Dear U,


If you are here,

then you are already on your way..


Just by choosing to be on top

For a change

You are making a change

To see

How does it feel

To know what you want

And know how to get it


I’m here to help you  find and tap into what’s already there

Your Inner Domme

She’s waiting for you

To create the right conditions

For her to come out and play


How I can help is by creating this living guide to

Tapping Into Your Inner Domme


There are two main paths to “The Domme Guide” you might want to follow:

The first path is the Outer Work

The second path is the Inner Work


If you want to become a professional dominatrix, or create a persona that is the most badass sexy version of yourself, the Outer Work will lay out a step by step guide on how to get started.


If you just want to tap into your power, the power to change, love and heal yourself and the world around you. If you want to unlock this fearless and compassionate Domme within, the Inner Work will show you how.



Please note: If you are male, you can still follow these two paths (especially the Inner Work path) to unlocking the Domme within. You might have to look beyond some gendered words and pick and choose what you applies best to you.