Clean Your Room

I know I sound like your mom. But I’m not talking about the quick tidying up put-your-stuff-away kinda cleaning. I’m taking about a deep cleaning, a let’s-get-rid-of-at-least-a-third of-your-stuff kinda cleaning. I’m suggesting this because  I can pinpoint to when my whole life changed, and it was when I started cleaning my entire apartment like I never had before.

How can cleaning be life-changing?

I think several things are at play

  1. Your external world is a perfect reflection or representation of your internal world
  2. The way you hold on to things and justify it says a lot about your perception of reality or the lack thereof
  3. When you can let go of the things that no longer serve you, you are changing the way you see reality
  4. When you can give your things away, your mindset shifts from limited to abundant
  5. When you get rid of the old and stop clinging on to the past, you make room for newness and enormous changes to enter

So look around you. Scan your room. What’s been sitting there untouched and neglected? Make three piles:

  1. Things you can throw away
  2. Things you can give away
  3. Things that you kinda still want to keep for whatever reason but will revisit in 2-3 weeks to see if you’re finally ready to part with it

Cleaning isn’t a one time thing. It’s an iterative process. Keep on cleaning every day, week or every other week until everything in your space is organized and you know where everything lives. When you make cleaning a ritual or habit, you many find that the things you held on to in the last cleaning is actually something you don’t need this time around, but you just needed some time to become aware of it or maybe you just needed some time to say good bye to it.

The cognitive mechanism of cleaning is a process that involves contemplation. The act of picking something up and examining its potential utility is a dynamic engagement that involves thinking about your past (history) as well as your future as you make a decision in the present moment to hold on to or let go of something.  Our default tendency is to be lazy and not think that deeply, it’s easy to hold on to things and assume we might need it later. But when we take the time to consider what we truly need in our lives and organize our environment so that we can move through it more fluidly, we are shedding our old selves and ways of being and we become more intentional and thoughtful beings. And that’s how we become agents of change. When you change your exterior world, you are also changing your interior world.

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I'm ready to go deeper.