Chatbox Thread for Fourth Sunday Lesson 12/5/21

09:59:19 From Mistress Kira Lune : Hello everyone!
09:59:35 From Desiree Zwaga : hello 😄
09:59:46 From Mistress Desirae : Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone! 😘
10:01:46 From Alexandra Chabek : There’s a plaaaace for ussss
10:01:52 From Lady Mae : Thank you Jade, always soo beautiful!
10:02:37 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : I love the pyrex full of tea hahahah!!
10:04:11 From Laura (she/her) : I adore Chet baker singing my funny valentine 🖤🖤. So beautiful, Jade!
10:05:19 From meganmillington she/her : yay! Thank you Jade <3
10:05:21 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Thank you so much Jade!!!
10:05:22 From Laura (she/her) : Woooooow
10:05:25 From Mistress Desirae : Beautiful Jade!!!
10:05:35 From Cadenza : thank you jade!!!
10:05:40 From Mistress Tien : Thank you Jade <3
10:05:48 From Rachel Lipton : Thank you Jade! And wonderful outfit
10:06:42 From jude salazar : Eek. I still haven’t gotten on discord. Knew I was forgetting something 🤦🏻‍♀️
10:06:49 From Princess Coco Celeste : Shout out Goddess Akari !!!! That was so fun last night<3
10:07:21 From Cadenza : yall are making me want to move out west haha
10:07:45 From M. Xuan (they/she) : Second Coco Celeste’s comment 💗💗💗
10:08:09 From Mistress Kira Lune : I would really love for this to continue long term!
10:08:14 From Rachel Lipton : Thirding Coco’s note 🖤🖤🖤
10:08:35 From Coley : Yes!💕💕💕
10:08:40 From meganmillington she/her : wonderful!! Love this idea!
10:08:43 From Donna Valentina | Morgan : totally agree!!!
10:08:46 From Mistress Kira Lune : This makes me so so happy!!!
10:08:47 From Princess Coco Celeste : I don’t want this to be overrrrr
10:08:48 From Cadenza : sooooo excited
10:08:50 From Mistress Esmee / Desiree : yees
10:08:54 From Mistress Tien : Keep going and growing!
10:08:57 From AA : Great idea!
10:09:04 From mistress zina (they/them) : Oh my gosh beautiful Colette!!! Love this dream!!
10:09:15 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Thank you so so so much, Colette!! This is amazing
10:09:18 From Lady Mae : YES FUCK YES
10:09:19 From Goddess Nalini : Love this idea!!
10:09:35 From Mistress Kira Lune : Yesssss I am an herbalist and would love to share some of that too!
10:09:39 From Mistress Desirae : I would love to hear about those other topics too!
10:09:40 From meganmillington she/her : YES!!!
10:09:45 From Naadia : YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 🍃
10:09:50 From Lady Violetta : This is the best
10:09:57 From meganmillington she/her : yes experimental and play!
10:09:59 From AA : I’m so down, I love this
10:10:08 From jude salazar : Yes plant medicine and psychedelics for power growth 🥰🥰
10:10:09 From Aurora Eldora : Mushroom ceremony at Colette’s?
10:10:19 From Vy N. : ❤️❤️❤️
10:11:23 From Cadenza : so grateful for you!!
10:12:10 From Coral : love this idea
10:12:25 From meganmillington she/her : I am discovering my profile. I’m letting this emerge from depth of my creatrix and don’t fully know what my style is, so continuing this community as I discover and grow is wonderful and incredibly supportive <3
10:13:24 From Veddie Vicious : Yes micro-dosing for mental health
10:13:32 From Mistress Esmee / Desiree : i chickened out
10:13:55 From Lady Violetta : I did too, I feel super regretful about it though (which I think is a good sign!?)
10:14:04 From Veddie Vicious : Me too, I have a lifelong issue with the phone. I would beg people to make calls for me as a kid lol
10:14:05 From Mistress Esmee / Desiree : same!
10:14:19 From Mistress Malissia : I had 2x 48h sessions with subs in person so didn’t feel the need to contact more subs 😛
10:14:36 From Cadenza : same i get a lot of anxiety about phone calls
10:15:02 From Mistress Esmee / Desiree : i realised too late that calling to the US would be a tad expensive..
10:15:22 From M. Candace  To  Colette Pervette(privately) : Are the subs available to talk this week too? (Did not have time before today!)
10:17:58 From Goddess Z : Awww that is sooo sweet
10:18:07 From Cheyenne Sapphire : Awww yay
10:18:12 From AA : I knowww
10:20:56 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Their like, almost implicit faith in me was so so humbling
10:21:49 From GODDEXX AKARI : Yay! I missed the last class so I really want to do this assignment!
10:24:04 From Goddess Z : Ooo yaaaassss
10:24:50 From Mistress Desirae : I love that
10:24:58 From Goddess Z : ooo that’s a good ideaaa
10:25:02 From Mistress Kira Lune : That’s a really lovely image!
10:27:56 From Laura (she/her) : I’m really curious about this
10:28:59 From Laura (she/her) : I struggle with the prospect of feeling like I’m taking someone’s power away.. even in play it feels sticky for me :/. Love to hear anyone’s thoughts on this 🙂
10:30:01 From Cadenza (she/they) : i have a problem with making my voice artificially high even though my real voice is quite deep
10:30:03 From Mistress Kira Lune : I would say that its not your responsibility, if someone wants to give you power, then they are also gaining power. They can then take the power away
10:30:33 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Hi Laura! To me it kinda felt like we were feeding into each others power. Because it was a space of mutual care, where we were both focused on pleasing each other.
10:30:56 From Goddess Z : @cadenza is there a reason why you want to make your voice artificially higher than your real voice?
10:31:24 From M. Candace : I’m a baby domme but playing as a sub with an experienced Dom it didn’t feel like my power was taken away at all. It felt like my Dom was giving me permission to release and let go and he would take care of me. Dunno if that makes sense
10:31:29 From Mistress Malissia : @Laura, it can feel very empowering to the sub to willingly choose to relinquish their power to a chosen person.
10:31:55 From Cadenza (she/they) : it’s a pretty unconscious decision unfortunately probably stemming from patriarchy lol but I’m working on keeping my real voice more!
10:32:28 From Laura (she/her) : Thanks so much for all these thoughts 🙂
10:32:53 From Naadia : I love this drawing. Never gets old 🤍
10:33:13 From Goddess Z : @cadenza yaaay! Im glad you’re working on keeping the integrity of your real voice~ the true frequency of your voice deserves to be shared and experienced~ 🙂
10:33:37 From Cadenza (she/they) : thank you goddess z :):)
10:33:59 From Goddess Z : <3
10:34:30 From GODDEXX AKARI : “The fantasies that we create is taking away our power” wowww
10:35:40 From GODDEXX AKARI : daaaaaammmnnnnnnnnn
10:36:33 From Goddess Z : yaaaaasssss
10:36:44 From GODDEXX AKARI : EMPOWERING FANTASY —> “one where you show up first and create change” holy shit
10:36:51 From Cadenza (she/they) : holy wow
10:37:02 From Coley : Whoaaa
10:37:08 From GODDEXX AKARI : ^^ Y E S
10:37:12 From Lady Midnight : Well maybe not the recent ones like Frozen
10:37:28 From Lady Midnight : and Mulan
10:37:36 From GODDEXX AKARI : disempowering fantasy — my parents will finally one hundred percent perfectly understand me and communicate with me exactly the way it makes me comfortable
10:37:41 From Mistress Kira Lune : Moana too
10:37:46 From jude salazar : Just had this empowering fantasy play out today woah
10:37:50 From Naadia : 🙈🤍
10:38:09 From Lady Midnight : Yay to empowered Dom and Dommes bringing their work in Entertainment and their career 😄
10:38:38 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : I
10:38:42 From Goddess Z : T____T
10:38:56 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : M so sorry for that pain, Colette <3
10:39:17 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Oh gosh <333333333
10:39:20 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : I love that!!!
10:39:21 From Goddess Z : Ommmmmgg yesss T_T that is SOOOO SWEEEET
10:39:23 From Lady Sapphire : Omg woooow<3
10:39:26 From Domina Darla (she/her) : beautiful!
10:39:30 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : I’m sure he’s so happy to hear you learn <3
10:39:31 From Mistress Tien : That’s amazing Colette!
10:39:32 From Coley : Oh my goodness👏💕
10:39:34 From Lady Violetta : <3 Im so glad you could take this power back for yourself!!!
10:39:37 From AA : That’s awesome
10:39:38 From Goddess Z : What a way to honor your dad <3
10:39:43 From Mistress Tien : Pops is twirling up there!
10:39:44 From GODDEXX AKARI : That is so beautiful Colette <3
10:39:52 From Cadenza (she/they) : !!!!! love thattttt the healing power of music!! btw im a voice teacher and its such a pleasure to hear voices grow
10:40:15 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Oh it’s choice!!! You need to choose to show up first
10:40:27 From Mistress Malissia : It’s about becoming the Protagonist of your story, not just best supporting actress.
10:40:30 From Goddess Z : woooow <3 thank you for that Colette
10:40:38 From GODDEXX AKARI : big main character energy
10:41:03 From Goddess Z : YAAAY
10:41:07 From Mistress Desirae : YESS!!
10:41:16 From meganmillington she/her : YES!!!
10:41:19 From Mistress Esmee / Desiree : yaaay
10:41:19 From Coley : 😃😃😃
10:43:06 From Naadia : A sub casually laid out
10:43:17 From Lady Violetta : hes just decoration haha
10:43:17 From jude salazar : How fun!
10:43:30 From Domina Fawn : He’s just vibing
10:43:40 From Mistress Malissia : A decorative object
10:43:42 From Lady Midnight : Thank you Paul <3
10:43:47 From Mistress Serenity | Rachel : The slave stamp on his booty hehe
10:44:09 From Mistress Esmee / Desiree : i love paddles
10:44:25 From Cadenza (she/they) : love that collection of toys!!
10:44:32 From Naadia : How long did it take to collect the majority of your toys?
10:45:42 From Cadenza (she/they) : is there a way you could drop these vids in discord?
10:45:57 From Veddie Vicious : I love a space with good, sexy lighting
10:45:59 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : I looooove the lighting and the ambiance
10:46:39 From Goddess Z : woooaah
10:46:55 From Mistress Esmee / Desiree : woon that’s so cool
10:47:00 From Mistress Esmee / Desiree : woow*
10:47:01 From Aurora Eldora : wow!!!
10:47:06 From Coley : Ooooooo
10:48:13 From Goddess Z : wooooooooooowwwww
10:48:19 From meganmillington she/her : love this throne!!!
10:48:39 From jude salazar : That’s amazing
10:48:46 From Cadenza (she/they) : wow the craftsmanship!
10:48:48 From Goddess Z : Wow that craftsmanship~
10:48:53 From Goddess Z : omg lol jinxx
10:49:01 From Coral : incredible
10:49:13 From Cadenza (she/they) : idk if there are any dungeons in my yeehaw area haha
10:49:21 From Lady Midnight : What are ways to go about respecting and also reminding your subs of dignity? Is this something we align during our “Contract” session?
10:49:29 From meganmillington she/her : incredible! I love the space. You immediately drop in
10:49:31 From Lady Violetta : Lol same cadenza, thankfully moving next year
10:49:32 From Lady Midnight : Looking at this makes me giggle but at at same time cringe a little
10:50:14 From Mistress Esmee / Desiree : wat is that?
10:50:18 From Aurora Eldora : Does anyone in LA want to go in on renting a space that we can have as a dungeon?
10:50:34 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : It’s a massage creme (@ mistress esteem)
10:50:36 From Lady Violetta : Theyre like a pain relief adhesive that make yur skin hot then cold!!
10:50:39 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Like for sore muscles
10:50:42 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : It’s minty!
10:50:49 From Mistress Esmee / Desiree : ahh thank you
10:50:50 From Cadenza (she/they) : i hateee icyhot lol
10:51:02 From Cadenza (she/they) : hi mistress iris!!
10:51:12 From Lady Violetta : Omg Iris…. a small obsession of mine
10:51:13 From Mistress Esmee / Desiree : Hello Mistriss Iris!!
10:51:15 From Mistress Kira Lune : I’d really love to know more about the lifestyle Domme side too
10:51:30 From Mistress Esmee / Desiree : yes same Lady Violetta
10:52:28 From meganmillington she/her : love it. Travelling Domme
10:52:58 From Lady Sapphire : Love your outfit
10:53:56 From Cadenza (she/they) : mistress iris and marie sauvage together was amazinggg
10:54:17 From Lady Violetta : Marie’s work is soo gorgeous
10:54:17 From Mistress Talia : @violetta I love Mistress Iris too!
10:54:22 From Lady Midnight : will we be able to see what’s in the suitcase? So cool 😄
10:55:21 From GODDEXX AKARI : omg japanese culture is v bdsm it’s true lol
10:55:56 From Cadenza (she/they) : desperation!!!
10:56:03 From Lady Sapphire : yessssss
10:56:12 From Lady Midnight : DITTOOO
10:56:52 From Goddess Anna Lisa : You very much portray that desperation in your promo work, Mistress Iris
10:56:53 From Mistress Kira Lune : Oh it’s so good to hear of different people not just being a Sadist!
10:57:07 From M. Candace : ^ ditto!
10:57:25 From M. Candace : I’ve had times where I felt like an imposter bc sadism isn’t my thing :-/
10:57:35 From Mistress Serenity | Rachel : ^^samesies
10:57:51 From Goddess Z : I love this origin story~ so insightful <3
10:57:58 From Mistress Kira Lune : I call myself “borderline sadist” because I do like inflicting pain, but only in connection to teasing and denial and play
10:58:01 From meganmillington she/her : yess!!
10:58:04 From M. Candace : “Sex doesn’t have to end in male orgasm” —> can I get this on a tshirt
10:58:17 From GODDEXX AKARI : ^^ totebag pls lol
10:58:21 From Mistress Esmee / Desiree : yees
10:58:23 From M. Candace : ^^^^ yas
10:58:25 From Mistress Malissia : Phallocentrism is so heteronormative.
10:58:37 From GODDEXX AKARI : ^^ seriously and also so boring (eyeroll emoji)
10:58:43 From Mistress Kira Lune : Omg yes
10:59:13 From M. Candace : @mistress Kira lune – I can see myself getting to that point!
11:00:05 From Mistress Kira Lune : @m. Candace, I love the power in impact, and seeing someone flinch, but I get bored really quickly if I don’t mix it up
11:00:15 From Goddess Z : ahahhahahahah
11:01:08 From Coley : ooooo wow i think something just clicked for my inner domme with this talk of intense teasing and desperation🤯 thanks mistress iris!!
11:01:29 From Lady Midnight : @ Mistress Iris, Have you ever created a situation where you were both a Domme and a Sub at the same session?
11:01:58 From Lady Midnight : Sounds like Latin Dancing
11:02:13 From meganmillington she/her : very insightful! thank you, this got in the way of my playing with the Sub Homework
11:02:24 From Naadia : Iris >>>
11:02:43 From Mistress Esmee / Desiree : wow that’s awesome
11:04:16 From Mistress Esmee / Desiree : dba?
11:04:23 From Mistress Kira Lune : ^^ yeah what’s DBA?
11:04:25 From Naadia : Doing biz as
11:04:29 From Mistress Tien : Doing business as
11:04:34 From Mistress Esmee / Desiree : ahh thanks
11:04:38 From Naadia : She registered herself as a business with the secretary of state
11:05:37 From Mistress Kira Lune : Omg I love that!
11:05:51 From Mistress Desirae : Keep them on their toes… Love it! >:)
11:05:59 From Goddess Shalini : Mistriss Iris is so elegant <3
11:05:59 From Mistress Serenity | Rachel : Wait I do this to dudes sometimes already… LOL
11:06:10 From GODDEXX AKARI : ^^ lol!
11:06:38 From Goddess Z : I love how psychological it is ~ 😄
11:06:40 From Lady Violetta : This is the dream tbh
11:06:41 From meganmillington she/her : yes!!!
11:06:52 From Domina Fawn : Do you still charge them hourly while you are hanging out?
11:06:57 From meganmillington she/her : I’m really resonating with this share!
11:07:13 From Seta Mary : Me too!
11:07:18 From Mistress Malissia : I also love and mostly do few day sessions and charge per day not hour.
11:07:41 From Goddess Anna Lisa : Were you self taught with shibari?
11:08:42 From Cadenza (she/they) : shibari is my fave
11:08:57 From Princess Coco Celeste : i love shibari so much
11:09:16 From meganmillington she/her : I love shibari, seeing a body bound gets me going, especially when I’ve done it
11:09:33 From Cadenza (she/they) : agree
11:10:54 From GODDEXX AKARI : Louis Vuitton bag for ropes – goals
11:11:06 From Seta Mary : Hahahah!
11:11:14 From GODDEXX AKARI : buying lube by the gallon – also goals lol
11:11:20 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : What’s your fave brand?
11:11:21 From M. Candace : LUBE! 100%
11:11:56 From meganmillington she/her : my favourite lube is uber lube, but its not good for silicone toys
11:12:09 From Mistress Malissia : Traveling Dommes are the new Mary Poppins
11:12:17 From M. Candace : 👆
11:12:17 From meganmillington she/her : lol
11:12:17 From GODDEXX AKARI : ^^ lolllll
11:12:20 From Mistress Kira Lune : ^^ yesss that!
11:12:28 From Mistress Tien : OMG Mary Poppins!
11:12:45 From Mistress Tien : Someone adopt that as a mistress name
11:13:08 From Cadenza (she/they) : mistress poppins lol
11:13:25 From Laura Anctil : What’s your favorite brand of crop?
11:13:28 From Coley : 👏👏👏
11:13:36 From Mistress Tien : Wow that’s beautiful
11:13:37 From Goddess Z : woooow
11:13:38 From Domina Desirae : Wow… Beautiful whip
11:13:39 From Veddie Vicious : ITS BEAUTIFUL
11:13:45 From Coral : I want a bull whip demo!
11:13:48 From Goddess Lila : So beautiful
11:13:54 From Goddess Lila : Where did you get the whip customized?
11:14:04 From Donna Valentina | Morgan : stunning whip! cracking the whip is the most powerful feeling, just took a workshop and it was so much fun
11:15:18 From Mistress Marcella : I have to leave early, but I’ll be watching the recording. Absolutely a pleasure to see Mistress Iris!
11:16:06 From meganmillington she/her : I have an aslan harness, i find it hard to keep it in place. what brand is that? what brands would you recommend?
11:16:18 From Princess Coco Celeste : fleet ilya!
11:16:31 From Mistress Malissia : Oh I love my Aslan harness, mine is rubber though
11:17:07 From meganmillington she/her : mine is “vegan leather”
11:17:08 From Naadia : I have the black panther one and love it
11:17:26 From Lady Mae : what brand was that?
11:17:30 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : vixskin
11:17:30 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : !
11:17:36 From Lady Mae : Thanks love <3
11:17:39 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : <3
11:17:41 From M. Candace : I am learning so much haha
11:17:53 From Lady Mae : “big sluts” hahah love it
11:17:58 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Omg the buck!!! Love it
11:18:14 From Aurora Eldora : I was looking for some vegan leather gear on Etsy. I find it harder to find than leather. If anyone has resources of where to find vegan leather whips, floggers, etc, it would be greatly appreciated!
11:18:39 From Mistress Kira Lune : What’s the brand of the dildos? Did someone catch that?
11:18:46 From Mistress Malissia : Vixskin
11:18:51 From Coral :
11:18:54 From Mistress Kira Lune : Thank you!
11:18:59 From Coral : trying to figure out what the 3 styles are
11:19:47 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : One looks like buck, I think, which is one I have
11:19:48 From Goddess Shalini : i’m fascinated
11:19:52 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : I’m not sure about the others!
11:19:52 From meganmillington she/her : seems that those types are duo density dildos
11:20:10 From Lady Violetta : Being non binary this absolutely speaks to me haha
11:20:21 From Lady Mae : Yes, I have a biiig fantasy of using a strap on and being worshiped for it and seeing the pleasure of them accepting it as an extension.
11:20:30 From Cadenza (she/they) : same lady mae!!
11:20:41 From Lady Mae : Thank you for sharing Mistress Iris and making me feel sooo safe for having that desire!
11:21:12 From Mistress Serenity | Rachel : What brand is the gag?
11:21:22 From Mistress Talia : I would love to know the brand of the gag too
11:21:58 From Lady Violetta : YASSS
11:22:09 From Goddess Z : cuuute
11:22:16 From M. Candace : I’m super interested in chastity cages (and other variants of that that work with chastity play) and wondering where I can find guidance on that? Where do I start?! haha
11:22:17 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Wow ty so much for sharing!!!
11:22:24 From Donna Valentina | Morgan : thank you sooo much for sharing this with us
11:22:26 From Goddess Z : Thank you for sharing with us your bag of toys~ So insightful!
11:22:35 From Coley : Amazing!
11:22:58 From Cadenza (she/they) : the essentials <3
11:23:16 From Mistress Tien : Thank you so much for letting us peek inside your world
11:23:26 From Lady Mae : I love the spectrum and seeing the diverse style!
11:23:40 From Domina Darla (she/her) : It would be great to get a list of the brands you like for the tools in your bag, Iris!
11:23:56 From Mistress Kira Lune : ^^ that too please!
11:25:43 From Laura Anctil : I fully identify, lol, thank you so so much for languaging this for us!
11:25:44 From Coley : Wahhhh love that!!
11:25:49 From M. Candace : This speaks to me a lot. I also thought I just had a series of disparate fetishes and they kind of have this commonality
11:25:49 From meganmillington she/her : off yess!
11:26:15 From GODDEXX AKARI : femme fantasies! building and contributing to the collective language for culture
11:26:27 From meganmillington she/her : YAS!!
11:26:29 From Goddess Z : I love this energyyyyy
11:26:41 From Cadenza (she/they) : its always been what the woman can and should do for their man and never the opposite
11:28:48 From Laura Anctil : I had a dream I was swinging a flogger last night!
11:28:54 From Cadenza (she/they) : loveddd seeing you twirl it around
11:29:06 From meganmillington she/her : id love to see a demonstration on strap on tease and worship
11:29:08 From Donna Valentina | Morgan : curious if cloth shoelaces are best? or waxed or leather?
11:29:16 From Naadia : Oooo that oufit!!!!!
11:29:19 From Veddie Vicious : Gorgeous in red!
11:29:33 From Cadenza (she/they) : the red!!!
11:29:46 From Mistress Kira Lune : It is a bit dark
11:32:09 From Lady Mae : is it a painful experience at all for them?
11:32:13 From Lady Mae : Or just a pressure sensation?
11:32:24 From M. Candace : Yes to video tutorial please!
11:32:26 From Mistress Malissia : Makes the cock and balls more ‘’sensitive’’
11:32:31 From Mistress Kira Lune : A video tutorial would be super helpful!
11:32:32 From Cheyenne Sapphire : yes please to video
11:32:36 From Lady Mae : Thanks Mistress Malissia!
11:32:36 From Mistress Esmee / Desiree : yes please!
11:32:38 From Mistress Talia : from what I have heard from my subs, it is more of a pressure, sensitive
11:33:19 From AA : My husband only has one ball (cancer survivor) so I gotta figure that out
11:33:23 From Mistress Talia : after a while, it can get to be a little painful
11:33:39 From Mistress Talia : You can always tie around the shaft and ball(s), like a cock ring
11:33:58 From Susanō Surface : Also a good reminder that subs could have a range of anatomies.
11:34:08 From AA : True that
11:34:14 From Cadenza (she/they) : ^^
11:35:01 From Naadia : Yes!!
11:35:31 From Goddess Z : Love the detail ~~
11:35:45 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : What’s the best way to practice flogging before using it on a person?
11:35:51 From M. Candace : ^ this questionN!
11:36:02 From Mistress Malissia : On a pillow, trying to aim always in the middle.
11:36:09 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Oh!! I see! Ty!
11:36:14 From Mistress Esmee / Desiree : ohh good one
11:36:51 From Goddess Z : hahha that’s so sexyyy
11:36:57 From Mistress Esmee / Desiree : yees
11:37:02 From GODDEXX AKARI : omg i love that one
11:37:06 From Coley : This is amazing!!
11:37:13 From Laura Anctil : brand name?
11:37:25 From Coral : which one?
11:38:12 From Naadia : yaaaassssssss
11:38:13 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Oh wow!!
11:38:13 From Goddess Z : So hypnotizing
11:38:19 From M. Candace : This is quite athletic which is so cool
11:38:21 From GODDEXX AKARI : ASMR for the matriarchy
11:38:28 From Cadenza (she/they) : wish the sound wasnt cutting out:(
11:38:30 From meganmillington she/her : haha ^^
11:38:33 From Coley : 🤯👏
11:38:55 From Aurora Eldora : Wow, very advanced flogging skills, Colette!
11:39:12 From Goddess Z : oof I can feel that impact thru the screen LOL
11:41:01 From meganmillington she/her : For me its rope, flogger and strap on play. This call is inspiring and am feeling more creative!
11:41:06 From Princess Coco Celeste : Make it look like poetry <3
11:41:14 From GODDEXX AKARI : ok getting more into shibari is going to be my winter hobby! 🙂
11:41:38 From Cadenza (she/they) : christmas shibari party?
11:41:45 From GODDEXX AKARI : ^^ yeeeesssssssssssss
11:41:46 From M. Candace : ^ same! What I’m doing over the holiday break haha
11:41:47 From Goddess Z : @Akari ommmgg we can practice rope if we have another LA meetup~~
11:41:48 From Domina Fawn : Yasss ^^^
11:41:53 From Mistress Talia : Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage by Midori is a great book!
11:41:57 From GODDEXX AKARI : @Z omg yes yes yes hehehe
11:42:09 From Coley : YESS Christmas shibari party!!
11:42:14 From M. Candace : I’ll be in LA last 2 weeks of December if anyone wants to meet up?
11:42:20 From M. Candace : Also chatted with Midori briefly and she’s lovely!
11:42:21 From meganmillington she/her : yes! electro play!
11:42:26 From Laura Anctil : I’d love your playlists <3
11:42:30 From Laura Anctil : music
11:42:33 From Veddie Vicious : Bullwhip ever since I read even cowgirls get the blues
11:42:46 From GODDEXX AKARI : @candace oooooh yea!! just had a lil mistress gathering yesterday and I would love to do one more 2021 hang <3
11:43:02 From M. Candace : Yes please!! Let’s powwow on discord!
11:43:08 From GODDEXX AKARI : xoxo
11:43:27 From Mistress Kira Lune : Can I ask Iris some questions about doing lifestyle as a Domme?
11:43:29 From Aurora Eldora : Is there going to be a mistress class level two to go more in depth?
11:43:55 From Naadia : Im sure if you drop questions in the discord you’ll get an answer later
11:44:06 From GODDEXX AKARI : we need more media representations of dommes that is actually from dommes, not boring dudes
11:44:17 From Goddess Z : Agreeeeeed ^
11:45:07 From meganmillington she/her : ^^ yes!
11:45:16 From GODDEXX AKARI : 90% of play happens in the mind — wowww
11:45:22 From Cheyenne Sapphire : love that
11:45:37 From Mistress Malissia : Your brain is your most sexual organ
11:45:53 From Mistress Tien : Mind fucking 😋
11:45:58 From Lady Violetta : dr ruth’s “the most important 6 inches in sex is between the ears” line resonates here haha
11:47:17 From Cadenza (she/they) : so cool
11:48:32 From Goddess Z : i loveeee the mindfucking 😄
11:49:28 From GODDEXX AKARI : o m gggg
11:49:31 From Princess Coco Celeste : omg i love Iris
11:49:31 From Goddess Z : Ahahah I loooveee thissss
11:49:32 From Mistress Esmee / Desiree : haha love iit
11:49:35 From meganmillington she/her : yessss!!!
11:49:39 From Mistress Esmee / Desiree : flipping the script
11:49:39 From GODDEXX AKARI : “so stupid of you” LOLLLL
11:49:45 From M. Candace : Yeses queen!
11:49:46 From Cadenza (she/they) : loveeeeee this
11:49:48 From Coley : 👀
11:49:51 From Naadia : hahhaahaha
11:49:54 From Mistress Malissia : Fear play
11:49:57 From Lady Luna : This is gold
11:51:08 From meganmillington she/her : I love that playful integration aspect, mentioning those experiences and what was witnessed
11:51:25 From Lady Mae : I love this play of consciousness and sub conscious, this “in and out” of body=embodiment and fantasy to cum deeper into the body.. so healing and brining more presence and healing. I love this craft. Thank you Mistress Iris. Its helping really understand the dynamic between sub/dom
11:51:59 From GODDEXX AKARI : The whole narrating (1) what you are about to do (2) what you are doing (3) what you just did applies to SOOOO MANY SITUATIONS
11:52:06 From Goddess Z : ^ YEESSSSSS
11:52:32 From GODDEXX AKARI : like.. that happened when I was getting lasik and I really appreciated that LOL
11:53:00 From Lady Violetta : ^ and experimentation, like literal scientific experiments which is interesting to parallel
11:53:19 From meganmillington she/her : the power of voice and using voice in a session is an edge for me. feeling inspired and held in this share
11:53:51 From Cadenza (she/they) : ^^
11:53:53 From M. Candace : ^ same I’m working on trusting my gut voice in my real life and it’s really empowering using that in d/s play
11:53:59 From Goddess Z : Such power *_*
11:54:10 From GODDEXX AKARI : “feel okay to waste time” omg so kinky hahahaha
11:54:39 From Coley : YESS
11:54:43 From Lady Mae : I’m literally soooo juiced! this is amazing!
11:54:43 From Naadia : yummyyyy
11:54:48 From meganmillington she/her : “I like nervous little play things”
11:54:52 From meganmillington she/her : yes!
11:54:56 From Cadenza (she/they) : i could watch mistress iris talk to subs forever
11:55:00 From GODDEXX AKARI : “point things that are happening to them involuntarily” OMGGGG
11:55:09 From Coley : omg I love this
11:55:10 From Mistress Esmee / Desiree : same hehe
11:55:44 From Goddess Z : Omggg I love this ~ and this conversation is helping me realize that I already do these things in real life and can lean more into this skill~
11:56:01 From meganmillington she/her : ^^
11:57:34 From Naadia : Talking them in circles is my sex
11:57:49 From Naadia : Mental fuckery
11:57:52 From Cheyenne Sapphire : yessss
11:58:33 From Goddess Z : hahaha yeeeesssss
11:58:43 From GODDEXX AKARI : “using their kink to get what you want” wow wow wow
11:59:27 From Mistress Talia : Mistress Iris, thank you so much for your time!
11:59:47 From Quinn : Thank you Mistress Iris!
12:00:18 From Quinn : I love the homework!
12:00:24 From GODDEXX AKARI : omg I love this homework!!!!!!
12:02:32 From GODDEXX AKARI : thank you Colette and Mistress Iris!
12:03:08 From Mistress Esmee / Desiree : yeees
12:06:06 From Veddie Vicious : Mistress zine with many contributions each volume
12:06:19 From Kieran Swanson  To  Colette Pervette(privately) : Hi! I have to drop but I’m going to leave my recording run & when you’re all finished, you can just close the meeting & then the recording will stop. Will send you the link as soon as I’m back this afternoon! Such an awesome session 🙂
12:06:54 From GODDEXX AKARI : mistress ziiiine!!!
12:07:19 From GODDEXX AKARI : “sustainable bc you love doing it” omg such a great reminder
12:08:13 From Quinn : integration, yaaaaassss
12:08:31 From Quinn : tantra + bdsm  / bodywork + bdsm
12:08:37 From Quinn : spirituality + bdsm
12:08:46 From Quinn : full expression
12:09:10 From Mistress Kira Lune : Would someone be able to ask a question for me? I’m having a weird physical flare up and talking is not happening at the moment.
12:09:32 From lady echo : whats your question
12:10:02 From Lady Midnight : @ Mistress iris, What is your ratio of women vs. male clients?
12:10:15 From lady echo : I am asking a question related to that
12:10:41 From lady echo : so i can verbalize that particular aspect
12:10:41 From Veddie Vicious : You’re photos were so amazing back in 2006
12:10:51 From Veddie Vicious : They stood out because they were art
12:10:53 From Mistress Kira Lune : I would like to know how Iris does things with her lifestyle subs. What/how do they pay? How intimate are the relationships? And for hotel rooms, how to protect yourself from sound/staying safe?
12:11:18 From Cadenza (she/they) : great questions kira lune!
12:11:57 From Lady Midnight : What’s the average range of price to charge as a Domme
12:17:13 From Goddess Anna Lisa : This is incredible, thank you
12:22:35 From lady echo : For those day sessions is there a system of continued communication between sessions?
12:24:00 From Laura Anctil : This is such a big hurdle for me because financial accessibility to people is so important to me.
12:24:21 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Maybe sliding scale @ Laura?
12:24:39 From GODDEXX AKARI : ^^ or offering limited number of sessions that is at an accessible price quarterly / yearly?
12:24:50 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : But also need of $$ and like reason for domme-ing 🙂
12:24:59 From Cadenza (she/they) : how can you track the time during a session if they’re not blindfolded without distracting them/yourself
12:25:14 From Laura Anctil : hmm those are great ideas, thank you
12:26:00 From GODDEXX AKARI : For my personal business I like doing a spectrum of free / low price to premium price / luxe and i think that can apply to domme work too
12:26:08 From Donna Valentina | Morgan : thank you so much for this very honest and practical advice
12:26:13 From Laura Anctil : do you take any clients that come to you? or do you have a screening process for people you want to work with or you don’t?
12:27:02 From Mistress Esmee / Desiree : oh this is such a good question
12:27:06 From GODDEXX AKARI : great question coco!
12:27:51 From Goddess Anna Lisa : Energy work
12:28:02 From Naadia : YES!
12:28:12 From Mistress Tien : Great question and beautiful answer
12:28:21 From GODDEXX AKARI : awww so sweet
12:30:49 From Domina Desirae : Yesss, leave them wanting more. 😛
12:31:26 From Cheyenne Sapphire : yesssss
12:31:46 From GODDEXX AKARI : “you’re useless now, go away” LOL
12:33:19 From Goddess Z : 🤯🤯🤯
12:35:27 From Cheyenne Sapphire : so do you share that before that that’s the way you do it?
12:35:29 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Thank you so much!!!!!
12:35:29 From GODDEXX AKARI : I learned SO much!!!
12:35:34 From GODDEXX AKARI : Thank you Mistress Iris!!!
12:35:35 From Domina Desirae : Thank you Iris!!
12:35:39 From Coley : 👏👏👏
12:35:42 From Mistress Tien : Thank you so so much Mistress Iris!
12:35:51 From Sofia : I LOVED THIS TODAY. Thank you so very much. <3
12:36:02 From Aurora Eldora : You’re so so helpful and informative, Iris! Thank you so much!
12:36:04 From M. Xuan (they/she) : Thank you so much Mistress Iris!! 💗💗💗
12:36:12 From Cadenza (she/they) : thank you so much Mistress Iris!!
12:36:12 From Goddess Z : Thank you soooo much Mistress Iris. This wasss sooo insightful. <3 Thank you so much Colette for having us and sharing your wisdom as well! <3
12:36:16 From Goddess Anna Lisa : I’ll be subbing! Thank you
12:36:27 From Mistress Malissia : Thank You Iris, it was a pleasure to learn from you.
12:36:33 From Cheyenne Sapphire : thank you thank you, absolutely incredible 💗💗💗💗💗
12:36:42 From Domina Fawn : Thank you so much Mistress Iris, all of your advice was incredibly helpful! 💕
12:37:03 From Donna Valentina | Morgan : thank you very very much Iris!! <3 <3
12:37:18 From Mistress Esmee / Desiree : yees
12:37:29 From Mistress Esmee / Desiree : took so much notes
12:37:53 From Aurora Eldora : 💗💗💗💗💗💗
12:37:57 From GODDEXX AKARI : “the true way of dominating is what you want and making that your priority” omg yes!!!!
12:38:05 From Sofia : Lovelovelove <3
12:38:21 From Sofia : I absolutely need to rewatch this class!
12:38:30 From Princess Coco Celeste : Major thank you Colette + and Mistress Iris!!!
12:38:33 From Lady Layla Chrysanthea (she/her) : Thank you again!! Take care :))
12:38:35 From Veddie Vicious : Thank you !!!!
12:38:37 From GODDEXX AKARI : Thank you everyone!! <3 <3 <3