13 – Show them a new power, tell them your story1shadow, shame and all let your truth empower them to find theirs

14 – Give them rope, give them whips, give them permission to play in a new way

15 – Celebrate the new Dommes, with devoted subs, with old friends, with new possibilities2at the Domme Tea Party you’ve been dreaming up for so long

16 – Postpone the dinner party, take care, take in the new sub and play with all their sides

17 – Go for the ride, make new friends, pick up your partner and his lover, trade stories

18 – Take off, meditate on the drive, arrive home with Dad, activate the shrines

19 – Double session with baby domme, reconnect, ground, make love and dinner

20 – Get pushed to launch the next offering, MistressClass, embrace the velocity

21 – Smoke toad venom, get naked, be wild, say it over and over again3Oh my god I love you so much

22 – Go slow, get lost, lay on the grass, feel the full moon4in Aquarius

23 – Thank the IG fairy for her help, ask her to help your friends too

24 – Allow your sleeping dream to bring you back to the unconscious peak of 5meo5and its deep work in realizing your intention, to reach your higher self, to put your voice out there, to love your way out to your wildestdream.. Feel your new self unblocked and unlocked

25 – Spend the day wrapping gifts, singing, celebrating your baby domme6 and all her accomplishments, new apartment, new houseboy, new clients paying for the Dining Dominatrix, people valuing her for her unique gifts and offering

26 – Tease his desire to the edge, with your new money, invest in dreams7 and local businesses, mail gifts, buy mom all the yarn her child heart desires

27 – Make love and matcha, go to the redwoods, take the CBD & sonic shamanic journey8support the artists and healers, buy the singing bowl, hape, beaded jewelry, medicine wheel, everything on the table

28 – Microdose9on LSD, white fluff if you can get your hands on it give a deep massage, let your breaths sink and melt10into each other, see the visions so clearly. Feel the limitless potential of your infinite heart

29 – Host new friends, share everything,11the painful stories, the big dreams, the roasted almonds, the mango from the altar, the matcha connect with your pervette, celebrate12each other, the pervette-aversary, see how far you’ve come in working together and playing for your dreams

30 – Feel the lightness of no fear. This voice, this force is paving the path13 to your dreams. See the magic. The moment you put your offering out there, your dream pervettes shows up

31 – Do what Dad always wanted you to do14take care of yourself, get that security system set up in your home and do what you’ve been wanting to do15catch a film at the movie theatre, watch Roadrunner high, take note



1 – Listen to their story, so they can see themselves,16and their true desires, to break up and break free from the bondage of their relationships receive the incredible gift17the perfect pervette gift, a book filled with polaroids of the story of their day together activating all the gifts you’ve given them, see how every gift inspires another

2 – Microdose, podcast,18girls gotta eat invite your partner’s lover over19share with her gifts open yourselves to each other20smoke DMT together and let love flow

3 – Make the most out of a glitch21see it as sign to do something bold reach out to your hero, be direct, give & take your advice22 if you want the love of your dreams, you have to love like you would in your dreams, you have to love fearlessly

4 – Make banana bread, almond milk, matcha, and deep love. Co-create the infinite game23make love and pleasure a currency that everyone wants to give

5 – Let him teach you how to draw24just like in your dreams Fuck, fall asleep25in his arms and wake up in the liminal state fall deeper in love, fuck deeper.

6 – Clean, make room for the start of something26that feels so right, deep, and perfecton the new moon, take it all in27the kakiage, the kava, the cacao, the conversation, the cosmic connection

7 – Allow the connection28the deep embrace to sink in, allow yourself to fall, enjoy the surrender29to your desire, whatever you do, don’t deny it

8 – Make money in strange ways30golden showers and findomming, make chai,31bring it your beloved say yes to the call,32on your way home and second dinner33get high with this new friend, note the high-deas, enjoy this fun character before you, go on that magical walk, soak in the college vibes, the salsa dancing.. note: see how they see you, they see the movement you’re creating, they want in

9 – Bathe in the elements,34feel the windstorm in your hair, the rain on your nose, the lightning in your eyes go slow,35enjoy this monk mode day let tears flow,36after you come again and again to this deep feeling and knowing it’s cosmic it’s love, make art out of it




7 – podcast37the unmistakable creative, he said it was the best convo he had all year, you ask him a favor, hide your toys,38the housecleaners are coming, 17 tall windows are extra tease the fuck,39out of him, he stayed chaste for 17 days, he wishes everyone can feel what he feels, the delight of the deep longing for me realign with your lover

8 – Make deep love, listen40you are psychic, your lover tells you, post, play hostess, celebrate,41your friends’ 7 yer anniversary as they celebrate you owning your first home, your dream home no less say thank you42if it weren’t for their love and support, this moment of celebration would not exist

9 – Begin your clairvoyant training, ground, realize it’s time,43to tap into your power: connection win her over44with a magical amethyst stone, she’s 6 and shy

10 – Give45her the book on adaptogens, the cuzen matcha, the almond milk bag, all the things to make her own magical matcha lattes and receive,46a succulent, then buy 2 more succulents and give one away, it’s just that kinda day welcome the curious couple47with dmt and kink to explore their bondage through play they can see where thay can’t let go and just be

11 – Oh fuck me,48the credit card processing company just froze your account due to the high volume of payment transactions for MistressClass remember from the breakdown comes┬áthe breakthrough

12 – Make love, do hape, cast your dream, light the candle

13 – Sing, invite her in, get organized, get focused

14 – Activate the network, ask and see49you have incredible friends who show up