is so cathartic.
12:06:34 From LX  To  Colette Pervette(privately) : I am so into what Lucy is saying
12:06:42 From Lady Sapphire : I love that
12:06:51 From Mistress Cadenza (jisoo) : love that
12:07:16 From Goddess Anna Lisa : Wow
12:07:16 From DT AI : love that so much
12:08:54 From meganmillington she/her : Thank you VERY much @Lucy Sweetkill, understand much more deeply and feel more activated in this area. 🙏
12:08:58 From Leiti : Powerful
12:11:29 From Lady Violetta : sadly i have to head off, but thank you lucy for your wisdom and colette for the session!!!!
12:14:27 From DT AI : LOOOOL
12:14:38 From Mistress Esmee | Desirée : haha love it
12:14:42 From Coley (Lady Lore) : Dying :,D
12:14:46 From Sofia : Thank you so much Lucy, that was sooo great! I have to head off but thank you!
12:14:51 From Leiti : Hungry for the truth!!
12:15:03 From Donna Valentina | Morgan (she/her) : that was so helpful, thank you very much Lucy!!
12:17:58 From meganmillington she/her : Feeling much more creative after this class. Thank you Colette, Sub(I missed your name), Lucy Sweetkill, Jade and technical organization crew 😉
12:18:41 From Naadia : 100%!
12:21:11 From Mistress Cadenza (jisoo) : being called daddy >>>
12:22:37 From Lady Echo : I feel like letting it get pushed into a certain sexual activity that you feel is undermining the role you wanted to embody, then think if you are worried about disappointing them, versus making sure you have found the right person to play with to let you try the things you are wanting to try
12:22:43 From meganmillington she/her : great question! so helpful
12:23:35 From Laura (she/her) : I’m curious to know if anyone has ever experienced a sub turning on them.  Or have you ever feared for your own safety?
12:24:03 From Mistress Talia : What do you mean by “turning?”
12:24:04 From Laura (she/her) : Especially subs that are physically bigger and stronger than you..
12:24:47 From Mistress Malissia : It’s never happened, in my experience they are quite intimidated and scared by a Domme to begin with so there is more chance they feel too scared of you more than turn against you. In my experience.
12:24:48 From Laura (she/her) : I mean a sub snapping during a session and trying to overpower the Domme.
12:25:11 From DT AI : Thank you so much Lucy for all of your insight and wisdom this session!
12:25:16 From Mistress Marcella : thank you Mistress Lucy Sweetkill for all this insight
12:25:18 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Thank you so much!!!!
12:25:26 From Laura (she/her) : Thank youuu
12:25:30 From Mistress Tien / Lily : Thank you so much <3
12:25:31 From Ai : Thank you all!
12:25:33 From Mistress Malissia : Thanks Lucy, it was great seeing and hearing you again! And thanks Colette for the class !
12:25:39 From meganmillington she/her : Thank all very much! feel grateful for your openness and vulnerability 🙏
12:25:40 From Miss K : Thank you!💜
12:25:41 From Mistress Cadenza (jisoo) : Thank you thank you so much Lucy for your wisdom and expertise!!!
12:25:42 From mistress zina (they/them) : Thank you so much!
12:25:42 From Goddess Lylah (Fran) : Thanks so much @Lucy that was extremely helpful , especially in terms of how boundaries have been crossed fro me in the past
12:25:43 From Ai : Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of their weekend.
12:25:44 From Goddess Anna Lisa : Thank you so much for the insight
12:25:47 From Mistress Desirae : Thank you!!!
12:25:52 From Domina Darla / Kristin : THank you. This class was amazing.
12:25:55 From M. Xuan (they/she) : Thank you so much for today! 🙏🏽✨
12:25:57 From Coley (Lady Lore) : Thank you this was awesome!!!
12:26:02 From DT AI : Thank you Colette this session and sharing with us your session with A! Thank you A for letting us witness you play with Colette <3
12:26:06 From Mistress Eva Lucette | Cynthia : Thank you so much!
12:26:13 From Melinda Molenda : thank you, Lucy! 🌹
12:26:14 From Donna Valentina | Morgan (she/her) : very inspiring conversation, thank you so very much Lucy and Colette and A!!
12:26:58 From Sonia Merida : great insight and amazing tips! thank you Lucy and Colette.
12:27:10 From meganmillington she/her : celebrating you and your 11 years! congrats!
12:27:12 From Domina Flora : Thank you Lucy  nice to see you again on zoom, you look amazing as always
12:27:21 From Princess Coco Celeste : Thank you Lucy and Colette + sub ! <3
12:27:23 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Bye bye!!
12:28:22 From JadePervette :
12:28:45 From JadePervette : If you email me, I’ll coordinate these meetings via zoom.
12:29:26 From Laura (she/her) : Need the name of that Flogger Brand!!
12:29:31 From Miss K : Is there a deadline for the photoshoot?
12:30:08 From Mistress Desirae : Thanks for another great class everyone! 💖
12:30:18 From DT AI : Thank you so muchhh Colette! Every session is so insightful and so lovely!! Thank you A~!
12:30:21 From Domina Flora : Thank you!
12:30:22 From Mistress Tien / Lily : Thank you A!
12:30:28 From Goddess Anna Lisa : Thank you A!
12:30:31 From Susanō : Thank you <3
12:30:33 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Thank you A!
12:30:41 From M. Xuan (they/she) : Thank you A!
12:30:41 From Mari de Luna (ella/she/her) : Thank you!
12:30:50 From Mistress Cadenza (jisoo) : Thank you Colette and A!!
12:30:51 From DT AI : Ohhhhhhhh lol my face when the needle comes out
12:30:55 From Mistress Talia : Thank you so much for all the insight!
12:31:10 From Melinda Molenda : thank you so much, collette! and thank you A!
12:31:11 From Mistress Marcella : Thank you Colette and A!
12:31:12 From Mistress Cadenza (jisoo) : how is the healing process for those?
12:31:48 From Domina Darla / Kristin : THank you!
12:31:49 From DT AI : byeeee <3

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