What’s going on here? you ask.




There’s a veiled woman on the other side of the screen asking you to play with her. All choices lead to a yes and then you hear her voice. She wants you to share your “innermost desire” with her.

That seems really strange. Or maybe not so much, since this woman is a dominatrix and it is her job to make erotic dreams come true.

Interesting how she frames it as “innermost desire” or “wildest dream” because that can be anything. Yeah, you probably do have wild dreams about incredible sexy play and kinky erotic adventures. But maybe your deepest desire or wildest dream include other things, like finding true love, a fulfilling job, more time to explore the world, or maybe you desire a community where you belong, creating something cool for humanity, or cultivating a deep sense of purpose, meaning and direction in your life.

From what you can see, she seems to be welcoming all of it as long as it’s your innermost desire.

If you only got a sense of what she’s up to, you might be more open to sharing your “innermost desire” with her.

Well she did say something about showing you the way to realizing your innermost desire.

From what you can tell..

It seems as though she’s going to take in your desire (interesting how she has the option for you to share your voice with her) and from there she might decide whether or not she could “show you the way” to realizing your dream.