Chatbox Thread for Fifth Sunday Lesson 12/19/21

09:56:07 From DT AI : Omg I’m so happy my streaming is working on this cruise. I was so sad I was going to miss MistressClass 😭😭
09:56:17 From DT AI : Jade looking and sounding beautiful on the piano as ever
09:56:59 From meganmillington she/her : oh Jade! looking and feeling so beautiful! <3!
09:57:00 From LaceLeaf : How lovely. I love the feathers!
09:57:39 From DT AI : This musiiiiicccc is the absolute vibe right now
09:58:38 From DT AI : I want to know the songs Jade played today 🥺
09:59:04 From Ai : Beautiful as always. <3
09:59:19 From meganmillington she/her : ugh! so beautiful!
09:59:21 From DT AI : The piano is making me more emotional than usual knowing this is the last mistress class 😭😭😭😭
10:00:26 From DT AI : Also that black sheer & diamond patterned top Jade is wearing is sooooo pretty.
10:00:56 From Kieran Swanson  To  Colette Pervette(privately) : Forgot to ask – when will we do the poll?
10:01:43 From Mistress Arturus : Tis the season for all of us to be home for Christmas. Jade you look absolutely stunning! Thank you for music.
10:02:06 From meganmillington she/her : yes!! I love you Jade!
10:02:18 From Mistress Desirae : Thank you for the beautiful music as always Jade!!
10:02:20 From DT AI : Moonlight sonata
10:02:22 From DT AI : LOL
10:02:40 From Mistress Tien : Yes you look and sound beautiful Jade
10:04:40 From DT AI : Fireeeee
10:05:21 From Goddess Anna Lisa : Thank you so much Jade
10:05:22 From Mistress Desirae : Jade <3 <3 <3
10:05:22 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Thank you so much Jade!!
10:05:27 From meganmillington she/her : Thank YOU Jade!
10:05:30 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : So lovely to hear you play for us <33
10:05:32 From DT AI : Thank you for playing for us Jade 🥺🥺🥺 an absolute blessing
10:05:32 From Cheyenne Sapphire : Thank you!
10:05:34 From Domina Fawn : Thank you Jade! <3
10:05:35 From emily : Thank you so much!
10:05:39 From Cadenza : thank you so much jade!!
10:05:42 From Domina Flora : Thank you jade
10:06:24 From DT AI : Weave dreams into reality 💗
10:06:47 From DT AI : PERVETTE SALON???
10:07:16 From meganmillington she/her : awe!!!
10:07:19 From Cadenza : yesssss
10:07:19 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : omg
10:07:21 From Leiti : ❤️‍🔥
10:07:23 From Domina Fawn : Omg!
10:07:23 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : That’s so sweet!!
10:07:31 From Mistress Esmee | Desiree : oh woow
10:07:36 From meganmillington she/her : thats wonderful!
10:07:36 From Mistress Kira Lune : Omg that’s amazing!! I would love to be a big sister Domme!
10:07:37 From DT AI : Ommmmmggg cuuuuteeeee 💗💗💗
10:07:40 From Domina Darla\Kristin : Wow, I love the sound of that, Colette!
10:07:51 From emily : Sounds amazing!
10:09:26 From Lady Sapphire : woooow
10:09:31 From meganmillington she/her : woah!!
10:09:37 From meganmillington she/her : awe!!!!
10:09:37 From Lady Mae : awww I feel sooo spoiled <3
10:11:13 From Cadenza : i didnt do my domme  profile in the beginning, but i feel like now im ready to do it!
10:11:34 From Empress Eden : same @ cadenza, i’ve been chipping away at it now
10:12:00 From Mistress Esmee | Desiree : yes
10:12:04 From meganmillington she/her : yes i can see
10:12:04 From Mistress Kira Lune : yes
10:12:05 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : I can
10:12:06 From Mistress Desirae : I can see them!
10:12:07 From Rachel Lipton : I did a draft of my domme profile but don’t think it’s near its final form
10:12:10 From Yumi Sakugawa : I can see it
10:12:15 From Domina Fawn : Yeah I can see it
10:13:11 From Mistress Arcturus : My polling froze.
10:13:45 From Cadenza : your hair <3
10:14:00 From Mistress Desirae : I was thinking the same thing Lady Sapphire’s hair is AMAZING.
10:15:09 From Mistress Esmee | Desiree : yes i agree
10:15:18 From Mistress Malissia : ‘’service sub’’
10:15:30 From DT AI : Woooow that’s so fascinating
10:18:17 From DT AI : Thank you so much for sharing both of your experiences Lady Sapphire 🤩
10:18:46 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : Sub homework made me realize — I am SUCH a sub unconsciously in SO many situations and even in the privacy of my own thoughts – being dommed by thoughts that are not my own! -__-
10:19:11 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : (Also – can’t wait to see you all at tea party! <3)
10:19:15 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Mmmmm that’s such a good observation Goddexx!! I noticed similarly
10:19:17 From Lady Mae : Thank you for sharing Lady Sapphire!!
10:19:25 From Priestess : than you lady sapphire!
10:19:32 From Lady Sapphire : <3
10:19:32 From DT AI : Oh my goodness I totally feel u Akari
10:19:39 From Mistress Tien : Wow I relate to that Goddexx Akari and thank you for sharing Lady Sapphire!
10:19:58 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : 💗💗💗
10:20:38 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : Lady Layla, your hair looks amazing! 😍
10:21:43 From Talia : that is so awesome!!
10:21:55 From DT AI : Woooooow what a wonderful Lady Layla 🥺🥺 soooo wholesome
10:22:14 From Cadenza : your joy is so infectious!!!
10:22:58 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : that is soooo hot & inspiring!!
10:23:18 From Priestess : that’s amazing, lady layla!
10:23:25 From meganmillington she/her : so inspiring and sexy af!
10:24:05 From Cadenza : futomomo!
10:24:36 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : wow, what a productive session !!!
10:24:48 From Talia : love this
10:24:52 From Mistress Tien : Omg amazing
10:25:02 From Mistress Esmee | Desiree : woow
10:25:09 From meganmillington she/her : whats sound?
10:25:25 From Mistress Desirae : Holy crap, GREAT job Lady Layla! Lol
10:25:26 From Julia Schmasedan : What a natural!
10:25:31 From meganmillington she/her : am I hearing that right? what did he do to himself?
10:25:32 From Susanō : Wow!
10:25:37 From Mistress Esmee | Desiree : its like some sort of stick they put in their penis
10:25:41 From daddyjaw : Penetration of the penis
10:25:41 From Mistress Malissia : Urethral sounds go in the penis urethra
10:25:44 From Mistress Esmee | Desiree : not exactly that
10:25:54 From DT AI : An absolute natural Lady Layla <3
10:25:57 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Omg thank you all !! I’m soooooo happy <333
10:26:00 From Mistress Esmee | Desiree : Mistress Malissia explained it better than me haha
10:26:02 From Empress Eden : amazing lady layla!
10:26:37 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : <333333 ty!!!
10:28:01 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : omg… tarot / psychedelic / domme session sounds like a dream combo
10:28:08 From Mistress Kira Lune : ^^ yesss
10:28:26 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Hell yeah!!!
10:31:53 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Agree!! Ben is the best <333333
10:31:59 From Susanō : I have chatted with Ben twice and the level of generosity and openness was so helpful.
10:32:36 From Cadenza : wow!!!
10:32:46 From DT AI : So beautiful Lady Mae
10:33:01 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Aaah love that !!! <33
10:33:02 From Susanō : We mostly chatted about how gifting/finances work in a non-professional D/s relationship – economic equity, who pays for what, etc. Helped me feel more prepared to discuss with my sub sweetie.
10:33:42 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : I’m so happy you were able to get that perspective Susanō <3
10:33:49 From Susanō : Do you think the subs on that list would still be open to being contacted after the class is over?
10:34:13 From kp k : ^^you read my mind!
10:34:31 From DT AI : HEECKK YESSS!! So happppy for youuuu
10:34:41 From Cadenza : LADY MAEEEEE
10:35:05 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Amazing!!!!!!!! Love seeing this outward expansion Lady Mae!!
10:35:15 From Julia Schmasedan : Heck yeah! “This is how you do it baby!” I feel that, I channel Kali Ma, my grandma, and Medusa
10:35:16 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Omg cozy!!!!
10:35:19 From jude salazar : I definitely played with my power in a different way haha but it still felt good
10:37:25 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : I love that serendipity !!!
10:37:31 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : And his dedication!! Omg!!!
10:37:34 From Domina Darla\Kristin : Wow, M. Xuan!
10:37:41 From Mistress Tien : WOWWWW
10:37:42 From DT AI : The devotionnn
10:38:07 From Julia Schmasedan : How do I change my name on here again?
10:38:23 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Hit the 3 dots on the right hand corner of your piture
10:38:24 From Mistress Tien : 3 dots top right corner of your box
10:38:25 From Lady Mae : Go to the little … on the top right @Julia
10:38:29 From Mistress Kira Lune : The three little dots when you hover over your picture
10:39:09 From DT AI : Woooowww
10:39:18 From Princess Coco Celeste : beautiful visuals!
10:39:20 From meganmillington she/her : wow!! incredible!
10:39:27 From Lady Mae : I love your share M. Xuan! I also adore your bio and your picture!!! Its sooo badass, your voice is incredible!!
10:39:31 From DT AI : You’re so good M. Xuan ~ ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
10:39:50 From Cadenza : m. xuan you are so cool
10:40:01 From Mistress Tien : You’re a natural M. Xuan!
10:40:08 From DT AI : Bosssssss
10:40:15 From meganmillington she/her : yes! power if taking your time!! yes!!! the erotic tension!!
10:40:18 From meganmillington she/her : is
10:40:20 From DT AI : I love that definition of power wow
10:40:28 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Amazing M Xuan!!! I’m so happy you got to play in a way that was so satisfying to you <33
10:40:30 From Mistress Malissia : Yes you have a very suave voice M.Xuan, so powerful to use it as a tool !
10:41:46 From Cadenza : thank you!
10:41:53 From Domina Darla\Kristin : Yay!
10:42:05 From kp k : Amazing, thanks!
10:42:12 From Mistress Arcturus : Ooohhh thankyou!
10:42:23 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : YAYYY!!! ty colette!!!
10:42:58 From Sonia Merida : thank you so much!  amazing!
10:43:57 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : “moving it instead of removing it” woww
10:45:12 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : “Oh. Thanks.” LOL
10:45:39 From DT AI : Woooow this is so gooood
10:46:58 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Oh that’s so painful Colette, I’m so sorry you were stuck in that feeling 🙁
10:47:02 From Cadenza : literally my thought process
10:49:06 From DT AI : Omg is this still upppp
10:49:33 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : What were some of the ways in which you combatted your insecurity? I feel like my fear leaves me paralyzed sometimes.
10:50:27 From Mistress Tien : And here we are! 😍
10:50:52 From Leiti : Wowowowow
10:50:56 From DT AI : Wooooow your dreammmm came truuuue
10:51:01 From Cadenza : 🥰
10:51:26 From Domina Darla\Kristin : I love this story so much, Colette
10:51:49 From Mistress Malissia : Active manifesting 🙂
10:56:01 From kp k : i haven’t figured out a way to turn it around yet :/
10:56:25 From DT AI : @kp k what is your disempowering fantasy ?
10:58:45 From DT AI : Woooow Mistress Arcturus <3 so sooo sooo amazinggggg. The powerrrr!!!
10:58:53 From LaceLeaf : beautiful
10:59:08 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : Congrats Mistress Arcturus!!! domming a house project is MAJOR POWER <3
10:59:19 From Princess Coco Celeste : Wonderful Mistress Arcturus!!! <3
10:59:23 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Yes Mistress Arcturus!! The finance power is amazing!!!!!! <3333
10:59:33 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : LET IT BE SO! <3
10:59:47 From Mistress Diana : congratulations!  I am so proud of you!  it’s amazing how much finances in our partnerships create the power dynamic
10:59:48 From Leiti : ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
10:59:50 From Rachel Lipton : Let it be so!!!
11:00:01 From DT AI : Let it be soooo!
11:00:40 From Mistress Esmee | Desiree : is it me or is the sound cutting out?
11:00:42 From meganmillington she/her : Its hard to follow Jude
11:00:48 From Mistress Tien : It’s choppy
11:00:49 From Rachel Lipton : Sound cutting out
11:00:54 From Talia : Yeah sound is choppy
11:00:55 From meganmillington she/her : could you turn your video off
11:00:56 From Mistress Tien : Try cutting off your camera
11:01:01 From Mistress Desirae : 🙁 choppiness
11:01:06 From Talia : Cutting camera could help
11:01:07 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : turning off your video might help
11:01:27 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : still choppy 🙁
11:01:29 From kp k : @dt AI , ever since I could remember I always wanted to be an attorney and dreamed of being successful and financial independent + retire my mom/support my fam. I went to law school, lost my desire + fire toward my Goal and failed miserably.  That was almost 2 years ago and still searching for my purpose….sorry for unloading lol
11:01:35 From meganmillington she/her : If you turn  your video off it could help
11:02:07 From meganmillington she/her : try turning your video off
11:02:19 From meganmillington she/her : still choppy
11:02:21 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : the audio is still choppy 🙁
11:02:27 From Leiti : Turn off or on your wifi
11:02:28 From Rachel Lipton : Still choppy turn video off!
11:02:45 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : keep it off
11:03:04 From meganmillington she/her : awe, still not working awe
11:03:05 From Leiti : Your headshot is fab 🔥
11:03:46 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : @kp k thank you for your vulnerability <3
11:04:31 From kp k : @goddexx akari <3
11:07:05 From jude salazar : yesssssss
11:09:20 From DT AI : Hi KP! I just saw your message. Thank you first of all for sharing. For me, I don’t exactly believe in failure in the conventional sense. Only choices that we make that help us re-calibrate towards our greatest purpose in life! I think you made a choice that you initially thought would make you happy but then realized that it wasn’t for you! That is data you can use moving forward to help you figure out and take a step in the right direction closer to discovering what you truly desire in your heart. You’re in a place of exploration! And that’s exciting 🙂 I hope that makes sense <3 I hope you find the insights you need for your greatest and highest good <3
11:11:08 From M. Xuan (they/she) : Sending you much love Lady Leona! 💗💗💗
11:12:55 From Lady Leona : Thank you same to you❤️
11:13:01 From Goddess Anna Lisa : I can relate a lot to this, Mistess Kira Lune. Domming through burnout is so hard
11:13:18 From Mistress Esmee | Desiree : ♥️
11:13:24 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : It’s so powerful to take the reigns and slow down— kudos kudos kudos to you!! <333
11:13:31 From Cadenza : sending you so much love and support
11:13:33 From DT AI : 🥺🥺🥺💗💗💗
11:14:00 From DT AI : Sending u so much love queen 💗
11:14:05 From LaceLeaf : Yes!!
11:14:09 From M. Xuan (they/she) : ❤️❤️❤️❤️
11:14:42 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : yayayayay!!!!!!!!
11:14:43 From Rachel Lipton : ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
11:14:44 From kp k : Yess!!
11:14:48 From DT AI : WOOOW YAAAAAY
11:14:49 From Cadenza : YAY KIRA LUNE!!!!!!!!
11:14:49 From Princess Coco Celeste : Congrats!!!!
11:14:51 From Mistress Desirae : CONGRATS!!!!
11:14:54 From Mistress Tien : Congrats!
11:14:55 From LaceLeaf : amazing
11:14:57 From DT AI : Yessss in your powerrrrrr
11:15:22 From M. Xuan (they/she) : Congratulations Kira Luna!
11:15:30 From Mistress Desirae : YUP! I trip over my words all the time too…
11:15:43 From Cadenza : same
11:15:45 From Mistress Tien : SAME
11:15:56 From kp k : that makes me so happy for you!  Me too…
11:15:59 From Cadenza : i get a lot of anxiety specifically over the phone about it
11:16:58 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : It’s so good and needed to rest and prioritize rest and put yourself first ! I’m glad you’re trying to do that <33
11:17:02 From mistress zina (they/them) : Love that commitment to taking care of yourself Mistress Kira!! I think when you start to make this kind of commitment things align to help u on your path. Seems like this apprenticeship is a gift in response to the good things you are focusing on. Maybe it will be slow but I so feel that your fantasy will take form fully!
11:18:16 From meganmillington she/her : Id like to normalize that this loss of words is actually neurological response when we are stressed. If we feel in danger, and that can simply come from experiencing the thought of “i’m not good enough”, registers as an attack and danger in the brain. and so the area of the brain responsible for communicating shuts down. this is normal.
11:19:12 From Mistress Kira Lune : Megan,yes it’s part of my autistic features, I lose words when I am melting down/overwhelmed
11:19:17 From Goddess Anna Lisa : ^^^ yes
11:19:26 From Susanō : ^^same
11:19:45 From Leiti : No wonder I felt dumb when talking during years of verbal/emotional abuse from a biz partner. Now I feel ready to extemporaneously speak on stages with no notes 😉
11:19:46 From LaceLeaf : Oh I love that
11:20:04 From DT AI : I love this concept sooooo much
11:21:03 From Mistress Kira Lune : I really love that you’re using the Magician card!
11:22:23 From Mistress Tien : “Let that dream dom you” wow
11:22:23 From Julia Schmasedan : Is that what it is? I couldn’t tell, I pulled that yesterday
11:22:28 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : being dommed by my dream is SO hot <3
11:22:30 From DT AI : Omg “LET THAT DREAM DOM YOU”
11:22:33 From DT AI : I LOVE THIS
11:22:38 From Mistress Kira Lune : ^^yess
11:22:41 From M. Candace (Francesca) : That’s such a great way of looking at it
11:22:43 From DT AI : i need it on a shirt
11:22:43 From Cadenza : i need all the help i can get lol
11:23:22 From kp k : Yes pleaseee. I really needed to hear that today “let that dream Dom you”
11:24:16 From Mistress Kira Lune : Oh, something else that happened this week – a lifestyle sub I thought I would have to let go and walk away from, came back and was like I’m going to wait until you’re ready to have a session with me. I really like his energy and I really want to work with him, and I’m excited he wants to work with me and is willing to wait
11:24:26 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Yayay!
11:24:29 From Cadenza : yay!!!
11:24:36 From M. Candace (Francesca) : 👆♥️
11:24:57 From Domina Flora : Lucio looks so cute
11:25:58 From meganmillington she/her : yes Isis statue!
11:26:14 From Cadenza : oooooooooo
11:26:28 From Ai : Ugh, I love your setup
11:27:08 From Mistress Esmee | Desiree : ohhh that’s so awesome
11:27:22 From Leiti : Mirrors 😈
11:27:55 From kp k : LOVE the set up!
11:28:00 From Cadenza : that is so cool!!
11:28:45 From Mistress Kira Lune : Omg this is so amazing!! Thank you for showing us!
11:29:06 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Omgg!!!
11:29:13 From LaceLeaf : Wow so beautiful
11:29:17 From Mistress Desirae : God, I LOVE this space
11:29:26 From DT AI : Such a beautiful spaceeee
11:29:38 From Cadenza : i want to copy + paste this
11:29:49 From Mistress Esmee | Desiree : haha Cadenza yes!
11:30:01 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : GORGEOUS!!!
11:30:05 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : In LOVE with that tub!!
11:30:05 From Cadenza : THE TUB
11:30:09 From LaceLeaf : woweee
11:30:23 From Lady Ottilyne : This is a gorgeous space!!
11:30:29 From Mistress Desirae : Truly luxurious lol
11:30:34 From Mistress Esmee | Desiree : ohhhh woooooow
11:30:37 From LaceLeaf : So amazing!
11:30:37 From Mistress Kira Lune : Omg the plants!
11:30:38 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Omggggg the duality!!
11:30:38 From Cadenza : PLANTS
11:30:42 From Mistress Esmee | Desiree : alll the plaants
11:30:52 From Mistress Tien : What a beautiful space!
11:30:55 From meganmillington she/her : spectacular!
11:30:59 From Leiti : Love a glorious bathroom wowowow
11:31:05 From Domina Darla\Kristin : amazing, Malissia! Wow wow wow thank you for showing us!
11:31:14 From Mistress Tien : You have to create it 🙂
11:31:24 From kp k : Thank you for sharing your space
11:31:26 From Lady Mae : Embodiment of taking disempowerment of locations and making it yourself and creating EMPOWERMENT!
11:31:29 From meganmillington she/her : how long did you have that fantasy?
11:31:45 From Sonia Merida : such a beautiful space!
11:31:47 From Cadenza : wow you created this space in so little time!!
11:31:51 From Domina Flora : Beautiful place!
11:31:59 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Omggg Love that!!
11:31:59 From kp k : Id love to find a space like that in Los Angeles
11:32:12 From Cadenza : same but in yeehaw land
11:32:16 From meganmillington she/her : this is so inspiring!
11:32:23 From M. Xuan (they/she) : Thank you for guiding us through your beautiful space! 🤩🖤🖤
11:32:33 From Cadenza : thank you!!!
11:32:33 From Princess Coco Celeste : Goals!
11:32:40 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Ty so much for sharing Mistress Malissia!
11:32:51 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Hello Mistress Troy!!
11:33:02 From Cadenza : Hello Mistress Troy!!!
11:33:26 From DT AI : YAAAY!! Hello Mistress Troy!!!!
11:36:19 From DT AI : That was such a beautiful explanation. Communion with the universe.
11:37:51 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : I love this thought process!!
11:38:08 From Leiti : Accessible. Hehe
11:38:34 From Susanō : As an architect and industrial designer clearly I need to be getting into making these spaces 😉
11:39:04 From meganmillington she/her : yes Susanō
11:39:35 From Domina Darla\Kristin : oh yes Susano!
11:39:55 From Mistress Esmee | Desiree : yes please Susano 😄
11:40:24 From DT AI : Omggg yesss absolutely Susanō~~
11:40:25 From M. Candace (Francesca) : The organization of your equipment is goals!
11:40:34 From Leiti : Susano, we crave your magic!
11:40:37 From Kwiri (pronounced Kiri) : wow soo organized and beautifully displayed
11:40:46 From kp k : How do you you clean the suits @Mistress troy?
11:41:02 From DT AI : I want to know if Mistress Troy is a Virgo
11:41:13 From Cadenza : “ a stable of slaves” lol love it
11:42:42 From LaceLeaf : I love the pink lighting!
11:42:57 From Sonia Merida : Susano!  what an amazing skill set to offer for clients and others – commercial and residential!
11:43:13 From Ai : Hahaha, that’s amazing!
11:44:21 From Mistress Kira Lune : I am absolutely LOVING all of the drawers and collections of toys!!
11:44:29 From Talia : oh my gosh love these spaces
11:45:05 From Mistress Desirae : Thank you for the Tour Troy!
11:45:06 From Cadenza : WOW i love it so much
11:45:08 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Ty for showing us your dungeon!
11:46:20 From M. Candace (Francesca) : What is abandonment play?
11:47:18 From Mistress Malissia : Leaving someone while going away as if you abandon them (making them believe you are going and they don’t know when you come back).
11:48:04 From M. Candace (Francesca) : Ah gotcha. Thank you. (Is how long you “abandon” them negotiated before hand? I’m assuming yes?)
11:48:39 From Mistress Malissia : It can be unless there is an agreement of ‘’consensual non consent’’. So then they would not know and that fear would be part of the deal.
11:48:52 From M. Candace (Francesca) : Ah makes sense. Thank you!
11:49:55 From Mistress Malissia : You’re welcome 🙂
11:50:17 From M. Candace (Francesca) : Thank you. I like mind fucks 🙂
11:51:41 From M. Candace (Francesca) : It sounds like swaddling a baby
12:00:25 From Cadenza : furiously taking notes
12:00:25 From meganmillington she/her : great! loving your insights
12:00:26 From M. Candace (Francesca) : Is there a way to work up to constrictive bondage?
12:00:30 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : This is all great!!! <3
12:00:30 From Mistress Desirae : We’re just taking notes 😛
12:00:30 From Domina Darla\Kristin : all good!
12:00:32 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : Learning so much
12:00:33 From M. Candace (Francesca) : If my sub is new?
12:00:45 From DT AI : I’m taking lots of notesss
12:00:45 From emily : Taking lots of notes! haha
12:00:58 From meganmillington she/her : my imagination is evolving in real time
12:01:31 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : getting sooooo many ideas!
12:03:07 From LaceLeaf : I must go to work but will catch the rest on video. Thank you Colette, thank you Mistress Troy! Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend <3
12:03:23 From Cadenza : would it be good to build up the constrictive bondage as a way of denial too?
12:03:59 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : Omg I love the body language stroking the bottom hahaha
12:05:34 From M. Candace (Francesca) : I love how I can see how much your sub trusts you with just their body language
12:06:31 From Goddess Anna Lisa : For someone with sensory issues this is really great to hear
12:06:34 From meganmillington she/her : love that!
12:06:44 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Ah that’s actually so affirming, thank you!
12:06:45 From Lady Sapphire : amazing
12:06:47 From Mistress Kira Lune : Yesss I love how “normal” this is
12:07:03 From DT AI : I love this so so so much. Comfort first!
12:08:04 From meganmillington she/her : lmao!!!
12:08:06 From M. Candace (Francesca) : Lol love that
12:08:10 From Cadenza : yesss
12:08:23 From M. Candace (Francesca) : woah
12:08:38 From meganmillington she/her : mmmm love this share
12:08:47 From Kira (Mistress Dahlia) : I really relate to this ❤️
12:09:02 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : I love that! It really is about the headspace and the costumes are the icing on the sexy domme cake
12:10:10 From M. Candace (Francesca) : Woah. I’m just saying woah to a lot of this, haha
12:10:15 From Domina Fawn : Ooo I love that
12:10:15 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : “I want to earn your submission” SOOO GOOD!
12:10:17 From Lady Sapphire : wooow
12:10:31 From Mistress Desirae : WOOOW. That’s powerful
12:10:37 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : omg so cute lol
12:10:44 From M. Candace (Francesca) : I love this
12:10:56 From M. Candace (Francesca) : I’m a tactile person to so I’m glad that’s something I can use in play
12:11:24 From Goddess Anna Lisa : exerting dominance on their personal space
12:11:31 From Mistress Desirae : Such a good little sub! 🤍
12:12:56 From DT AI : Soooo cuteeee
12:12:58 From Domina Fawn : That body slam was so elegant
12:13:02 From M. Candace (Francesca) : lollll
12:13:03 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : ^^ yessss
12:14:12 From M. Candace (Francesca) : Oh no!
12:14:13 From meganmillington she/her : nooooo!!!!!
12:14:13 From Mistress Desirae : Oh noooo!!
12:14:15 From Cadenza : uh oh
12:14:31 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : the universe is domming us with tech glitches lol
12:14:42 From Cadenza : lollll
12:14:48 From Domina Fawn : We basically got edged :((
12:14:55 From kp k : lol
12:15:00 From Cadenza : she is so strong in her presence
12:15:00 From meganmillington she/her : lmao!
12:15:00 From Susanō : I appreciate how giggly and gleeful she is in sharing this
12:15:00 From Mistress Tien : Haha yes
12:15:04 From Mistress Malissia : Tease and Denial!
12:15:13 From Mistress Kira Lune : I’m really loving how comfortable her energy is
12:15:30 From meganmillington she/her : yay!!!
12:15:30 From Mistress Desirae : Yay! Welcome back!
12:15:35 From Cadenza : yay welcome back:):)
12:17:20 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : How do you know how much you’d like to do?
12:17:21 From meganmillington she/her : taking many notes
12:17:30 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : How much you’d want to restrict
12:17:37 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Just wrists vs arms etc etc
12:18:38 From M. Candace (Francesca) : omg
12:18:41 From M. Candace (Francesca) : This is turning me on lol
12:18:43 From meganmillington she/her : yassss!!!!!
12:18:43 From Mistress Desirae : Ooooh this is smart
12:18:57 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : That’s helpful! Thank you so much!
12:19:22 From M. Candace (Francesca) : loll
12:19:33 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Hahahahah omg
12:19:34 From M. Candace (Francesca) : That sounds so fun
12:20:40 From Leiti : You’re a comedienne when you show us how you do!
12:20:57 From Mistress Malissia : Wheels are great! My spanking bench is on wheels, I love secured them on it and then dragging them in from of the mirror 😛
12:21:06 From Mistress Malissia : In front of*
12:21:10 From M. Candace (Francesca) : ^^ ooooh good idea
12:22:36 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : omg the sounds of the buckles are like asmr
12:22:52 From M. Candace (Francesca) : !!
12:24:07 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Ngl my sexual awakening was seeing the Scooby doo characters get strapped to tables by the villains as a kid
12:24:16 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : This is rlly taking me back omg
12:24:29 From meganmillington she/her : ^^ yes!
12:24:31 From Princess Coco Celeste : lmao SAME!!!!
12:25:06 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Omgggg those animators knew what they were doing!!
12:25:07 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : ^^ lol saaaame. i think for me it was tiny toon characters get tied up
12:26:39 From Mistress Arcturus : I have to go. I will watch the video. Awesome class
12:26:47 From M. Candace (Francesca) : woahhhhh
12:26:49 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Holy shit that’s so hot
12:26:52 From Cadenza : omgggg
12:28:19 From Mistress Malissia : For my bondage table I bought a regular massage table and drilled in some basic metal attachements points that you can get at any store
12:28:25 From Talia : i also have to go now, but wow thanks so much! cant wait to finish watching later. i look forward to coven night. can someone remind me when the new coven night is?
12:28:41 From Cadenza : so smart mistress malissia!
12:28:54 From Cadenza : jan 17th!
12:29:15 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : You’re so fluid Mistress Troy!! It’s amazing to see such precise but casual control!
12:29:16 From meganmillington she/her : I’m going to do that Mistress Malissia
12:29:18 From Mistress Malissia : It works great because then you can attach straps, rope, chains, or the cuffs to it. It’s versatile.
12:29:20 From Talia : ok lovely, thank you so much!
12:29:40 From meganmillington she/her : What kind of massage table did you get?
12:30:11 From M. Candace (Francesca) : LOVE
12:30:23 From Domina Fawn : Casually sits on their face
12:30:25 From Mistress Kira Lune : “I’m not comfortable, I’m going to sit on your face” omfg I LOVE this
12:30:26 From Domina Fawn : Hahah love it!
12:30:31 From Cadenza : literally giddy smiling watching this
12:30:39 From Mistress Malissia : Just a basic one made with wood, not steel (although steel looks better) because of the drilling. Like this one :
12:31:05 From meganmillington she/her : Thanks Queen! ^^
12:31:10 From M. Candace (Francesca) : I actually had a meditative experience when my Dom hogtied and blindfolded me and left me on the bed for like 15 mintues
12:31:34 From M. Candace (Francesca) : It was so therapeutic actually
12:31:40 From Mistress Kira Lune : Do you all see the ornaments hanging from edges!!
12:31:44 From Goddess Anna Lisa : This is why I love Shibari so much
12:31:56 From DT AI : Wow I need to experience this for myself
12:32:22 From Domina Fawn : Ooh this makes me think about how weighted blankets were a trend a few years ago
12:32:24 From Mistress Tien : Wow I need that
12:32:34 From Mistress Tien : Also need a weighted blanket
12:32:47 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : weighted blankets are the BEST!
12:32:52 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : The hug of bondage omg
12:34:07 From Leiti : How amazing for her sub it must feel to have her address these dozens of power dommes while face being sat on 😉
12:34:25 From Cadenza : ^^^^
12:34:35 From Mistress Kira Lune : ^^ yess that
12:34:45 From Mistress Malissia : You’re welcome! This is what I used to screw it on the side, you can put like 5 on each side:
12:35:12 From Leiti : So useful 😈
12:35:37 From meganmillington she/her : ^^ ugh! thank you Mistress Malissia
12:35:58 From Mistress Malissia : You’re welcome!
12:35:59 From DT AI : yaaaayyy
12:36:27 From Leiti : Seat sub attention slut! Hahaha
12:36:34 From Mistress Desirae : Your love for your job is infectious Mistress Troy 🧡
12:37:24 From Leiti : Are those Christmas ornaments in the upper corner? 🙂
12:37:40 From Mistress Malissia : Balls Bells
12:37:45 From DT AI : Love how passionate You areeeeee about bondage
12:37:47 From M. Candace (Francesca) : I want to go to that kind of holiday party!
12:38:04 From Cadenza : hahahaa
12:38:16 From Mistress Tien : Love your energy!
12:38:28 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Ty so much court !!!!
12:38:28 From Goddess Anna Lisa : The joy and laugher – I love it
12:38:43 From Cadenza : thank you court!
12:38:45 From DT AI : YAAAAAASSS
12:39:02 From M. Candace (Francesca) : Court is amazinggg
12:39:06 From Mistress Tien : Almost Capricorn season!
12:39:23 From DT AI : Hehehe thank you Court for letting us witness you <3
12:43:58 From meganmillington she/her : I have been thoroughly enjoying this platform for rope play development.
12:47:18 From Mistress Esmee | Desiree : ohh thank you for sharing Megan 😄
12:47:49 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : By “like a shoelace”
12:47:58 From DT AI : WOOOW THAT WAS FUN
12:48:06 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : It’s like with the bunny loops?
12:48:24 From Cadenza : or maybe just a square knot
12:48:35 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Oh!!! I see!
12:48:35 From Cadenza : right over left, then left over right
12:51:47 From Susanō : 100% Mistress Kira Lune – I don’t use the terminology & aesthetics of transatlantic chattel slavery either
12:54:25 From Domina Desirae : Super interest perspective
12:54:29 From Domina Desirae : interesting*
12:54:44 From Lady Sapphire : Appreciate the question, I have thought about this alot
12:57:39 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : Thank you Mistress Troy!!!! I learned SO much.
12:57:48 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : I loved getting to learn from you Mistress Troy— I’m so full of joy right now!  Thank you so so much!!
12:57:59 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Deeply inspired to embrace myself more <3
12:58:02 From Princess Coco Celeste : you rule Mistress Troy! Love your energy
12:58:05 From Cadenza : thank you so  much!! I learned so much and it was such a joy to see you and learn from you
12:58:05 From Domina Darla\Kristin : Troy, that was wonderful! And thank you Cort!
12:58:08 From DT AI : Thank you so so so much Mistress Troy. That was so helpful and insightful. Absolutely loveeee your energy!! 💗💗💗
12:59:17 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : No please give it to us!!! Omg
12:59:38 From Louisa Ferre : Thank you so much Mistress Troy for your wisdom and all that you have shown today! Your character and the way you approach your work is so passionate! It’s so motivational ♥
12:59:56 From kp k : Thank you so much for your time💜
13:00:14 From Empress Eden : i watched you on 7 days of domming and it was so great having you on here as well! love your style and your energy
13:00:16 From Domina Desirae : Thank you SO MUCH Mistress Troy!
13:00:32 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Ty mistress troy!! Ty court!!! <333
13:00:36 From Mistress Tien : Thank you so much!
13:00:36 From Cadenza : thank you both!!!!!
13:00:38 From Domina Desirae : Yes! Court was fantastic!
13:00:45 From Domina Fawn : Thank you to the both of you!
13:00:48 From DT AI : Thank you Courttttt <3
13:01:27 From M. Xuan (they/she) : Thank you so much, Troy and Court! 💗💗💗
13:02:58 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : Going to get my shibari kit in the mail soon, can’t wait to start playing with that 😍
13:03:20 From Empress Eden : @goddexx askari, where did you get the kit?
13:03:24 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : twisted monk!
13:03:32 From Empress Eden : thank you!
13:04:51 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : practicing giving and receiving truth… WOWWWW
13:04:53 From Priestess : the truth. So rad
13:05:06 From Priestess : give and receive it
13:05:23 From O. Troy : Thank you all! That was really fun and I’m glad you enjoyed it (Also, I don’t use “Mistress” or any honorifics. “Troy” is just fine! ) ♥️
13:05:59 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : sadism = enjoying articulating and expressing your truth DAAMN
13:06:29 From O. Troy : (Court says “Ooh! I’ve got a fan club!” 😊 Thank you!)
13:06:52 From DT AI : Resonating with this sooooo much
13:07:33 From lx : Uyen but you are such a skillful communicator and able to set boundaries that are clear but dont feel offensive
13:08:06 From lx  To  Colette Pervette(privately) : Shit that was supposed to be DM to you
13:09:30 From Priestess : omg so beautiful. i’m choked up RN
13:09:37 From Priestess : thank you for sharing with us
13:09:46 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : thank you for sharing colette <3 this is so raw and vulnerable and inspiring to me
13:09:47 From lx : Thank you for sharing with us
13:09:54 From kp k : thats such an inspiring way to turn that around💜
13:09:56 From Cadenza : so grateful for your story and for you
13:09:59 From lx : You are so brave and inspirational
13:10:09 From DT AI : This share is so beautiful. Thank you so much Colette.
13:10:21 From Julia Schmasedan : I’m so sorry, Uyen. What a beautiful way you have taken his passing, to grow. We are living vigils of those we have lost. I believe that. You show that.
13:10:26 From Domina Darla\Kristin : damn, this is amazing Colette
13:10:45 From Lady Sapphire : Love you
13:10:55 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : Yes. I accept. Thank you. (chills)
13:11:40 From DT AI : Yes, I accept. This truth. Thank you. 💗💗💗
13:12:08 From Mistress Tien : Love you chi Uyen <3 thank you for letting us into your world and pouring your heart into this
13:15:14 From Cadenza : wow
13:15:15 From Rachel Lipton : So powerful
13:15:27 From Empress Eden : this was very needed for me today
13:15:31 From Empress Eden : thank you
13:15:33 From lx : Thank you
13:15:51 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : “in the dungeon there are no lies” wow
13:15:59 From DT AI : Absolutely feeling this 1000000%. Thank you Colette for this wisdom. 🥺🥺🥺 this is so powerful.
13:17:01 From Mistress Kira Lune : My definition of a Domme is that She/I am sensual and purposeful and consistent.
13:18:39 From M. Candace (Francesca) : Thanks so much everyone for sharing this space with me!! I have to log off but looking forward to still keeping in touch
13:18:41 From M. Candace (Francesca) : <3
13:18:59 From Sarah : Wow, from your share in the beginning to now, your confidence is literally emanating from you Cadenza!!
13:19:34 From Cadenza : thank you!
13:19:37 From Domina Desirae : Your muted!
13:21:16 From DT AI : Yesss Miss K you are SO WORTHY of anything and everything you ask!! 💗💗💗
13:22:24 From Sarah : OMG wow, this channeling the divine femme in FULL EFFECT
13:22:25 From Miss K : Yasss thank you DT AI , I am so grateful for this space and being able to share it with all of you !
13:22:26 From DT AI : Loveeeeee your enthusiasm Lady Laylaaaa!!! You’re such an energy amplifier!
13:22:51 From Empress Eden : yes!!
13:23:00 From M. Xuan (they/she) : ❤️❤️❤️
13:23:25 From Mistress Tien : You’re so precious Lady Layla
13:23:27 From Cadenza : deeply and inherently worthy of love ❤️
13:23:29 From Domina Darla\Kristin : You are amzing Lady Layla!
13:23:44 From Rachel Lipton : Light and love grow exponentially
13:24:02 From Rachel Lipton : It doesn’t have to be zero sum
13:24:02 From Domina Fawn : Hearing this makes my heart warm, I love how you’re accepting yourself ❤️
13:24:18 From DT AI : Your are shining so bright. I love this share Lady Layla. So happy to witness this growth!!!!
13:24:25 From Rachel Lipton : Yes to green slime!!!
13:25:14 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Thank you all so so much!!! Much love to all of you!! <333
13:25:26 From Cadenza : ^^^^^^
13:25:32 From Cadenza : endless thanks
13:25:54 From Mistress Tien : Infinite gratitude to you and everyone in this space
13:26:03 From Princess Coco Celeste : <3 infinite thank you’s to Colette and all of you <3
13:26:10 From Cadenza : i love all of you!!!!!
13:26:11 From Sarah : This course and community are so VALUABLE. Yes.
13:26:14 From DT AI : I’m so freaking happy I trusted my gut and intuition and joined this class. This was absolutely life changing
13:26:18 From Veddie Vicious : So much love
13:26:21 From Miss K : im so glad I took the leap with you , thank you for for vulnerability💜
13:26:25 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : So so so much love to you Uyen!! So deeply grateful to you and my fellow dom(me)s <3333
13:26:30 From DT AI : I love my MistressClass family 🥺🥺🥺💗💗💗💗💗
13:26:32 From mistress zina (they/them) : So much love to everyone here. Thank you!!!
13:26:37 From Veddie Vicious : Id love to stay connected with you all
13:26:40 From Domina Fawn : ❤️❤️❤️
13:26:42 From Veddie Vicious : See you on dischord
13:26:43 From Louisa Ferre : ♥♥♥
13:26:45 From M. Xuan (they/she) : Thank you so much Uyên ơi and everyone in this space!!! 🤍🤍🤍
13:27:03 From Domina Faye | Cynthia : 💖💖💖
13:27:04 From Melinda Molenda : so grateful to Colette and all of you beauties. love you all. 💗💗💗💗
13:27:07 From Domina Flora : Love and gratitude to you
13:27:16 From Veddie Vicious : And I am sushi_sioux on instagram
13:27:18 From Veddie Vicious : xoxoxox
13:27:23 From Priestess : Love to all of you
13:27:24 From Goddess Anna Lisa : Thank you so much
13:27:35 From Mistress Malissia : So grateful for this course, thank you Uyen and everyone here <3
13:27:37 From Domina Fawn : Thankful for everyone here
13:27:40 From Priestess : We love you too
13:27:43 From Lady Sapphire : Thank you everyone! I loved this class so so much! Really appreciate it Colette! Look forward to meeting you at the tea party <3
13:27:44 From Priestess : so very much
13:27:50 From Empress Eden : thank you!
13:27:50 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Deep deep love and gratitude
13:27:50 From DT AI : AAAAAAAAAAAA
13:27:50 From Mistress Kira Lune : Thank you thank you thank you for holding this space!!
13:27:53 From Rachel Lipton : ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
13:27:54 From Ai : Thank you, Colette!
13:27:56 From Louisa Ferre : To be honest, this community that you have created has changed my life for the better. I love what you have created, and I love you Uyen ♥
13:27:57 From Susanō : Thank you, Colette. Thank you, everyone. I’m grateful to be in community with you
13:28:29 From Priestess : i can’t use video today but i am unmuted!
13:28:36 From Susanō : And looking forward to meeting some of you in January <3
13:28:47 From GODDEXX AKARI (she/they) : Love you Colette!! Love you fellow mistresses and dommes! I need to take off but I can’t wait to see you all in January!!! <3
13:29:14 From lx : <333
13:29:25 From Miss K : _k_kaboom on IG 🙂 🌟🔮🔮
13:29:35 From Ai : Can’t wait to see you all at the tea party and many more events to come! Have an amazing rest of the year all!