(n.) A woman who leads the way out

My slave Robert coined this term back around 2011 when I got my Phd in Education. Educare has two meanings in Latin, he explains to me, it means “to teach” and “to lead out.” And -trix is a suffix that turns any noun ending in -or into a feminine form. Therefore, I’m not an educator but an educatrix. At the time I thought it was a pretty neat portmanteau or neologism that he came up but didn’t think more of it. Robert always had this larger than life view of me. He really thought I was a (down-to-earth) goddess. And he also thought I was the woman who can lead the way out. But that wasn’t how I saw myself. And I never saw what I did in graduate school overlapping with what I did in the dungeon.┬áMy research focused on scientific cognition, conceptual change and misconceptions. I looked at how adults and young children’s misconceptions on evolution and physics and tried to help them supplant their naive theories with normative ones by using analogical mapping (I’m just noticing how hard it is for me to talk about my research without using jargon-welcome to academia). Basically I look at the misconceptions that people have and help them overcome their preconceptions by using analogies that they are more familiar with. So how could that ever be related to me dominating men?

It wasn’t until I was outed and I had to explain my work to my family that I realized there are a lot of misconceptions about what I do as a domme and as a sex worker. My outing crisis was when it all came together. This is my chance to apply my expertise on misconceptions to dispel the misconceptions about domme and sex work. And while I’m here, I might as well talk about and demystify the other misunderstood things that I do as well, like drugs, polyamory, pansexuality, spirituality, etc..

Whatever most are still in the dark about, I’m here to lead out..