You’ve already said1or clicked on yes twice

The third yes is what really does it

The mind-altering shift

That is, if you choose yes.2Is it just you or does it seem like every next yes requires more of you?


If you do, you will see

That you are me.


And because you’re entering a choose-your-own-(erotic)-adventure kinda website

YOU are responsible for living the life of an Asian dominatrix (whose birth name you might not even know, yet).

Throughout this journey, you will be presented with choices. Choose wisely and you will end up happy, enlightened, and have all your wildest dreams come true (including the one where you’re living in an awesome matriarchal commune that you created). Choose poorly and you will end up bored, stuck in a rut, and (heaven forbid) working for the Man. Either way, at some point, you will end up spending seven years of your life being a member of the Mormon church. (Have fun!)

If you want to make it through these emotions in one piece, you will have to rely entirely on your wits, gut instincts and ability to click on.

Good luck.

And remember–this website is mirroring your (and my) consciousness in real time. Which means it’s constantly evolving. A page you see now may be here today and edited/expanded or even gone tomorrow. Come back and you’ll see what I mean.

And also remember–I’m just getting started. If this writing seems raw and weird and kinda goes nowhere, like you’re reading a rough draft from someone who clearly has ADHD, it’s because this is totally a stream of consciousness/constant work in progress, and yes, I probably do have ADHD (so please, don’t judge).

And one more thing–this adventure is ongoing and increasingly interactive, which means the choices you make actually do have the potential to shape your future (as well as mine).

If you choose to go deep and get intimate with me, at some point we may get to meet face to face. And who knows, we may even hit it off amazingly and find ourselves making love and art together. And we might, we might just possibly change the world.

That’s all.


What I’m saying is that

EVERYTHING is possible..


So if you’re ready to be me and start this adventure, click YES

If you don’t want to be me, but you secretly want me to be your Domme Mom and tell you how to become a dominatrix, well you’re in luck..

Did I say something about making love? I did..What’s that all about? If you want to know, say Yes..

If all of this changing your mind/the world talk seems a little overwhelming and you feel like procrastinating by buying or reading books, I totally get it and would be happy to enable you..

If you’re still on your phone right now..