Themes: Bali (reprise), eating my way through Asia (to ground), yummy vegan food, “not gonna lie, mupps” P says “this [insert decadent thing he’s enjoying] is really nice”, P being super affectionate and supportive, same Ritz Carlton room, same awesome driver, same smiley staff who remembers our preferences,  P being very excited about his new boat and deciding on her name, Mary Jane or Mazu?, credit card processing application for pervette, from room to buggy  to car to restaurant to car to buggy to room


Sunday, 11.24.19

Flight from SFO to Taipei to Bali


Mostly in the air, enjoying seat 23A, the last row in business class, by the window, with Cutie by my side. I slept from 1am till 6am. Had a dream that I was going to miss my flight. It was nice to wake and know that I didn’t really miss my flight because I was on it.


I always feel like a child being pampered when I fly business. Maybe it’s the overly doting attendants asking if I need this or that. Or the way the seatbeds make me feel like I’m in a cozy little crib surrounded by my essential inspos: books, notebooks, Cutie, music, and films…and I got so excited about this time and space to self with no outside distractions..what do I want to do? Read, write, watch films, eat snacks?

I do it all.


Or it could also be that I’m surrounded by older more well to do business-y people and I’m the odd girl hanging with her stuffed panda.


I was listening to Cigarettes After Sex’s new album Lies, and it brought me back to my Thursday night with A. I write about it in the “A Notebook” that I brought with me.

I’m reflecting on how A is really actively coming into my life in the way I had fantasized about all these years..

And he’s being very intentional..

How he wanted to do MDMA with me in Tahoe because I had voiced that as a long-standing fantasy I had for us.

And how he wanted to have a virtual date with me Friday to talk Pervette.

And when we did he said he didn’t know why he didn’t think of this sooner.

How he called me up to ask for advice before he called his gf to break the news to her that he wants an open relationship.

He’s doing all the things to win me over me..

It’s working. Because I’m thinking about him and the things he’s doing to make me smile and am quite smitten.


I find myself going back to the perpetual question that’s been looming for years now,

Am I going to have a baby with A?


It’s a nice feeling to listen to music and be in this state of reverie  about A. It inspires me to write..


3-hour layover in Taipei airport. Al the shops are open at 6am.

I spent $28 at the  National Taiwan Museum shop on;

2 small totebags (inspo for the pervette totebag I’m going to make, and I have this things for totebags)

3 rolls of washi paper tape (I needed some to tape the random souvenirs I collect in my journal, like the China Airlines coaster, my plane ticket, etc)

Interesting packet of pens and postcards..


Monday 11.25.19 8:07am

Taipei, Taiwan


Dear  U,


I’m in the China Airlines lounge at the Taipei airport. This is quite a fancy lounge. It’s huge, has a nice modern dark decor and a pretty impressive spread of food.

I gorged on this vegetable I never had before, called Emperor’s vegetable. It’s quite tasty.


My flight here was really nice. Thumbs up for China Airlines business class. Great tea selection, nicely steeped for the attendants and interesting chinesey snacks, like salted plums. Super comfy bucket booth seats that reclines fully into a bed. I slept for 5 hours. And had so much energy upon waking. I went back and forth between writing in my Notebook on A, reflecting on our last two nights…and my journal, words for pervette came to me. Then  I recorded what I ate for the past two days and my daily doings since Wednesday till now.


They also had a decent film selection. They had An Elephant Sitting Still, which was the  4hour film P2 and Cutie have been watching for the past 2 days. It was the Chinese director’s first and last film because he killed himself after the film was made and the distributor of the film wanted him to edit it down..

It was a bleak and beautiful film as P2 described. I like the long shots, the pacing, the music and the building tension. It had all the elements of a captivating film..


I then switched over to Millennium Mambo. A film by a Chinese director I like and have watched before.

I’m enjoying watching all these Chinesey films and indulging in Chinesey snacks, like pineapple cakes, taro cakes, and red bean cakes..




When I land in Bali, everything feels familiar, and a repeat of Bali, but this time, I’m by myself.  I was greeted by two  women in pink holding a sign with my name as I stepped off the plane. They expedited by visa entry by going through a special line. I got to sit in the waiting room as they retrieved my luggage.

When I got in the hotel car, there were the snacks in the leaf containers like they had last time.  I inhaled the jackfruit chips and peacrisps. I wasn’t hungry, just crazy snacky. I like to think that the snbacking is my body’s way of grounding itself in a new place and my circadian rhythm trying to regain balance.


I call mom. I’ve been good calling her right before I took off at SFO, and when I landed in Taipei and now here.

Every time I call her she had just gotten back from visiting my stepdad at the hospital.  I ask how he is. He’s good, she says. Her tone is very anti-alarmist and has the heir of “such as life” which is calming and I appreciate.


When I arrive at Mandapa (that’s the name of this particular Ritz-Carlton Reserve)  I’m greeted by the staff who are happy to see me again, they excort me to my room, where P is.

It turns out they gave the same room we stayed in (for a month) earlier this year.

P opens the door, he kisses me, and is excited to see me. He shows me how’s settled into our space since he got here early, last night.

He got bottles of Aesop shampoo, conditioner, face wash and body wash all nicely lined up in our fridge. He asked for a dozen extra towels which they stacked up like a tower. I sat Cutie on it and took a pic.

He brings me into the walk in closet and opens the drawer with e safe.

Guess what’s inside!

Is it Kakimori notebooks??

His expression comically drops, like I took the wind out of his sail because I guessed right.


I had to guess the combination. I got it right on the third try.


(that’s our numerology master numbers combined)

He had gotten 6 custom made notebooks at Kakimori (our favorite store in Tokyo, where you can make your own custom notebook, down to the binding, paper, pen holder) for me and our friends.

I get to choose..

1? Just one??

I pick the the black and white print one.

We roll around on the bed.

Can you believe it mupps? P says, we’re in a long term relationship.

I know, I says, it’s kinda crazy.

P tells me he loves me so much and he just wants the best for me. He wants to support me and Pervette.

I tell him I appreciate all this affection he’s been showering me recently, it’s so nice.

He says he thinks it started from when we were together last..

The Thursday that I cried and cried (primally) when I realized how I never got the pervette support from P that I was always wanted  and I told him so and that what he thinks matters to me..


I agree, that was the turning point. I’m so glad I cried, and let the truth come out and he heard and felt it.


I feel so grateful for his support. He keeps asking me now how can help.


Sidenote: I feel so blessed that I have P, A, and S3, CEO’s and startup engineers on my side, supporting me in building Pervette. I know that with their guidance and support, it’s inevitable that Pervette will succeed. Well, it’s only inevitable if I do it. The work.




Tuesday, 11.26.19, 8:83am

Mandapa Ritz Carlton


Dear U,

It’s nice to be back in Bali. And feel like we’re returning home. And it’s doubly nice that “home” is the Ritz-Carlton with an attentive staff. But what’s really nice is that our  friends are here with us again.


I’m sitting here in my favorite sofa seat at breakfast overlooking the river and canyon. It’s the best seat at the restaurant. P was here, but he slipped out to take a call with the boat guy.

His new favorite thing is talking about his boat (that he just got) and figuring our what to name it.


It’s a tossup between:

Mary Jane (his first love)

Mazu (the Buddhist Goddess of the ocean)


He considered



and Cutie


The staff here remembered my order:

Mint tea, an extra pot of hot water with lemons on  the side and a plate of sliced avocados.

Wow, I’m impressed.


I couldn’t help it, they have fancy local oatmeal, with flambeed bananas and diced almonds. Bring on the lectins..


In a minute A2 and her sisters will be joining us for breakfast.  I haven’t seen her since she was at our house in Berkeley at the beginning of the month.



It was a non-stop sitcom with A2 and her two older sisters. They’re both quirky, silly and chatty, while A2 (the youngest), shakes her head at her older sisters, and asks, what’s the point of your story?


We went to town at breakfast, ordering the croissant waffle, french toasts, and then there was the buffet..

Crazy me thinking I was gonna intermittent fast.

Are you guys on your honeymoon? A’s sisters asked, You guys are so loving!

(Funny how people can see it).



I’d still be with you even if you didn’t have any money, I  said to P.

No you wouldn’t

Yes I would!  I say as tears well up.

Yes she would, A2 chimes in, She told me so!

(I think P couldn’t live/be with himself if he didn’t have any money, but I could. And maybe unconditional love for him should help him see that he is enough).


A2’s sisters comment on how sweet and open I am.

I think it’s because I’m pretty shameless when I get emotional and cry when I feel it, over the littlest things, sometimes.


The sisters wanna get high tonight. P is happy to oblige.


We talk about breast milk and the anxiety it can induce in mothers who can’t produce any.

We talked about a lot of things, I can’t seem to remember. We were at our favorite table from 8 till 11am, when the kitchen finally closed and the sun was overhead.

Then we parted and plan to meet up  to get high and grab dinner, after their healing sessions.


Back at the room, P says he can help me with Pervette.

I suggest going over my analytics.

He says that’s probably not gonna be  useful since my numbers a re prolly too low at this point.

Well I have about 250 people who have subscribed as members.

Wait, as in they subscribed, and you have their name and email?



P was blown away that I have 250 memberships on Pervette and for the next 3 hours, he keeps bringing it up like it’s a big deal.

Why didn’t you tell me that?

I dunno. You never asked?


I journaled to you and finally created a new post for my journal entry while P watches football and looks at insurance for the house, boat, car, etc.


At my suggestion, we get lunch at Alchemy. P didn’t think he would like anything there because it’s raw vegan. At my suggestion, we opt for the salad bar, and both got these giant bowls of salads. With all the toppings P got, it counted as 2 bowls, says rthe salad maker.

P was so excited digging into his salad, he was so happy I suggested Alchemy. He finished half of his salad. I ate all of mine, which was a lot, and then I finished his.


Back to room, P naps, I work on Pervette.


We do yoga together.

We get dinner with N and K at Nostimo, I didn’t eat much because  I was stuffed from breakfast and lunch.

It’s a new moon, so no meat for me, I had some grilled veggies..

I asked N if the meditations are still happening. N says they’re at 8am and he’s not inviting anyone except us.


I chatted with N about the guru. He’s helping the guru work on his book on this trip. He asked him some questions and from his answers N surmises he’s the real deal. For a skeptic like N, that says a lot.


P and I decide to skip fruit and tea at N and K’s villa after dinner and retreat back to our room..


I take another bath, and wen to bed pretty early around 10pm

What I put inside me:

Breakfast at the ritz (with P, A2 and her 2 sisters) acv, lemon water, green juice, sliced avos with the salt I brought, oatmeal with flambeed bananass and strawberries, a salad  I made with walnuts boiled egg and A2’s second fried egg over easy, a piece of the croissant waffle and mango french toast, a tiny shot of cappuccino, a sip of the house-made kmobucha, house-made coconut yogurt with cacao nibs and fresh strawberries;

Snack: blackmond gluten free cookie from the room mini bar

Lunch at Alchemy with P: a giant custom salad, the rest of P’s salad, a sip of green juice, a siop of P’s PB and J smoothie

snack: 4 giant seeded crackers from Alchemy

Dinner at Notimo with P, K, and K and their 2 sons and nanny: a bite of P’s grilled corn, kalamata olives, grilled broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, falafal, riesling at No

Snack:tiny bite of the sweet potato dessert thing the hotel dropped off in our room

Wednesday, 11.27.19 3:33pm



Dear U,

I just woke up from a nap with P. I’m definitely in decadent mode with P here. Naps and big meals, cacao smoothies, ubud raw chocolate..


November is supposed to be rainy season here. But it hasn’t rained yet. It’s unseasonably dry. Although there are some gray clouds out right now.


I didn’t experience any jet lag at all on this trip. I attribute it to the insane amount of eating I’ve been doing since I landed here.


It feels like we’ve slipped back into our Bali routine. Hanging out with our friends over meals, retreating to our room in between the long meals.

I am getting a little concerned that not enough time is devoted to pervette.


I’ve been having these crazy vivid multi part dreams, with friends from different eras in them. When I wake I can only remember a fraction of all that happened.

I woke up at 4:40am this morning from a dream where a woman was kinda trying to attack me. I yelled Excuse me! out loud and woke myself up. I thought I might just get up and start pervetting but I eventually went back to sleep.


Woke up at 6ish with P. He bails on meditation, so I got Y, our driver to take me to N’s villa, where the “very private” group meditaton was happening. The guru was happy to see me. It was a very long hour meditation.


Came back and joined P for breakfast. I had sliced avos and 1/2 bowl of their oatmeal today. Even though I told myself maybe today was gonna be the day I intermittent fast. Guess not.


P throws out some ideas to extend our trip, maybe we can rent a plane and fly to Moyo island and stay at the Aman there for a couple of nights.

That’d be nice. (it’d benice but what I really want is  to get  back and focus on Pervette).


P said he felt better skipping meditation and getting his 4 phone calls in, he was feeling a little anxious this morning, thinking about all the people he had to get back to.

I told him I was feeling anxious to thinking about the credit card vendor application I needed to submit.

P said he’d be happy to help me.


So after breakfast we went back tot he room and he helped me look over my application.


Do I need an LLC to submit the application?

Is the question I need to ask the rep before anything, P says..

He helps me figure out my order of operations.

I listen intently and relish this moment

I get teary eyed, and thank him for helping me.

He says he’s happy to and wish we did this sooner.

(Which is what A said when I thanked him for helping me).


We did yoga together, again, in our room, with P’s app.

P says he loves doing yoga with me.

I do too.


It’s nice to see how we’re back in Bali again, things feel similar and yet it’s slightly different, we can track the progress we’ve made on ourselves since the last time we were here.


We get lunch at Akasha with A2 and her sisters. we over ordered, between me and P, mie woreng noodles and jackfruit tacos, 3 cacao smoothies, pure green juice, jackfruit pizza, pumpkin soup

It’s always a silly muppety time with A2 and her sisters..


Then  we came back and napped. And woke up. P went to the spa heated pool and here I am writing to you.

Now that I’m all caught up reporting back to you. I can now work on Pervette..


(later that evening)

P and I went to E’s (our friend is a local here) bday party. Which was held at this pretty epic sprawling villa that was hard to find, but Y, our driver got us there. We followed the yellow flowers down the stone steps pass the lotus pond and arrived at this open villa, which had a tree house(!) and was on a hillside looking over the canyons. We arrived at the magic hour. The lighting was just perfectly yellow/purple.

The crowd was definitely Balifornia. Good looking fit and spiritual.

We gave E the carabiners he needed for the sex sling he made. He’s been working on and perfecting the sex sling for 9 years now he says.

We enjoyed the view in one of the huts. I enjoyed the cacao and kratom and after 30 min of being there, we slipped out. And bumped into another local friend, K, on his way in.

You guys are leaving? What? Is it too woo? K asks.

Uhh just too many vibes, P says, we’re just gonna grab dinner and come back after. (He’s lying).


I love how  P and I have  the same threshold for leaving a party/scene if we’re not vibing it. Every one was nice and friendly, yeah and maybe too woo.


I love how we have Y, our driver, waiting for us where ever we are, he’s ready..

P synced up his bluetooth spotify playlist which is a copy of my music as the backdrop to our drive


Sayan House  has a new boutique next door. We popped in. Sustainable wear.. P got some slides, he got me slippers and some essential oil roll on. I got one called “Eat Less” another called “Brainergy” and another one called “Mood Lifter”

P also got a Lomography instamatic camera with color gels to slide over the flash.


We got a yummy dinner al fresco at Sayan House, at the sunset bar during the gloaming, which also overlooked the canyons.

I got a chicken taco (which I remembered was good last time, and it was) and the salmon entree.

P got the nikkei steak.

P got 2 sangrias, I got am umeshu, and an umeshu cocktail (bartender’s rec)..

Every we go we have to order at least 4 drinks between the 2 of us.


P noticed a private dining room overhead and we asked the server and got a tour of it..

Ooo nice space, plus sunset view and A/C


P shows me the whastapp message his  sugarbaby sends him, it’s a screencap of their compatibility of the Pattern app.

It’s her way of saying she likes him, thinks about him but knows she can’t get too into it.

She’s 21..

P knows he’s probably ruining her for all the other men who won’t compare to his ability to sweep her off his feet.


Back in our room,  I drew myself a bath.

And used the fascia blaster on my feet

It’s a ritual now.


I look at me and A’s compatibility on The Pattern app. It’s so eerily accurate

“You may feel a provocative energy between you and A-like things are charged…yet you might also act cautious with him, like you’re anxious about getting closer-you may feel the urge to run away. Based on past experiences, you could worry about being response, you could seem shut off and distant – or overly sensitive and reactive..


And then I check out my comp with P:


“You are P have muktiple connections that are rare and may feel like destiny has brought you together..


It’s crazy, this incredible love life I have. A life partnership with P and the best lover I  can dream of with A. They’re both really really special, a great catch, by any standards and they both fit me so well and they love me. And as of late, they want to support me in launching Pervette. I feel so blessed.


Thanksgiving. Thursday, 11.28.19


P and I decide to go to Sayuri for breakfast. He’s getting tired of the same eggs benny at the hotel restaurant..


Sayuri doesn’t have much egg options, or any since it’s raw vegan. I get the big breaky plate, coconut vegan bacon, gluten free bread with “butter” and jam and cashew cheese spread, with spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms.

I get the muxi  chaga latte and pirate’s tonic.


P and I grab the only whole pie in the glass case, the choco banana pie, for today’s friendsgiving potluck.  And we pre order a key lime pie for tomorrow’s friends-giving #2.


Our days feel gluttonous,  we hang out in our A/C room, doing computer stuff (I’m trying to get the credit card processor for pervette), we call our butler to golf cart us to our driver, who’s waiting for us in the lobby (we have him arrive at 7:30am every morning till after dinner, all for $40!), he drives us to our food destination, waits for us, and then drives us back to our hotel, our butler golf carts back to our room.

The only exercise we’re getting is the 30 min of yoga we’re doing together on his yoga studio app.


I work on the Pervette refund and cancellation policy page.  S has done a great job of creating the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and refund policy page.

P is impressed that I’m  so on it


We grab lunch at Alchemy, our usual giant custom salads.

It was my idea to eat before going to to the potluck.


Another secluded villa, place fool of Balifornians. P and I mostly chat with our California friends, K and N. After 45 min I tell P I’m good, and we slip out.

I love how we roll..


Both N and T (the guru’s girl friday) invite me to the 4:30pm meditation and 8am meditations. They say these sits are super private and only for the serious meditators.


I decide to skip the 4:30 one to work on pervette. I sit in the bay  giant window seat with P on the other end. He fields my questions, I set up an Earth class mail in WA, so now I have a “business address”

P goes over my terms and conditions, privacy policy pages, he  says it looks good..


I do some research, we get dinner at a new to us spot, La Casita Fonda Mexicana…tons of sangrias and tacos and corn and broccoli..the food was too yummy, we’re stuffed..


After dinner, I do my nighttime ritual..

bath, fascia blaster..


As P goes to bed, I stay out in the living room, on the bay window seat, renewing my global entry..


It’s like it is at home, I fall asleep in the living room, wake up in the middle of the night and slip into bed with P.


I’ve been having very vivid dreams. And oddly enough, it’s sexual. Maybe it’s time for me and P to fuck.


Other things going on: P’s been looking into chartering a plane to the Aman off some island in Bali. The Aman says they can make it happen for 10K each way.

I tell P that I have a session on the 7th and I don’t want to miss it. So I’m good on not extending the trip and flying to the Aman.

P is totally cool with that and now he’s on to the next thing, thinking about where in Asia he wants to go solo.

He says with the money he’s not using to charter the plane and stay at the Aman, he can have that go toward helpingme set up an LLC for Pervette. That’s so sweet of him.


I’m glad I let him do his thing, which is get excited about looking to into flying to the next fancy destination together and after he’s done his research, I tell him how I feel (I’m ready to get back on t he 5th and not extend the trip) he’s cool with my decision and gets excited about hopping around Asia solo.


I notice a pattern with P. He’s always on to the next thing. Where he lands, he’s already planning on where he wants to go next. It’s like he’s a plane and hotel slut.


Friday, 11.29.19 4:54pm


Dear U,

This trip has been pretty amazing….


I woke up with P. He goes down to breakfast while I shower and have Y drive me to N and K’s villa, where the guru is staying and I meditate with the small group. This time I came prepared. i brought 3 sofa pillows and a yoga mat. It was a comfy and in an out  deep sit.


I come out of it in a deep tranquil place..

I return to the room. P had a bunch of epiphanies while I was meditating..

He said he never had any role models for real intimacy fro growing up. So how he treated me and pervette was how his mom treated his dad, like a joke.

He finally realizes he  doesn’t want to be like that. He sees what I’m trying to do is really hard and he wants to be a 100% supportive.

When he said that, I started tearing up as I thanked him for saying that and he  held me.


We did yoga, to get in our bodies and then we made love..


I did to his giant cock what I learned in Tahoe while I was on MDMA with A. I took it all the way down my throat.

And then w e fucked.

When he was about to come, he pulled out and I put his scepter of passion in my mouth. And he let out a cathartic groan.

Strange I didn’t taste or felt any cum come through, there was nothing to swallow.

Was that a ruined orgasm? I asked

No I definitely came.

He also saved himself and made a conscious decision to not masturbate and blow his load since he got into Bali so he can build up that anticipation for our eventual sex.

How can 4 days of no orgasm build up to no cum in my mouth?

Did he come inside me?

He said he pulled out as soon as he knew he was about to come..


Should we be concerned?


A and her sisters wanted to do lunch at Akasha again, since they love the mie goreng there. P wasn’t too crazy about the food there so we decided to do a “pre-lunch” at Alchemy.

It just so happen that A was already there with P4, her beau who just got into town. They were getting work done on the new upper level which was a really nice cushy area with daybeds as seats.

I got the spring rolls I’ve been craving there, and the custom salad, and a green juice, and a cacao pow ball and omega brownie…I couldnt’t help myself.

It was the first time P met P4. P4 w as working on this new app he built using the glyde..

The P’s talked about different types of commercial planes they liked..


A2 told us how she asked her sisters this question,

What feedback do you have for me that can help me reach my highest self?

Which spawned a very deep and connected conversation and they all got weepy.

I love that.



We rode over together in our car to Akasha where A2’s sisters were. They just got out of their healing session with Pak Man.They were sitting in the giant cushy round table that A reserved for us, which is totally the best table at Akasha.


A and her  sisters each got a Mie Goreng. They’ve been obsessed with it and have been scouting it out every where they go. But no place does it like Akasha, which uses clear noodles as opposed to the egg noodles..


P wrote on my Alchemy receipt and I read it out loud to the group..

I don’t have it with me, but it went something like this..

Old mupps and new mupp P4.

Pervette launch is happening!

I love you too!

Lobby! (inside joke)


There was something about him acknowledging Pervette again that made tears well up.

I’ve been getting very emo around A and her sisters, which they find very endearing..


I wasn’t hungry, I ordered another green juice, the ashitaba tea, and another drink.

I had some of A’s mie goreng, just  to see how it tasted today, ooo it was spicy and yummy than last time.


A’s sisters had a transformative experience with Pak Man, the healer whom A saw last time and said his was the most transformational. It’s almost impossible to get an appt with him, you have to drive to his place and ask if there’s an opening.

A  was vigilant getting her driver to do the drive bys.


A says when she she sees him later this afternoon she’ll ask for me.


While we were at lunch at Akasha, we had Yogi our driver pick up the key lime pie we ordered yesterday for our potluck number 2 tonight..


A2 and P4 took off to see Pak Man, then we parted with A2’s two sisters, they were off to see the zapper lady.

Maybe we’ll see each other tonight before the two sisters take off for their 1am flight?


When we got back to our room, we decided to ditch the potluck tonight.

Why don’t we book the private room at Sayan House and have a going away party for the sisters? I suggested.

So we had our butler make the reservation..

There was a 4M rupiah minimum to book the room.



We made the resy for 6 but they couldn’t make it till 8.

Why don’t  we go there and get some work done on our laptops and catch the sunset over cocktails? I suggested.



SO we did. We didn’t get any work done. But P ordered a pitcher of sangria and we caught the epic sunset at the sunset bar..


We were in the best mood, even more so than our baseline.


A couple asked what we were drinking, and we poured them a glass and toasted to their first trip to Asia. They were from Reno.


P drank a ton of sangria and kinda got drunk before everyone arrived.

He’s a boisterous happy drunk. Kinda like an excited kid. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him this drunk.


It’s  a good thing P brought his portable speaker, we played Usher, because I know how much A2’s sister, loves Usher.


P  played show and tell with his phone, showing the table all the pics that he took during his days as a photographer, and some random sexy pics, like of me in my domme attire, fucking this japanese sub girl, at the Tokyo Andaz hotel room, with P in the frame looking on with a smug look on his face.

P gets very “self” centered when he’s drunk..but in a bubbly way.

it’s cute and kid-like.

This is the BEST dinner ever! he kept on saying


A2 had me show the gang the before and after photos of my makeover of P when we were in hong kong in 2014, that was right after we fell in  love on acid in Bali.

They were blown  away by how dramatic the before and after was, yeah  he  was pretty dorky looking before I cut his hair and got him tighter pants.

And she’s been cutting my hair ever since, he  said..


Then  P showed the before and after photo of my laundry closet in my old apt. P had helped me clean it out. It was slightly a hoarding mupp closet in t he before pic and super tidy after.


Everyone had a really good time. Esp A’s sisters who were touched by our gesture to ditch our potluck (our excuse to our potluck holder friend was that we had to got to a going away party) to arrange for the private room dinner…and we had Y, our driver, deliver  the vegan key lime pie (that was supposed to be for the pot luck) to us mid dinner. We all applauded when we arrived with pie in hand.


Not gonna lie, mupps, P says, this key lime pie is not that great

It  was a very beautiful looking pie, but it it vegan..


P took care of the crazy long bill, which  I forgot to ask for and keep..darnnit, that would’ve been a good one.

Then the A2’s sisters took off for the airport, they were sad to leave, it was  a very magical trip they said. A2 did a great job of curating their tour of healers and arranging the villas. She made sure it was a progression, the healers got better, as well as the villas they stayed  in.

From one of her healings, A’s older sister overcame this childhood trauma that hindered her from learning how to swim, and after the healing, she magically swam a whole lap across the pool.


That was one of many shifts they experienced.


A2’s oldest sister was so happy she met and got to connect with me and P. She says she’s happy that A2 has such  good friends, we’re like family, she says. She’s gonna tell thier mom not to worry about A2 bc she has really good friends like us.

That was her last words to us, then they were off.

P and I were so pleased that we got to make their last night a really fun muppety one.

We played Boyz II Men as our parting song..


I’m so glad we decided to throw this going away party


It finally started  to rain  a little as A2’s sisters were leaving and we all parted.


After dinner, P goes to  bed,  I’m on the computer, he comes out and says he’s  getting bitten in the room, so he snuggles up in the   the bay window daybed area where I am and gets under the cover and falls asleep. He’s  snoring as he said he would as thoat’s what happens when he drinks..


I put on some bug repellant and go in the room to sleep to escape this loud snoring.

Saturday,  11.30.19


Meditated with the Guru. Back  to room to masturbate.


We met A2 and P4 at Locavore  at 12:15, the hard to snag rezy in town. When  we got there, they said they can’t dine with us because it’s a fixed menu and P just had a flareup with his nut allergy so he’s extra cautious. We told them we could eat with them elsewhere but they insisted we stay.

So we did, we got resituated at a brighter table next to the window and had a very yummy epic 16 course lunch. The amuse bouches were lovely flowers and leaves decadently prepared. Everything was thoughtfully executed.

We ate too much.

It was a very hot day  and  lucky for us, Locavore had A/C.


back to room, P naps, I work  on Educatrix.


I had almost forgotten that A2  had arranged an ppt for me with this new healer, a bodyworker who supposedly gives painful massages. I love that kinds of stuff.


I arrived at A4’s villa, P4 just had his treatment with R, the bodyworker, it was painful, but for the first time in  a long time his body is pain free..


Then I went in.

And holy fuck.

I got every knot deeply rubbed out of me. I yelped, hooted, and hollered. I had to brace myself..

Jesus Christ. that was painful..


Then A2 went, I recorder her screams&  howls form outside, while me and P4 listened and laughed..

Theme: Ganeshas, the elephant, everywhere..




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