if you follow this path where Cutie is..

You’ll find a sanctuary.

A place to return to..








Cutie is my stuffed panda that I’ve had since I was 6.

When I stare at her (which I do often) I am brought back to that younger me, who knows that she is very much alive and has a soul, just like mine.

Cutie represents magic to me. I take her everywhere with me and magic follows..

Her seriously cute look comforts me and makes me smile

And in her quiet, cute way, she has this strangely wise presence.

She brings me back to my childhood dreams.

I hope this path can make you feel what I feel when I’m with Cutie

I hope that what’s shared here will comfort you, enlighten you, and make you believe in magic again..


If you want to learn more about how to find your power

If you want to watch a video Liara Roux made of me and Cutie..

If you want to visit a tumblr blog my friend P2 created where you can see more of Cutie and read poetry 

(This path is just at its rough beginning. Please bear with me..)



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