Dear Ba1Dad

I’m trying to reach you.

I begin at your end.


There was no good bye.

Just a I’ll call you next Saturday.

I keep recalling that last call.

It was the shortest call.


You’ve always been a mystery to me.

And now

How you left

Leaves more questions


No answer

You always call at 10am every Saturday

I never pick up


7 hours pass

18 missed calls later

I call you back

Worried sick you yell at me

Where were you?

I just wasn’t near my phone

You always thought the worst

That something terrible happened


I get why you called J

And not me

at 4:13am

that Monday morning

when my phone was on silent


when something terrible did happen


why did you go like that

I would’ve never thought

the worst


way to die

is suicide

mom says

your suffering continues

when you leave before your time


I don’t want to believe that


my heart still hurts

knowing what you did to yours


Mom says

all we can do now is pray

for you



I pray

that you can hear me

when I say


Con nhớ Ba

Con thương Ba

Con xin lỗi Ba

Con nghe loi Ba


I wish

I picked up the phone

I wish

I got a chance to tell you

I recorded our conversations


All of them2for the past 5 years


Just so you know

I know I’m a little late

But I’m ready now

I’m finally listening..



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