As you might know

We’re here for a reason..

I’m looking for a few good dreamers

to go down the rabbithole with me..

If you have a dream you want to live out

A desire to get intimate

with me, yourself, and truth itself

this might be exactly

where you should be..

And so it begins with you

sharing your wildest dream

I take it all in

And wait for you

to make the next bold choice..

To saying yes

to me,

to your dream,

to the journey..

And then..

We connect

And explore your dream together

As I take you down the rabbithole..

The more you open up to me, the deeper the rabbithole goes and the more intimate and intense the rabbithole it leads you to the deepest exploration of yourself with me.

I use my magic and my art, and my heart, to dream-domme you, playfully pushing you further along your path to realizing your wildest dream..

You come to see that what I offer are “interesting choices”

They can be life-changing choices if you choose to make them1With these choices, I share with you the story and wisdom behind them

How each choice has changed my life and how it can change yours..


You come to see

that these choices

will take you places2you can’t go alone

and stretch the edges

of your imagination..

And so now

you have the power

to make a choice..

You can choose

to not believe3in magic, which is the non-linear alchemy of dreams coming true


You can choose

to believe

You can choose to share your innermost desire with me 


You can trust that I will show you a way

to realizing your wildest dream

As I show you how deep the rabbithole goes..

Remember, all that I’m offering is the truth4

And if you choose to go further

you will see..

the truth might be uncomfortable

but it’s the only way

to finding your power

to finding your path

to your wildest dream..