Friday, March 13, 2020 10:17am


Dear U,

More than ever, everyday is a question mark. We have no idea what the next few hours and days hold. It’s a strange feeling not knowing and all the while we have to stay prepared for the worst.


We’re getting close to a lockdown here in CA. I guess I should go to the store and really load up. It’s strange to shop like I never had before.  Buying excessively a ton of stuff. But these are strange times. I think I’ll support my small local grocery market even though it’s way pricier than Whole Foods. 

I’ve been so used to buying less and shopping for a week’s worth of produce at the farmer’s market and my food coop. Will there be a farmer’s market tomorrow? We can’t take anything for granted anymore.


Should I go for a run in the woods? Or should I run to the market like right now..


I woke up this morning, thinking I need to write to you daily. To capture these uncertain and impermanent times. I also feel motivated to work on pervette. And make it a sanctuary, a place to turn to during these crazy times. It’s time to pour everything I’ve learned, my collected wisdom on how to heal, love and serve. It;’s time.

I’m reminded of 5 months ago.. when I woke up from a dream one morning with a clear take home message. “Act as though you have 6 months to live.”

I knew exactly what that message meant. Pour everything I got into Pervette. As if it’s the only thing I can leave behind, which it is. Well, that and the the love I can give and express to others. In a way, Pervette is a vessel for that love.

It’s getting close to that 6 months mark. I feel calm and collected even though I only have a month left. Can I do it? Can I pour a fuck ton of love and all of my soul into Pervette?


This would require me setting my ego aside. I can’t care about how cheesy and out there I sound. It just doesn’t matter.


Okay, I’m gonna run to the store and come back and start pouring it out. I think all of this will go into the Cutie path..