Sunday, June 30, 2019

Berkeley-OAK-SFO-En route to London


I got up, showered, and continued packing.

My 1:45pm flight to Burbank is delayed by 20 min. Hmm. Ominous sign. I wonder if I’m going to make our flight from LAX to London tonight..


Last time (10 days ago) I missed my flight from JFK to SFO, by 10 minutes. Prolly because I spent that extra 10 minutes peeling and chopping carrots (can’t waste good produce) for my flight or I was taking pictures of Cutie among my toiletries in the bathroom.

Today, P2 is at the house peeling and chopping my carrots for me and taking pictures of Cutie next to the my new hour glass.

This time, I didn’t catch my flight from OAK to BUR as planned (it was delayed and then cancelled).

Our flight from LAX to LDN is at 7:30pm.

Thank goodness P and I planned for this yesterday and I had already check for flights going out of OAK to LAX. I got the Southwest 3:55pm flight from OAK too LAX, landing at 5:20pm.

Funny how P called it yesterday, when we parted. He said I’ll see you at LAX. I was really hoping to visit Erewhon on the way from BUR to LAX to grab some healthy, organic snacks for the flight. Oh well.

With that extra time, I somewhat leisurely used the last of my farmer’s market produce and juiced some wheatgrass, and then a carrot and beet juice. I also used the last of the almond milk I got at the farmer’s market on my dandy blend latte (sweetened with the turmeric honey I got at the farmer’s market).

A lot of my cognitive load is spent on not wasting things, I love thinking about food and how not to waste it. .

I was tempted to but I didn’t pack my new chakra tuning forks. I was just gonna pack the heart and third eye chakra.

I wanted to pack all my new color therapy glasses. Pink, blue, aqua, yellow were all left behind. Goodbye instant calmness, clear communication, serenity, cheerfulness. I just packed my red ones because it doubles as vitality and blue blockers for nighttime journaling to you.


I’m glad I spent the day before packing my vitamins and clothes. Today, I just had to focus on toiletries, tinctures, books and pens.

With 1:45 flight cancelled and my new flight at 3:55, I had time to water all my plants and pay my bills.

I told P2 he should borrow Thich Nhat Hanh’s Peace is Every Breath. He packs it in his bag, along with the half red onion, radishes, 2 lemons, Blue Bottle Coffee, Calcium supplements and charcoal toothpaste I gave/offloaded to him.

In between taking out the trash, doing the dishes and locking the doors, P2 cradles Cutie in his arms and reads Mary Oliver poetry to her.

The last thing I packed and almost forget was the teal blanket that the guru blessed and gave to me. It’s my grounding blanket that I sit on when I meditate.

. I said a prayer to Guanyin, wishing a safe trip with P to London. . I pack 5 books: Thich Nhat Hanh’s The Art of Power, Kelcher’s The Power Paradox,

(The Book of Changes and The Way of Love (or Love is the Way?) Those two books are pocket size.

On the ride to OAK, I told P2 that I might have him take pictures of my highlights in my Thich Nhat Hanh book I’m lending him, because that book is giving me tons of ideas on my bdsm philosophy. He says he has that book in his bag, I can take it with me if I want. Hmm.. I think about it.

When we got to OAK, I decided to take the Thich Nhat Hanh book, it wouldn’t hurt. I’m glad I lent it to P2 so he can lend it back to me last minute.

I check in. My luggage is overweight, 54 lbs. Jesus. I’m usually cutting it close but never over.

I pull out my Rick Owens leather jacket. Now it’s 52 pounds. The grounding blanket from the guru. Still 52. I pull out the 6 AA Lithium batteries for my recorder. 51.5 pounds, the nice Southwest lady lets me slip by. I thank her.

. I have time to kill at OAK. I look at the menu of Vino Volo, the hostess comes up to me and says I’ll love it here. He reminds me of the friendly chatty grocery stocker that I talk to when I go to the natural grocery market. They do have salads, I grab a seat by the window and this reminds me of my experience at JFK (10 days ago) killing time, waiting for my next flight, how I found a nice comfy seat by the window and I got mineral water as well. There’s a palindrome effect happening.. .

The guy who insisted that I dine here is serving me. He sees my recorder with the red light on.

What’s that? He asks. It’s my recorder, I keep a sonic diary so I record everything. Are you a Youtube celebrity? No, I’m just a weirdo. Oh, you don’t seem like a weirdo to me. Oh.


I think it’s strange how I’ve been having these funny airplane mis/connections.

How I swore I booked my flight for the 21st, but it was actually for the 20th. But then I miss my flight and the catch the later one (3 hours later than the original) and I land at SFO at 11:11pm, which was late enough in the evening for P2 to avoid the traffic and pick me up.

And how this time, I was supposedly gonna fly down with P on Saturday at 1pm, but by Friday night, with nothing packed, I decided to catch the Sunday flight, while P takes off earlier Saturday morning, which was perfect, it gave me a whole day to bask in my sanctuary, go slow and pack at my leisurely pace and I also had time to cut my hair and do my nails (myself). And it allowed for P2 (once again) to take me to the airport. It feels like all these last minute flight changes always worked out so that P2 can take me and Cutie to and from the airport, allowing us to keep up with our ritual.

And every time he sees me he gives me a new photo he took of Cutie. Recently there’s a flurry of Cutie’s among flowers in blooming bush of rhododendrons or some other bright flamboyant flowers. I like how he’s capturing Cutie amidst impermanence.


Whenever something doesn’t go according to plan, instead of getting upset, I get really curious. What does the universe have planned for me?


I’m glad the flight down wasn’t delayed, because as it was, It was very tight.

P met me at the baggage claim at the Southwest terminal, as soon as my heavy ass luggage came through, we walked briskly to the  Tom Bradley International terminal. As we made it to the Norwegian counter, they were hollering for the London flgiht, we vut through the front of the Premium class line and checked in. With my overwight bag and P’s underweight luggage on th scale at the same time, we were exactly at the limit. (I was able to stuff my leather jacket and meditation blanket in his suitcase).


We breezed through TSA Pre and had enough time to quickly grab some food for the plane. P got a veggie burrito at a decent Mexican eatery and I got veggie inari and sushi at Chaya.


We arrived at the gate as they were boarding the Premium class.

I suggested to P when we were booking this trip to give Norwegian a try. I’ve flown to Stockholm from Oakland with them before in their premium class and it was a very nice flight, high value. They don’t have first or business class, but rather premium class. The only downside is that the seats don’t fully recline into beds. But I rarely sleep on long flights. I’m too busy reading, writing and watching films.


We boarded and P started eating his burrito. I had the last 1/5 of it. With that and the salad I had at OAK, I’m too full to eat my sushi before takeoff, so I put it in the overhead compartment bin. P thinks it’s a bad idea to let my sushi sit..


It’s 9:36pm CA time, I’m on the plane sitting next to sleeping P. Cutie is sitting right by my laptop as I’m writing to you offline, on iAWriter.


I watched 50 Shades of Grey. No it wasn’t an inflight film, but one I rented through the apple store. I’ve been meaning to watch it so I can get an idea of the premise behind it since I get questions from the women at the bootcamp asking what’s my take on 50 Shades.

I’m tired of saying I’ve never read the book or watch the film so I can’t say..

Now I can say…



What I put inside me: acv, special tea, wheatgrass I juiced, carrot and beet juice I juiced before takin g off, Urban  Remedy cacao chip  bar and No Oatmeal cookies (in  the car with P taking me to the airport), roasted chicken salad with extra avocado at Vino Volo at OAK airport, P’s veggie burrito scraps on  the plane to London before takeoff, the cantaloupe, tiny salad, and 3 veggie raviolis (inflight food that I declined but the steward said if I don’t take my special veggie meal it will  just go wasted and so I accepted and ate part of it, it was pretty decent but not on diet), as well as all the No Oatmeal cookies, carrots and coconuts that P and I packed for the flight.


Monday, June 1, 2019

GTW-The Langham Hotel, London


We land at Gatwick Airport, a new London airport for us.

I didn’t eat my sushi, so we left it by P’s seat, goodbye backup sushi.

I’m proud of myself for not eating the sushi that’s probably gone bad, I contemplated  it several time son the plane, but I just wasn’t hungry,, even though I was looking forward to the inari and veggie rolls with the tamago (egg omelette) in it, and you know how I hate to waste food.


Whoa, customs and border patrol into Gatwick was such a breeze with its new automated machines, we’re a little blown away by its efficiancy.


While waiting for our bags, P spotted a Ben and Jerry’s vending machine..

Cookie Dough or Chocolate Fudge Brownie?


P wants to to try the train into the city instead of the taxi, it’s an hour faster and feels like an adventure to try something new. I’m down even though I have a slightly heavy suitcase to roll. P said he can can take my suitcase for me, I said it’s okay I can handle my own. It wasn’t that bad.

We got to the Langham. P wanted to try a new hotel for us. It’s been around since 1865. London’s first Grand Hotel, supposedly.

Our “executive” room was still getting prepared, but we had access to the “Club” so we had a late lunch and afternoon tea there.


P got the BLT, always a good  default item to get to measure the quality of the hotel. I got the caesar salad and avocado salad. All pretty so-so.


Remember the last time we were here, we saw that one Asian domme in that super seedy basement apt?

Yeah, and we did shitty coke and did she suck you off?

I can’t remember. I just remember her ass implants.

That was insane.


Our room was ready. The staff at the Langham seem very earnest and nice but just slightly incompetent.

Our room was spacious by London standards but crazy small by Bali standards. 1000 pounds a night for a regular size-ish room with (gasp!) a single vanity. At least it was bright and airy and has good water pressure showers.


We got room service to bring us a dozen more wooden hangers and 6 more bath towels. P completely unpacked, as he usually does. I like to halfway unpack.


We showered and then headed out, walking. My god, the weather was glorious.

It put us in the best mood. Did I do one hit? Maybe.

We got snacks at a pretty and healthyish takeaway spot called Nathalie.

We walked around Mayfair and made it to Hyde Park.  I took off my shoes and walked barefoot on the grass. It felt good to ground myself. It’s my new favorite thing to do.


What is that? A lush art installation? I asked.

I think it’s just a tree, P says.

No way.

Yes way. He was right.

That’s the picture above, me underneath this half circular dome that is the tree with branches growing down to make this perfect half sphere dome with a cool cave inside.


Our getting high, walking and talking and enjoying the city on foot reminds me of our tokyo days..


P is so affectionate these days it’s so lovely..


What i put inside me: a bite of the biscuit and butter, a bite of the financier, the strawberries atop a chocolate mouse and chamomile tea (part of the Club’s afternoon tea), caesar salad, avocado salad for luch at the Langham; a few sips of P’s power smoothie, a little bottle shot of the turmeric cbd we got at Nathalie; a very well earned chicken dinner with yummy sweet potato fries and mint tea at Something and Whyte


Tuesday, June 2, 2019 11:11pm

The Langham Hotel, London


Dear U,

It’s our first full day in London. It was filled with lots of walking, eating, and bookstores, and a little afternoon nap in between.


We woke up around 9am feeling wonky and got breakfast downstairs at the main restaurant Palm Court. P got his usual eggs benny from the a la carte menu, since he’s not a buffet kinda guy. I scoped out the buffet situation, it was pretty decent. It had all the ingredients I needed (fresh leafy greens, avocados, walnuts, blueberries, and soft boiled egg) for my usual hearty salad. I also got a bowl of fresh berries that I topped my little glass of plain yogurt. I usually don’t eat yogurt, but when I’m in Europe and they have yogurt in  those cute little glass jard made in the Loire Valley of France, I can’t say no. It was divine.


Then we set out for the day. I wore my usual woke black pants, reformation tank top, and brought my light blue scarf and asian lady sunhat.


We were planning to head to Shoreditch on foot. But we got distracted by all the cute cafes and shops and never quite made it. I can’t help but to go inside every cute looking cafe or eaterie. I want to see wha they have and make note of it in Google Maps (I can’t stop favorite spots in Google maps).

We explored the streets of Fitzrovia, Covent Garden and St. James.

We went to a witchy bookshop called Treadwell’s. I wanna go back and explore it some more. They have some strange esoteric books. Who’s Alestair Crowley?

We also went to Assouline (a fancy book collector’s bookstore with a bar inside) and then to Hatchard’s (a bookseller since 1797). I got Timothy Leary, Richard Albert, and Ralph Metzner’s The Psychedelic Experience because I had a minute to grab a book (my bookshopping experience is slightly curtailed when I’m with P).


I like how P is spontaneous-ish with me and is happy to hop into random places we walk by that seem interesting. Like how we found a cool exhibit on the cartography of London, and we hopped into Christie’s since the man at the door said we should go in and have a look see.


Our bodies are still jetlagged. I find that I love to overeat whenever I arrive in a new city. Maybe it’s my body’s way of getting used to the new environment and time change. And there’s that exploratory part of me that wants to indulge my senses with new food and drinks.


I took my call with S, my web designer at the top floor of Dover Street Market (a very high concept clothing store) where there happens to be a very nice cafe, Rose Cafe. The connection was spotty so it was only a 3 minute call, I told S that the website still says it’s Not Secure even though it should be secure.



We’re blessed with perfect t-shirt weather, no wind, no humidity, not too hot or cold, just absolutely perfectly calm from morning till 8ish. And get this..the sun sets at 9:30pm. It’s so heavenly.


Our walks through London remind me of our long urban walks in Tokyo.


So far it’s been a very lovely trip with P. This weather has him in a very good mood and overall we’re just in a really great place in our relationship. He’s really lovely dovey and is just super appreciative of me and my cuteness. I can’t really ask for more.


P took the photo above with his phone. I ask if I can grab it from his phone, he was busy learnign on youtube, so I grabbed the batch of photos of me that he took and airdropped it.

Then I scrolled up and found a video of A11, the asian domme he fucks from time to time, it was a video of herself modeling her outfit for going out, a slinky black dress.

Then I decided to go to his messages and see what else was exchanged (I can’t help it). She reached out to him for help in her move to LA. He paypaled her 2K. Funny because he mentioned this to me yesterday and he told me he gave me 1K. I can see why he wanted to fudge the numbers.

I can see that she’s reaching out more, needs his attention and resources. She told him how she went to a sex party recently and wonders if he’ll like it. He sends her a pic of him in his tux. She’s really looking forward to seeing him in LA, he says something about looking forward to hugging and spanking her.

I’m very aware of my emotional state. No jealousy. Curiosity, yes. I got a slight adrenaline in snooping and knowing that I know more than he knows that I know. I know the fudged numbers. At some point, when the timing is right, I’ll let P know that I know. It’s no biggie. We have an open  phone policy where we can read each other’s phones, and I don’t care what he does with his money, it’s his money. And it’s nice that he wants to help a sexworker out. Or several. He’s recently lent another Asian pro domme 10K to move out to California. He tells me all of this.

I’m actually looking forward to meeting A11. I like meeting all of P’s lovers, we always end up getting along really well, and oftentimes I help them become dommes. Even though A11’s  known to not play well and got along with my close domme friends, I think it’ll be good to get to know her. For a while (2 or 3 years ago, during the storm) she was built up in my head as this malevolent character with intentions. But now it’s different, I know how she just wants a daddy and P is a very good daddy. It’ll be good to dispel any preconceptions I have of her. Even though at times I do feel her psychically, and it’s not positive. But I have a feeling that I will either disarm her and we’ll get along or if I don’t, at least I know where she stands with me.

I like how I’m in a place now where I feel secure and happy. And happy that P has his sexworker side pieces and that when he wants he can fuck them the way he likes to fuck them, hard (knock the back out, as he puts out) and with spit, piss and plugs.

Compared to how he likes to degrade his lovers, our love life is very equal (no power exchange) vanilla and somewhat non existent (maybe because there is no power exchange?) Oddly, it’s just the way I want it right now. I’m very happy being almost celibate and getting off on my blanket. Jeez. Maybe I am getting old. Or is this just me monk moding?

Speaking of lovers, A texted me out of the blue while I was asleep last night. He says he misses me and asks when will he see me again.

Interesting how alpha avoidant A (whose charming ness kinda reminds me of Christian Grey)is reaching out, missing me, asking when he’ll see me again. The me of 15 years ago would’ve been over the moon for this kind of attention from him. And now, it’s just nice. There are no games being played. It’s just genuine affection.

I reply and tell him I was just thinking of him (which was true, I passed by a gallery yesterday that was called P__ A___, it had P’s name and A’s name as the first and last name) and that I’m in London, and that I would love to see him when I get back.


I like how whenever A11 pops up in P’s life, so does A in my life. I think they’re the lovers that parallel each other and keeps my open relationship with P balanced in some sense.


P’s new favorite thing is mimicking me, every few minutes he ask with this concerned muppety kid voice, “What’s going on?” He sounds ridiculously cute and makes me want to dote on him like a little baby boy.  He seems to be using all my cute devices on me, and it’s working.



As I was writing to you, it passed midnight, and I sung to P Happy Birthday.



I feel tempted to go back and fill in the rest of last Friday and Saturday..


I fill in Sunday a’s 1:33am and I’m wide awake writing to you, I should try to go to bed..

What I put inside me: Breakfast-Mint tea, my special dandy blend tea, yummy french yogurt with blueberries, raspberries and strawberries and a salad from all the ingreds at the buffet of Palm Court: Lunch-this crazy yummy something and kale bread with chili jam, the buddha bowl with extra avocado and poached egg, a green juice called the Hulk; a matcha latte (with cow’s milk) and a turmeric lemon shot (yummy each on their own, but not a good combo in my tummy, if you know what I mean) at Rose Cafe (which was at the top of Dover Street Market); a half tiny bottle of this buzznest lavender spirulina shot I got at Nathalie; Dinner-a botanical cocktail with strawberry and kumquat, padadam and chutney, this goat, with bone marrow sauce and roti appetizer, butter chicken and veggie biryani at Jamavar (a fancy Indian restaurant in Mayfair).

Wednesday, July 3, 2019 5:42pm


Dear U,

It’s been a fun day..

It was happenstance that on the way to Shoreditch, P wanted the driver to make a different stop for lunch.  To the Social Club, which he found in the Louis Vuitton app. I guess he wanted a fancy lunch spot with a view. I wasn’t gonna tell him that I haven’t heard anything about this place in my research on London Eater or the Infatuation. So we made a little detour from Shoreditch, which landed us a few blocks away from the Andaz.

We had lunch from the 24th floor. Overlooking the city, P can see the floor entrance to Sushi Samba, which is where we had dinner twice when we were staying at the Andaz. That was almost 5 years ago.

Remember when we did acid there?

Oh yeah..


Remember N? I asked.

It was the sexworker he was talking to at the time, she was this bratty little asian girl that was trying to findom him to buy her collectible japanesey toys.

Some things have never changed, P is still playing daddy with his sexworkers.

The one thing that has changed is that I’ve learned how to understand and accept him and be non-judgmental with how he chooses to spend his time and money.


P tells me when he’s with me now, he has no desire to reach out to sexworkers or smoke that much cannabis. Sex isn’t on his mind when we’re together. He doesn’t have the urge to masturbate, which he usually does at least once daily.

I surmise that when he’s with me, his time is filled up talking and doing things with me. Without me around, he has more time on his hands. Maybe boredom leads him to his vices.

He says he hasn’t been into kink lately and had to have several conversations with some of our friends/dommes that he’s happy to see them but not in the typical session context, but more casually.

Even though P is still surrounded by sexworkers, theres’ a more thoughtful approach to his interactions/relationships.

I tell P that I’m proud of him for being more conscious of who he sees and how he  spends his time


After lunch we walk by the Andaz. I tell P that I think the reason why we ate at the overpriced and not that great Social Club was because we were supposed to circle back to where we once were to see the progress we made in all these years in  between.



Shoreditch was very different from how it was 10 years ago. More shops. Definitely gentrified, but not so terribly.

There were some new stores that have become my favorite stores so far.

Papersmith-a tiny but well curated stationary and bookstore inside a shipping container.

I got (or P got for me) these two books part of a larnger series called

Do/ Story


(the clerk says I’ll love the whole series)

And I got 5 assorted little cute notebooks

A nice clearish pencil pouch.

4 gold pen clips, so I can clip my pens to my notebooks


Then there was this store called ul-gn that had these brightly colored translucent bags that caught my eye.

They’re called Nana bags, a japanesey brand that’s killing it supposedly.

I couldn’t decide between the A6 or A7 size and the hot pink or clear. So I got the A7 in hot pink and clear in A6. After that purchase I got a shopping high.


I was tempted to get the Isabel Benanato sandals at 42 Redchurch but decided no, $600 sandals, that seems a little much.

We went to Labour and Wait, I got 4 more notebooks..

Then to Artwords, an arty bookstore, I was tempted to buy 4 more Do/ books so I can learn how to do.. story, design, scale, and purpose.

P says I am overweight on my luggage, so I only get one book, D0/Story, it seems like the most important for now.


Dinner was with T and L (P’s close friends who are also in town for C’s wedding) and T’s friend, S, a local. we ate at a local yummy Italian spot that T’s friend, S, picked out.


First time meeting S, very friendly guy, he’s very health conscious since his mom died of cancer. He’s also stupid rich. He owns a whole floor of the Bvlgari Hotel in London, and has several properties around the world.


While T and L split a desert, I ordered two, the tiramisu and seasonal fruits with yogurt ice cream and ate it all. They were floored by my appetite.


T asks P how can more women be like me. He’s struggling with his wife after baby.


Can  you create a school or academy that women can go though? ? He asks.



I talk to L about his book club. He recommends The True Believer.


We walked back at night..


What I put inside my body: special tea, green mix drink, cod at the Social Club for lunch;  asparagus salad, the John Dory (fish) dishand tiramisu and seasonal fruits, red wine at Lucio




Thursday,  July 4, 2019

We woke up late.

I rolled out of bed around 11:37am.

But then again, we went to bed pretty late. Around 3ish for me, and 4ish for P.

He saw the light coming through the window before he fells asleep.


I wanted to check out this one art exhibit that my friend/sub suggested called Sunday Fantasy. It looked really kinky and interesting.

We went to Nathalie for a quick bite

Then to Mimosa House to catch Sunday Fantasy, which happened to be  a few doors down from Nathalie, a few blocks from our hotel.

We stayed longer that we allotted for in the gallery (30 instead of 10min), so by the time we cabbed it to Itadaki Zen around 2:30, although they said lunch was till 3, they meant they stopped serving at 2:30.

We had a backup plan, Apres Food Co. which was a 20 min walk.

Ooo nice quaint streets. A cute calligraphy store? I got a pen and wax heating spoon.

When we made it Apres Food Co, which was servingl unch till 4 but we got there a little after 3:30 and it happened again, they had stopped serving lunch. How funny, it happened again. I was not that hungry was P was getting hypoglycemic. I asked for a rec the server guy rec J and A Cafe and Modern Pantry.

J&A was closing up. And it looked as thought Modern Pantry wasn’t serving lunch bc it was so empty, but they were. Yay!

And so we did lunch at Modern Pantry, which was good, they had high quality local ingreds, but what I ordered the tempura Inari was a lectin bomb.

I found all the miss lunches to be curious and since I wasn’t hungry I enjoyed walking around and exploring the town by dint of having to go to the next lunch spot, but P on the other hand gets a little hangry when he is under-caloried. But it was all good when he got food in his body.


If I didn’t linger at Sunday Fantasy or stopped into the calligraphy sstore before Apres Food, things might’ve went according to plan. But some part of me thinks it was meant to be..


Walking back from Modern Pantry to the hotel, P saw a apollo hand rawn poster in the wondow of Magma Books and wanted to go in. It was a tiny bookstore with 5 people in it. And it just so happen that L, our friend we saw at dinner last night, was there..

L? I asked.

He looked startled when he saw me.

Let’s scare P, I suggest.

We walked up to P, and when L jumped out at him, P was was genuinely surprised/startled.

P got the COmmunication Book I quickly grabbed and got Read This if You want to be a Great Writer.


Dinner was at Kitty Fisher’s with an old friend of P’s, R, a gal he took to Burning Man back in 2008 and they lived in Tokyo around hte same time. We caught up. I got more fish, cod..


T, P’s friend, has been trying to see if we can charter a helicopter to Bovey Castle tomorrow. P had rented a range rover for us to drive there, which would take 4 hours. A helicopter ride would be 30 min.

But it’ll be the 5 of us and our luggage, that seems like a lot. Esp with my crazy luggage that just got heavier thanks to all my books I got ..


What I put inside me: special tea, green mix; brussel sprouts, sauteed greens, a tad bit of P’s soba noodle salad, b-12 infised water and a turmeric shot from Nathalie; tempura inari, yucca root crisps, brussel sprouts, and a tad bit of P’s soba noodle salad; a piece of mint chocolate at Said; beetroot salad, and cod and Bad Kitty cocktail at Kitty Fisher; the rom and oolong cocktail and two seedlip mocktails and the pistachio tart a bite of the coffee mouse something at Artesian, our hotel bar

Friday, July 5, 2019 11:22pm


Dear U,

We set an alarm for this morning, and woke up around 8:30.

P finished packing as I started. Him and his 30 or so items and me and 400+


P said we should assume that we’re driving the Range Rover rental to Bovey Castle today, which means we can throw our garment bags in the car and not stuff it in our luggage.


Last night, we got a text from T saying the the helicopter is confirmed and we’re departing at 2:30pm today.

P is still skeptical that it can hold all of us.

He’s just concerend that if we cancel our 11:30am car rental and head to the heliport at 2:30 and for some reason they can’t take all of us, it’s gonna be a scramble to try to get to Bovey Castle in time for the pig roast.


P indulged me in taking a 30 min cab ride to Apres Food Co. Ever since missing out on their lunch yesterday I wanted to go back and experience their health conscious cooking..

On the cab way over to Apres Food, P called T up for the deets on the helicopter.

I got us a table in the back, then asked when a sunny window table clears we’d love to take it ( I constantly have table envy or table optimizations for natural light).

After P got off the call with T he said the helicopter is on.


I ordered the veggie apres breakfast and creamy porridge with blueberry compote.

I ate my 2 breakfasts as well as half of P’s apres hash , plus a morning shot and a pot of hibiscus tea. I was stuffed.


On the 40 min walk back, I needed to find a nice bathroom I told P. And it just so happened we passed by Rosewood Hotel. it was the hotel my friend C (the one whose fancy place I stay at all the time when I’m in NY) told me to stay in.

We moseyed on in as if we were atyaying at the hotel and wandered around the second floor and found the ladies and gents room.


That was the best public/private to us toilet in town to christen. And a very nice hotel to get lost in.


We got back to our hotel at noon to settle the tab and request a late check out.  They said they couldn’t honor our request since they have someone checking in at 1.

It was a 5k stay (in pounds) for a night stay.


I hurriedly showered and packed. We checked out at 1pm.

Got a taxi and swooped up T at the Bvlgari and headed to the heliport, which was just a few minutes away.


The heliport had a very decent tea and coffeebar. I got a mint tea, while P and T fliped through these yacht magazines and show each other ones they liked as they imagined themselves in it.

Heicopters, private hets, yachts..yep, I’m very much in rich man’s land..


Then L and his gal S arrived.


I wish I can do a better job of describing P’s circle of friends that are now becoming mine, they’re all really interesting and kinda awesome characters.


Our helicopter arrived, it was a nice one and indeed they fit all our luggage and all of us with an extra seat to spare.

“Nothing to worry,” T assured P, “this isn’t a bitch helicopter.”


While waiting for the chopper to arrive, me and L started talking about eating disorders..



Then our chopper arrived. It was one I’ve never seen before. A six seater, very sleek outside and in.

We got a picture of all us outside the chopper before we hopped in. P had me next to the window, while he took the middle seat. We put on our headphones, buckled up and took off.


T told the pilot that the point of this was so that we can tease the groom a little, and he asked the pilot if we could circle the castle several times before landing.

Certainly, said the very proper English pilot.


The chopper was flying pretty low, at 1300 ft above ground level, we had a very nice epic view of the bucolic land below us.


I was half enthralled by the sight below and halfway interested in the conversation with the group through the headphones. Something about youtube stars and how L was watching a youtube video of Michelle Phan (a Vietnamese makeup artist that I followed for years and watched her grow/blow up) explaining why she left and how the youtube stardom experience effected her mental health.


I took some pics of T who was sitting across from me reading the Financial Times (unbeknownst to him).  He looked like the quintessential rich white guy.


We got to ask the pilot questions through the headphone intercom system. P and T wanted to know if they can helicopter in to and from Heathrow airport.

Yes, says the pilot, the airport tries to discourage that by tacking on a 5000 pound fee, but it can be done. He says most of his clients get flown in onto the tarmac next to their private jet.

T and P look at each other as if the pilot with the proper British accent was describing their dream.


I didn’t realize the place we were going to, Bovey Castle, had its own heliport. How super convenient. And fancy. And the Castle itself was very grand and fancy.


We did our circle dance around the castle twice and landed. We were greeted by C, our friend who was the groom and another friend, as well as a silver Range Rover with the concierge guy getting our luggage.

I have to say, T really did manage to find a way for us to roll in in style.

It was a fun experience to hop out of the chopper, smell the fresh sweet air of the rolling hills and find an enchanting castle awaiting us.


The whole castle who booked Fri-Sun for just the wedding and so every guest was staying at the castle. C asked P to book the fanciest room to leave space for the lower price rooms for others, and so we did.

We checked in. Our room was very nice. It was large, spacious and well lit. Elegant and charming. Complimentary apples and a glass jar of mixed nuts. There was a tea box with Devon-made oat cookies that was pretty yummy and super sweet ( I had a bite or two).

A double vanity? Two showers? This was way better than the Langham.

I like how it both feels old world classy and at the same time, it has these sleek newly renovated bathrooms..


All of C’s friends are friends from either Westminster School ( a fancy private elementary school in England, Oxford, and Stanford Business School. Most of them have come from money or have found their way to make a ton of money.


Where are you from?


Did you just get into England?

We got into London on Monday.

And how did you get here?

(That seem to the common set of questions asked by people I met.)

We took a helicopter.

Oh so that was you?

Yeah. It was our friend’s idea.


We felt extremely validated for our choice in transportation when we heard from many others how they got stuck in horrible traffic coming form London, what was a 3-4 hour drive turned into a 6-8 hour drive.

That could’ve been us if we had kept our rental and decided to play it safe and drive.


More to write..


Pig roast… farret race.. sunset walk on the grounds.. me, S, and M took off our shoes and grounded on the grass, walking around barefoot..


Saturday, July 6, 2019


Wedding day…

The three way ceremony, lighting the candles, poems read..


nap…bowtie undone, I sewed it back..we’re late?..forced mingling seating..degenerate smoker’s table…got high, got others high.. the speech.. met a bunch of really interesting peeps..

July 8, 2019 12:01pm Monday,
On a train from Exeter to London

Dear U,

It’s been a while since I felt in the mood to write. Yesterday I was in restorative monk mode after the Wedding. I can’t tell if it was all the people and buzzing energy and cannabis and some alcohol or if I was just in a meditative state, or both.

All I know is that when I’m in that state, I don’t feel like talking or doing much. But I somehow managed to be in a social castle, among our friends and still conserve energy. I think it was the look on my face that I had all day, like I’m happily out of it.

I’m on a train now, with P, L&S and T. We’re in a first class car. P and I got the 4 top table, so I have my two cups of tea, laptop and Cutie. The view outside the giant window are bright green hills and dark green trees. It’s very pastoral or bucolic or whatever that SAT word is to describe lotsa green.


On this trip, it’s becomingly clear to me that I know how to handle P now, through all the emotional vicissitudes. It’s rare when it happens, but he still gets a little stressed when it comes to transportation, as he was today pulling up our train tickets and carrying both our giant suitcases (mine weighing half my body weight) up and down the stairs to platform 5 and trying to find car D.

We never found car D, we ended up in K, with L&S, in seats that were reserved for somebody else who never made it. It all worked out, because the 4 top seats are more spacious and were near our friends.

I think I’m learning to not let P’s anxious energy get to me, when it rises. My calmness can trump his anxiety and in my non-judgmental way, I can actually ease him. By acknowledging his feelings, the situation and not reacting and staying cool and neutral when he gets short. I think he appreciates that because he quickly catches himself and and within minutes he collects and is back to smiling goofy mupps.

My awareness makes him more aware of himself and us.

I have this feeling that with each rise and passing of his emotions, and me being fully present for it, something is happening. I can sense his respect and appreciation for me growing.

Maybe it’s too soon in the trip to say, but maybe not. I feel like with each trip we’ve been having, it gets better and better. Our relationship, our quality time spent together. If I could only measure the ratio of our lips curling upwards or our laughter. But at least I have the recorder going, and you can hear smiles through the tone of words.

Now this non-stop amazing time could also be that a lot of our trips are with our crew of friends, who all don’t have real jobs or stressors and know how to have fun, and that make everything more fun.


Today was the first day in the trip that I have some energy/desire to craft a tweet. I’ll post it when I’m at Heathrow in London. Funny how I always post when I’m leaving a city. I feel inclined to, just so my friends and subs who are reaching out and not hearing from me know why I’m not responding.


When I look around social media (which I don’t do often) I feel that slight bit of anxiety and self-doubt. Shouldn’t I be broadcasting my glamorous whereabouts with more frequency? Everyone seems to signal their highlights, displaying how amazing their lives are.

I feel like the minute that I do stop to post, I lose that moment. It’s not for me when it’s for the world to see.

I remember the early days of being so on top of my social media game, now it feels so old. That game.

Funny how when I write to you now, I just want to tell you what’s exactly on my mind, and not recount all the days that I’ve spent not writing/reporting to you what happened.

Maybe I’ll go back at some point. When I feel like it.


My iPhone clock has finally recalibrated itself to England time. I was going off California time this whole time.
I’m still not sure if I’m going to head back after Lisbon or got to Venice and the alps of Italy with P. We’ll seee…

In other parts of parts of the world: two big earthquakes hit SoCal.


On a plane from London to Lisbon

Dear U,

Me, P and Cutie are sitting in row 2, T in row 1 (seat 1A of course) and L&S are in aisle 5.

It’s been a day of planes, trains and automobiles, on a clockwork timetable. With some close calls at the train stations and airport.

It’s nice to roll around with P and friends. I’m surrounded by fun weirdos. All of them have brains, bitcoins and a wicked sense of humor. Everyone in the group has a decent amount of money. Me and Cutie are along for the ride.




Wednesday, July 10, 2019 5:31pm



Dear U,

I’m here with A2 across from me at the long table in the study of our hotel. It’s been a while since I wrote to you last. When there’s so much going on, it’s just hard to find time to report and reflect.


This morning I woke up with P. He went downstairs to breakfast first.

When I came down to to the dining room, there was P and T.

P was on his laptop booking flights for us to Italy.


I came in as P and T were saying something about leaving a trail of cancellation fees where ever they go.


T is taking off a day earlier than planned, to the Aman in Venice, which by now I see is his typical modus operandi.


A2 arrived for breakfast, she brought all her stuff and is all ready and excited to check in..


Our chef brought us some bread, yogurt, fruit as usual. He prepared a chickpea and soft boiled egg dish.

I had the soft boiled egg and yogurt with strawberries..


A2 got checked in and whatsapped us, OMG the room is amazing!!

her room was right next to T’s.

It was HUGE. Three times the size as ours. Double vanity and double shower, and 2 closets. And it felt cooler temperature wise than ours. This was definitely the room that we wanted, but wasn’t available for our longer stay. In a way I like that we gave A2 what we wanted. By we, I mean P since he’s the one

She hugged and thanked us for this gift, of an extra day and stay in Lisbon.

“It’s always more fun with you, A2 Doodle” I said in my muppety voice

(A2 Doodle is her nickname)


Yesterday I said to A2 I like the idea of us being each other’s photographers when we travel since P gets very lazy about shooting when we travel (I mean I get pretty lazy too).


Today, me and A2 got to do a photoshoot in her room, we put on some lipstick and took turns being the photographer and model. I like playing photographer more than she does, I think. I think I’m prolly also a bit more patient than she is. Happy to keep on snapping away until she felt like she got it.


I took pics of her by the window. She took pics of me in my veil in the marble tub. She liked mine so much she wanted to replicate it herself with the veil, which she was not that comfortable wearing with her eyelash extensions.


After our shoot, me, A2 and P went to lunch. We got to Heim Cafe around 2pm, sat outside, and I got 2 dishes.

I really wanted a big salad, but it seems like salads are not a typical item on the menus even in these high vibing places. I got a quinoa tuna salad without the quinoa and an 2 eggs sunny side up with toast and butter and mint tea

What I put in my body:

Breakfast: special tea+dandy blend, plain yogurt with strawberries and housemade granola, the softboiled egg in the chickpea egg dish the hotel chef made

Lunch: a quinoa tuna salad without the quinoa and an 2 eggs sunny side up with toast and butter and mint tea







Dear U,

We just came back from a really fun night at Ramiro. This seafood institution.

There was a crazy crowd waiting outside to snag a table. Thank goodness S made a reservation 2 weeks ago and they only accept reservations for party of 6 or more.


It was me and P, A2, L and S, T and S2.

We were seated upstairs, where the lighting was warm (downstairs it was fluorescent) at a table by the window. I think we had the best table in the restaurant (you know how I like a really good table).


This was the opposite of last night’s 14 course dinner.

It was very casual. Except for mangos and pineapple at the very bottom, the menu was all seafood- fresh and local-by the pound.


I didn’t think I was in the mood for just a ton of seafood. I was craving salad..lotsa greens.

It was good.


Me and S, the two asian girls in the corner were the last ones polishing the platters of fresh caught seafood, the barnacles and tiger shrimp.



I ate so much my stomach started to hurt as we were walking to Gelados Santini. It hurt worse when A2 and P made me laugh.





Dear U,

I just woke up about half hour ago.

I’m starting to become like P, I noticed, because I was thinking about where I want to fly to for a day or two after Italy.

The plan was London, but I can go anywhere, really.


Funny how I was uncertain and wondering about whether I should go to Italy with P and the group all of last week and finally decided on Tuesday that I will go to Italy.

And then yesterday I was wondering how many days should I stay in London on my way from Verona to LAX.

And now this morning the possibilities has expanded to where else in Europ do I want to do a quick drop in?


And I’m also picking up by osmosis, the desire to travel more minimally, almost everyone in our group travels lightly and minimally other me, the girl that has 10 books in her bags.

I’m inspired by L&S, how they shipped a box of stuff home from Bovey Castle to lighten their load. I think I’ll do that tomorrow before we take off for Italy.

I can definitely ship back:

-a ton of clothes from the wedding and stuff I know I won’t wear in this warm weather (like my 2 pound leather jacket, which I only wore once)

– 6 books or so that I know I won’t read in this trip

-a some of the bags and notebooks I got in London


I think I got self-conscious when T came into our room to borrow a book from me for his day trip to Comporta. There was my exploding suitcase with a fuck ton of stuff and plastic bags and just general untidiness.


A2 never checks in a bag. She travels only with a carry-on. That’s incredible.


I think my thing is I pack like a homebody. I want all my home rituals to travel with me..and at home I’m surrounded by books, tinctures, notebooks, pens, stuff…


Today, I think I’m gonna try to hit the giant botanical garden greenhouse and the yarn store for my mom.


And plan out the rest of my trip in Europe.


I haven’t really told you that while on this trip, even though I haven’t physically worked on Pervette. I’ve been thinking about Pervette a lot. And reading this book (Do Story) onhow to tell my story and I’m getting more clear on the structure on pervette and how I want to carve out the rabbitholes..


I’m thinking no on the 2nd person memoir style.

And leaning towards a simulation of you having a relationship with me..


SO maybe there was a subconscious reason why I didn’t move further than I did in my 2nd person choose your own adventure

Funny how I have an idea, get excited, execute, then lose steam, and a little later, there’s a better way to do this, but it required all of the steps before to get to my thinking and planning now.


Since Tuesday afternoon, when I was on my computer with A2 in the study, I’ve been noticing that I have the energy and drive to write to you, to record and write as fast aas I can what’s going on.

I like this feeling..

Friday, July 12, 2019 past 1:21p


Dear U,

It was a day of traveling.

I sorted out the stuff to be shipped back to Berkeley. Lots of notebooks, books, shoes.

That lightened my load by 11 pounds.


We might need a bigger box..


P tapes up the box, OCD style and brings it down. 10 min later

A woman from the hotel comes up to our room and says that DHL requires a lot of info to ship the box, like a desc of each item and its price.

Clothes, one thousand dollars, says P

Uh, okay, she replied.

Cothes and books., I add.


I packed as P went out for both breakfast and lunch. I wish I had time to go out too.

I have a lot of stuff to pack and ship back.


P brought me back a chevre salad and fresh green juice.


The car from the hotel that was taking us to the airport was a 1970 Rolls Royce.

It was my first time in a Rolls Royce..


P was a little concerned that I was eating my salad in the vintage car en route to the airport.






We were greeted right as we stepped into the gate by a man holding the Aman sign, he helped us with our luggage.


Then we hopped on a fancy speedboat that zipped the two of us through the canals to Aman, which was right on the water.


I’m pretty certain this is the most over the top Aman I’ve ever been to.

It’s housed in this insane mansion from the 1400s.


Rolls Royce to the Lisbon airport (from LIS  to VCE) then boat from airport to the Aman. Jesus.


It was 8:30 when we got checked in, we quickly got out to wander around and

get lost a  little in the alleys and streets of Venice.


Saturday, July 13, 2019 11:44pm

From the Aman in Venice to Rosa Alpina in the Dolomites


Dear U,



I woke up from a vivid dream this morning, not knowing where I was at and then I realized, Whoa, I’m at the Aman in Venice.


P got breakfast al fresco by the dining terrace overlooking the grand canal while I showered and got ready..

By the time I was ready, P was done with his breakfast.

As he was showering, I went upstaird to the mirror room to get breakfast. Even though we were in that same room the night before, I wanted to see how the frescoed ceilings in the blue room .


I wasn’t feeling particularly hungry (even though the scruptous a la carte breakfast was included) so I got the carrot, orange ginger juice and pineapple spiruluna juice with lemon tea. I added my vitamineral green mix to the green juice.

P jioned me and got a cappucinno.

Funny how we were seated at the same table from last night, next to the window overlooking the canals.




Sunday, July 14, 2019 10:44am


Dear U,

I woke up from a vivid dream that faded as I cuddled up with P. Something about another gal wanting to do something I was doing and I told her it’s cool, she can do it, I’ll do something else. The color gold was a part of it.


I felt something strange in my throat area. Maybe a burp would rectify the queasiness. But When P left, I realize it was the feeling of needing to meditate.

So I got out the guru-blessed blanket and meditated, I’ve fallen out of the ritual with all the traveling and gluttonous consumption of sugar and alcohol.


My goodness the wine here is pretty phenomenal. I’m not a wine or alcohol person, and it may be because the States doesn’t have an abundance of biodynamic and low to no sulfite wine as they do here.


I had a hunch and it’s been confirmed on this trip that the lower the sulfites, the better my asian glow reaction is to the alcohol. As in instead of looking all funny red around my eyes, it’s a light consistent red glow throughout. The former unattractive, the latter not unattractive.


I’m sitting here at post breakfast with P. The buffet was getting cleared as I was coming down with P. I didn’t want any breakfast, I just wanted to see the spread they have.

The server was kind and showed me their fancy tea selection, I sniffed some out and picked a nice white tea. They also brought a basket of croissants and pastries and cut fresh fruit.

The croissants are filled with fruity compote and the fruit (watermelon, pineapple and cantaloupe feels too sweet for firs thing in the morning.

I took a tiny nibble of the side of the croissant and dipped it in a spoonful of P’s latte (since he doesn’t me dunking my flaky croissants into his latte).


I’m going to list the room numbers of the hotels we’ve stayed in on this trip before i forget:

The Langham in London-613

Bovey Castle in Devon-24?

Santa Clara 1728 in Lisbon-5

The Aman in Venice-1

Rosa Alpina in the Dolomites-130



11:11 says P.

Oh it is.


My goodness there’s so much to tell you.


I’ll say this for now, I’m really glad I decided to do Italy with P.

This has been a pretty amazing trip.


What I put inside me:

Breakfast: special/dandy blend tea, some fancy white tea, a nibble of the sides of the mini croissant that was stuffed with apricot filling

Lunch: spaghetti with creamy marinara, some of P’s spinach ravioli and mountain herbs tea at Bioch, this lodge/eatery at the top of the alps, to which we had to take a cable car up to and hike

Snack: a plate of cantaloupe, pineapple, and watermelon that I had from breakfast and put in the mini fridge to save for post hike, a white donut peach that I brought from the Aman Venice and shared with P as I showed him what I, a little biscuit from the bar,


Dinner: The most amazing meal I’ve had on this trip at St. Hubertus, the restaurant in our hotel, Rosa Alpina, it happens to have 3 Michelin star..we went for the epic tasting menu “Cook the Mountain”..3 or 4 amuse bouches, mountain herb salad (tiny pretty salad with 24 different kinds of herbs and lettuces in it), snails, glazed eel & smoked broth, orzotto and mountain herbs, ravioli and wild spinach, veal tongue and lingonberries, suckling pig’s head, wild teal (a little duck), a pre-sert I can’t remember, a cheese selection of 12 different kinds of cheese arranged like a clock, pine-marshmallow desert where the pastry chef came out to char our marshmallow with charcoal at the table, and this incredible desert #2 goat ricotta, mascarpone and beeswax it taste like elevated dippin dots, and 8 glasses of wine and red wine, and kombucha, it was 1/2 a wine pairing




Themes: “physical touch” (what P and I say to each other in somewhat jokingly as we touch each other), bitcoin on the rise and fall,


Monday, July 15, 2019, 11:11am

Rosa Alpina in the Dolomites, Italy


Dear U,

I’m the only one at breakfast. The staff is clearing the buffet and watering the lemon trees while I sit her at the long bench against the window, typing to you.


I woke up at 5 this morning to go pee and couldn’t get back to sleep. P opened up the back door because he was hot, so the morning light was coming in, allowing me to stare at Cutie for a long while. She’s exceptionally cute last night and this morning. I read a little and got up around 7 to shower in the chroma therapy shower.

I think it was all the wine last night that’s disrupting my sleep.

I was gonna go to breakfast but P was awake so I hopped into bed to chat, he had the idea to close the door and curtains so we can sleep some more, which we did. Thank goodness.


It’s our last day at Rosa Alpina. L&S, me and P checking out at 12:30pm and heading to another hotel that’s even more remote than here. So far, all of S ‘s curation of our stay in the alps of Italy have been really good. Fancy, charming, histoirical, but understand.

Pro moves, as T would say.



I’m a little bit amazed at how smooth this trip has been. P and I haven’t even had one moment of low or high level tension. He seems to find me adorable, a lot. Laughing at my cute quirkiness, I feel extra child-like and muppety around him.


Funny how we haven’t had sex this whole trip and we are both quite fine with that. We’ve been traveling a lot. And our days of non-travel, as unplanned as they are, seem to fill up.


We’re 16 days into our trip, and today we’re off to our 6th hotel and city


In March and April I was gone for a month in Bali,

In this July, I’ll be gone for most of the month here and Orange County.

Funny how for a homebody, I’m away from home so much


I’m not hungry and yet I had


Montag, 15 Juli 18:36pm

Castel Fragsburg, South Tyrol in Italy


Dear U,

I’m sitting atop a high bluff overlooking the spa town of Merano in South Tyrol. We just checked in a few hours ago. P is taking a nap, I’m at the outside patio, I’m the only one here.

This is the second castle I’m in staying in during this trip. Funny how I didn’t know any of this coming into the trip. It’s been a pleasant surprise at every stop.. This place feels like a magical fairytale kinda place.


(Inside the hotel booklet on vellum paper it reads..)

The littlest 5-star hotel in the Italian alps.

Tagline: A place for the fine art of living


The restaurant here is Michelin starred. I see how S likes to pick them.

This castle on the hill is quite something. I just went exploring the different dining rooms. It has 20 guestrooms, each unique as decorated as though time has stood still from 400 years ago (which is when this castle was built). I want to peer inside each room to see how it’s decorated.

Gosh, I wish I had better descriptive words to describe this place an all the places I’ve been to and stayed at on this trip. Each one has been pretty special and very charming.


The tables are slowly filling up around me, with older rich looking white folks. It’s dinnertime. I think I’m ruining their fancy michelin dinner feel with me here on my laptop tapping away and my pot of tea. I think I’ll go up to the room and get ready for our 2nd fixed menu dinner of the week.




The sun is shining brightly brightly and yet it just started to rain.

It’s been on and off like this throughout our day, I love these summer rains.


What I put inside me:

Breakfast: special/dandy blend tea, mint tea, celery, cucumber and spinach juice mixed with my vitamineral mix, P’s mini croissant dipped in his latte, blueberries and plain yougurt in a glass jar, walnuts

Lunch: a seasonal salad of spring mix, carrots, roasted chanterelles salad (I notice here you dress your salad yourself with the olive oil and balsamic vinegar provided), a slice of the mushroom pizza and a slice of the tomato, artichoke heart and ham (sans ham and artichoke on my slice), apple strudel the nice folks at Rosa Alpina gave us for the road after we checked out ..shared with L, S and P

Tuesday, July 16, 2019 10:44am


Dear U,

Last full day in Italy. I have a strong urge to do shrooms and go on a hike with S.

I’m glad I spent most of last night processing my feelings about her, and I received some downloads, pertaining to S and her work on self. that I want to share wit her. But I can’t tell if she’s ready to hear it.


It’s a beautiful day here in the alps. Not hot nor cold. I I came down to breakfast with myself and my laptop and (The Art of Power) book, then P joined, then  L joined and we had breakfast talking about real estate, bitcoin forks and how insane it is that in the US workers typically only have 2 weeks of vacation.

Then they took off for their hike.

And now I’m here writing to you. The breakfast buffet is once again closing. I’m glad I grabbed the last slice of cake that S wanted before she went off to her private yoga lesson. It’s sitting here with a mini croissant and a plate of pretty fruit.

I’m nibbling on all the cheeses that I thought I was getting for her and not so more now.

I have lots of energy, it feels. It’s the last day of our perpetual indulgence trip in Italy. I think I’m just gonna keep on indulging, having cheese, yogurt and overnight soaked muesli for breakfast. All the food here feels like it’s high prana food, I’m non stop nibbling as I write to you.


S’s yogas was supposedly done at 10:30, it’s 11:11 now, I haven’t heard back from her. I wonder how much longer I should stay here as the servers set up for lunch.



What I put inside me:

Breakfast: my own special blend of tea using all the dozen herbs they have in jars, a special house blend of herbal tea, my special dandy blend tea; super fresh looking raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, kiwis, and cherries, some plain yogurt to go with all the fruits, a smidge of overnight soaked muesli, and a spread of cheeses


They have the most amazing tea station at breakfast here.


Wednesday, July 17, 2019 8:24am

Castel Fragsburg, in South Tyrol, Italy

Dear U,

I’m here at breakfast with my two pots of herbal tea I made.

I ordered the porridge and crepes.


Last day here at Castel Fragsburg. And Italy.

Gonna get the 5 Elements spa ritual at 9am


And then we parted.

P to Munich en route to Hong Kong,

S to Rome,

L to San Francisco

and me to London.

Scattered to the 4 winds..


July 19th, 2019

Rosewood Hotel, London


Dear U,


I’m all packed up. I got 8 books for my flight (I’m not counting books I’m checking in..)

I’m heading back to California..

To see my mom and give her the yarn I bought for her in Portugal.




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