Thursday, Sept. 16, 2021 12:12pm

Dear U,

I’m back. My energy is back. I woke up feeling a tad wonky with the faintness of the “sickness.” But I had a potent dream

Where My words I Love You was a powerful pure force. A scene in the shower, water. My words of love, my love was like water.


I felt something powerful in my dream. When I woke up I can tell I was grinding on my teeth a ton because my jaw was a little achey. I wish I wore my nighthuard because I definitely wore down my molars.


These sick nights have been giving me super potent dreams.


I knew I was feeling better when I can masturbate and start visioning as I wake up..aww good o sex magick.

I took a hot epsom salt hot bath.

I thought about collecting mom’s story. And then it hit so hard I started to to cry. I have to do this! I screamed in the bath like a crazy person. It just came out.


I had a tearful prayer in Dad’s room.

I’m back in my spiritual groove. Feeling all the spirits with me.


I keep thinking this strange “sickness” was not a bug but something else. It started on Monday, when I was preparing myself mentally for the work ahead..