To go deeper there’s a path that’s harder to take, but worth it

This way takes you through the crests of ecstasy and the valleys of pain

To a place your heart calls home

And somehow you soul knows

it can’t go there alone


The way is hidden to you

So you seek until you find

That someone

Who can push your buttons

And hold a mirror

in just the right way

to shine

that bright light

onto what you can’t see


in front of you

the path is winding


She guides you

gently and not so gently

every step

requires of you

to cry out

the truth


Every tool she has

is a toy

coaxing you along

the way

Away from never mind

to every kind

of feeling

that speaks to

to everything


good/ bad

right /wrong



she knows

What you know

is just a preference

Don’t go to what you know

Every step requires of you

to go into the open space


the dualities of our mind

at the center of it

is our body of truth


Stay open and tender,

dear heart

Say yes to Her

Change what you know

Allow pain in

to help you grow

welcome your tears

let them flow

say thank you



Help me learn

Help me grow

Help me see

what I can’t see

help me find the way



with her

into me

I see.



(this is still a work in progress, go back to where you were and come back here later for more to follow)