Dear U,

Holy fuck. I have so much to do.. to get Pervette into decent shape and get her running.. now that I’ve “launched” her and put her out there. It’s kinda crazy that I made all these announcements about launching and giving birth to Pervette on my bday.. and now you and others are visiting here, checking Pervette out and she’s currently in this half-baked and not fully ready to be seen state. Ack!


I mean I did preface that this is a permanently evolving work in progress website. But still, this is pretty rough and barebones right now. And you’re probably confused as fuck as to what’s going on, where to go and what to do next..


Here’s the thing: What you can do next all depends on what I need to do next, so here’s my to do list for this month (February 2020):

  1. Launch Subscriptions so that you can go deeper into Pervette Levels and get more intimate with me (by Feb 19th) I have so much (sexy) intimate content I’ve been collecting over the past 5 years. And I’m making more now. It’s’s time for me to share it.
  2. Make my Offerings clear and direct on each path in the Play How page by Feb 20th. Which means finally come out of my 5 year sabbatical and take on new clients as a Dominatrix, Educatrix, and that I can work with you and others who want to find  their power and explore new dimensions in kink, plant medicine,  and more..
  3. Organize Domme Tea Party. Tentatively aiming for Sunday, March 9th. And invite pro dommes and any woman who wants to experience being served by men in cute French maid outfits, learn how to wield a whip and engage in a discussion about the role of the Dominatrix in relationships and society. I will also give a dharmette in the beginning about The Dominatrix archetype. This event will also be open to men as well, where you can apply to be one of the few lucky subs serving us Women in Power tea and allowing us to use your body as our me if you want in.
  4. Change up the What is Intimacy icon by creating a new page behind it where there are two choices, one keeps the current choice/path to get intimate with me, the new choice  is a call for submissions in writing about Intimacy. I want Pervette to be a writing home for those who want to talk about their feelings, thoughts on intimacy, and more..
  5. Post the answers of those who have answered my intimate questions and answer their questions for me
  6. Activate the podcast by building out the page behind the headphones icon. Start posting all the recordings recently made: of me to you, of my conversations with others, etc
  7. Activate the video computer icon by posting part of my “I have a crazy dream” bday party speech and make a teaser of my crazy hot sex videos that were made at my bday party of me fucking Liara Roux. And make the full length videos available down the deeper paths of Pervette.
  8. Activate the Cutie panda bear icon by making the page behind it a sanctuary for those looking for relief from their suffering, they can find a collective guide on how to heal, find peace from the myriad types of pain, heartbreak, depression, being lost in transition, insecurities, etc.
  9. Start organizing and posting all the hot sexy content for the deeper levels..
  10. Journal all the juicy details my birthday week and after until now and place that in the deeper levels of Pervette. So if you were following my journal these past few weeks/months/years, all the new entries will be in the Seeker level. And since it’s in the pay to read level, it’s gonna be filled with very intimate details, sex, enemas, and all.
  11. Share with you my dreams. The vision behind Pervette.

The list can go on, and it will, but that’s what I’m planning on doing in the next two weeks..

I’ll be away this weekend in Mendocino healing hearts and helping women find their power at Renew Breakup Bootcamp.

I’ll be back Monday..




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