By the time you got to middle school, there was no more recess.

Just a break around 10:15am. Then lunch around 12:20pm.

Playing after school with your friends got replaced by doing homework, sports, or extracurriculars.

Suddenly school became high stakes. College (aka your future) depended on your grades and SAT score.

All of a sudden the clothes you wore and the friends you had mattered.

All of a sudden how much money your parents made mattered, a lot.

There were two important categories to learn:

Cool and not cool.

It was cool to play it cool.

And tough.

Everything else was not cool.

So don’t be soft.

Don’t be a baby.

Don’t be a pussy.

Don’t get bullied.

Don’t get hurt.

Whatever you do,

Don’t cry.

Everyone will find out

Public humiliation

Is the kiss of death.

Everything you did

Everything that happened to you

Defined who you were.

If you got an F, you were a failure.

If you got bullied, you were a loser.

If you got made fun of, you were the laughing stock.

If your pants were too tight, you were gay.

If you were overweight, you were a fatso.

If you had acne, you were a pizza face.

If you had a small penis in the locker room, you had a small penis in the locker room.

Things that didn’t matter when you were a child

All of a sudden began to matter

A lot

When you stopped playing

And started growing up.













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