I have a theory that in your final breath you experience the death of your ego.

When you experience the death of your ego, you gain perfect clarity or Enlightenment.

This is when you realize that you are more than just the small, finite self that you have identified with all this time. You are a part of the infinite, all-encompassing collective consciousness.

It’s like you were the glass of water that was thrown back into the vast ocean.

Once you reach Enlightenment, or Awakening or the Great Liberation, you can begin to understand why you’re here and and what’s the Point of it all.

And in that moment of perfect clarity, you will be able to look back on your life in relation to the Point. And see if you actually reached the Point in your lifetime. Or did you miss it entirely?

So the goal is to know what the Point is

And to reach it before your endpoint.

Therefore you should

Kill your ego

Lose yourself

See the point

Reach the point

Then you will have lived a life

With no regrets.

I'm ready to go deeper.