You know Pervette is confusing to people

Because usually websites are created so that it can try to sell something to people

Like goods or services

And here it’s not so clear what you’re trying to sell through her.


You’re really trying to sell two things:

Your ideas


Your art


You think people will be more open to buying the above if..


Your ideas are free

You art is free as well

(For the most part)


Because the point isn’t to make money,

as much as it is to make a living doing what you love.


You have a notion that maybe Pervette can be your vehicle to that point.

Because by making her, you are doing what you love

which is living your life to your fullest

capturing every bit of it

(esp. the lessons that come with it)

and distilling it into your art

(that is her)


And of the art that you are going to make and sell

You are going to make that art

the most meaningful art that you can make


Your goal is to create as much value as you can in your art

So that your art will have value to its holder

And that’s why people would want to buy your art

The art you create and is an investment in you and in their belief in you