Tuesday, July


Thursday, July 29, 2021 10:51am

Dear U,

I decided to break up my month long journal entries to weeks. Because the month long page was getting too unwieldy. It got to the point where the the words appearing as I type was lagging by 8 seconds and getting really glitchy.

And I’m sure you appreciate this more contained format as well.


Wow. What a day. I did my spiritual practice. Even half an hour of meditation was transformative.

In my meditation I saw how I can work with the headphones/listen rabbithole of Pervette. Int was the last rabbithole of the playground that was unclear to me what it was and can be.

Until I saw that it was an experimental sound lab.. Where I can post daily around a theme/list like


11 Things You Know About Pervette

33 Ways to Make your Life More Magical

44 Ways to Find your Power

and everyday I would add a new soundbyte..


Crazy how my meditations can give me exactly what I need at the right time. To think I had a slight impulse to forgo meditation because Checklist Charlie was getting antsy and wanted to “get creative shit done”


I’ve been in a positive bubbly high vibe all day and decided to make the most of this energy and got back to people.


Q left me a message saying she can’t believe it’s already been a year since we started working together. She wanted to continue doing our intimacy coaching work for another year or at least 6 months. And she would love to have me work with her and her new boyfriend.

I was so touched and happy to hear that. I replied telling her that she’s