Examine your Fantasy

Have you been in your head and stuck in fantasy mode more than you want to be? If so, take the time to examine your fantasies. Your fantasies are oftentimes pointing to an unmet need or desire. It’s your subconscious trying to solve “the problem” and provide a momentary relief from the unmet desire. So try to get to the bottom of the fantasy and identify the “unmet need”  and see if you can find ways to meet this unmet need yourself.

And recognize that there are two types of fantasies: ones that empower you and ones that disempower you. The disempowering fantasies are those that involve people or situations that you can’t control, such as the fantasy of getting back with your ex or finding “the one.” Empowering fantasies are ones where you have full control to realize for yourself, such as the fantasy of becoming a badass dancer or singer or the one where you’re accomplishing a huge goal. If you find that you’re stuck in a loop with an disempowering fantasy. Examine it closely, identify the unmet need and try to meet it yourself. And change up your fantasy to one that empowers you..