This precarious place is

The box you put yourself in.

A place you can get stuck in.

It’s hard to get out

Because you got used to it

Besides you like where you are

And you like who you are

And you like what people think of you.

That’s great and all

Until something changes..



Maybe you’ll lose your job one day.

Maybe you’ll lose your looks.

Maybe you’ll lose all your money.

Maybe you’ll lose your home.

Maybe you’ll lose your family.



Here’s the thing.

You will never know

What’s going to happen.

But you can bet with 100% certainty

That nothing will stay the same.


So if you define yourself rigidly

By what you do

And what you have

Then you’re going to get hurt

When change happens


And for some

This might be the worst thing

That can ever happen to them.


So what do you do?

Do NothingDo Something