Evolution of Pervette

In case you forget..

This was how Pervette first began, as a community blog back in October of 2015. You were so stoked that your Pro domme friends and subs reached out and wanted to contribute to Pervette and its first theme of “Secrets.” People wrote and shared about their experiences of either keeping their kink secret, coming out or being outed.

This theme was inspired by your own secret of being a dominatrix, which you hid from your mom for a decade. Once you were outed, you had a realization, that by being quiet and in the shadows, you were actually perpetuating the misconceptions of kink and sexwork, and that was one of the main reasons why you started Pervette- to dispel misconceptions about kink, sexwork, drugs, and everything else alternative that you’re into but is somehow considered taboo.

Even though it took forever to create Pervette and it was up and running, there was something holding you back from writing and sharing. You wanted to go deep and talk about things most people don’t talk about. You wanted to talk about your shame and deep dark secrets. But there was something about the blog structure of Pervette and its front page of posts that didn’t lend itself to telling secrets. It was too open and linear. Everything was there to be read and eventually forgotten as one moves on to the next newer and more recent thing. It didn’t feel safe and it didn’t feel right to go deep when everything felt so shallow and cursory.

So you stopped writing, and you started imagining a new structure. A more intimate structure that had multiple levels and layers to it. No more front page gallery of posts, but just tons of pages that you would navigate through hypertexts. It had a choose your own erotic adventure kinda feel. And the more that you click on, the deeper it gets. And the deeper it gets, the more intimate and revealing it gets (with its words and imagery).

During the time of imagineering Pervette 2.0, you enlisted a crypto genius friend to help you build this site. You thought you needed something similar to a wiki engine. After half a year of waiting for him to deliver, he just ghosted. Then two other designer friends of friends said they would help, and eventually ghosted as well. That’s when you realized you can’t wait for your friends to do you a favor or else you’ll end up waiting forever, you have to hire someone who shares the same vision as you do.

In that time you realized you didn’t need a wiki engine, but just a very open-ended Wordpress theme to create Pervette. That theme was very difficult to find and it almost seem like it didn’t exist. Everything out there wanted to box you into a user-friendly template.

A friend advised you to go to Berlin to find a web designer there to hire. And so you did. The first person you met on the first day you got in (who randomly came across the ad you posted and happened to be a friend of a friend ) completely understood your vision and she’s Wordpress savvy. Perfect. And so you hired her.

It took a few months to conceptualize the website together and a few more months to build out the structure. As it turns out, that totally free-form theme you’ve been looking for does exist as she’s been using it to build her own websites and now yours..

In June 2017, the second beginning of Pervette, or what you called Pervette 2.0, went live. That vision you had in your head , of a blank black screen with pink letters appearing as though it was being typed out, finally materialized.

You like the idea of playing games but it didn’t seem like the best way to start. You really like the idea of choosing your own adventure, so the third beginning was heavily inspired by that idea.

But then you wanted it to be more visual, so you created the fourth beginning.

But it felt like it was going nowhere, you wanted to get back to one of your core intentions, which was to create a Domme Guide to help those who wanted to tap into their inner Domme, and that’s how the fifth beginning came about.

But you really like how visual the previous beginning was, so you went back and created a different iteration of Let’s Act and that became the sixth beginning.

But then you remembered why you abandoned this visual-heavy beginning in the first time around, it was too all over the place, so you went back even further and iterated on the old choose your own adventure structure and that became the seventh beginning.

In every beginning, something felt like it was always missing. Maybe it was your direct voice. Maybe it was your story. Maybe it was a frame to tie the many pieces together. And so it wasn’t until recently1 like mid January of 2019 that you had this idea of combining your story plus the choose your own adventure structure. Which is what you have now. It’s you telling your story in second person so that the reader can feel like they’re in your shoes making the choices that you once made and will make.

And then there was the eighth beginning

where you can choose to be me2hence this page

But that was abandoned eventually,

Because I wanted to play with you more directly, more so than you play me

So now here we are

at yet

Another new beginning 

That will eventually give way to another..




Back to where you were at some point