The Ultimate Hair Growth Guide

As someone who has experienced crazy hair loss in high school (due to malnutrition aka eating disorders), I know how traumatic and scary hair loss can be. But I’m here to tell you, don’t lose hope, your hair will grow back!

Ever since I was 16, I’ve been doing research and a lot of self-experimentation on supplements, oils, shampoo, even laser helmets on how to stop hair loss (as quickly as possible) and grow it back. So here’s my distillation of everything I’ve tried and learned so far (in the past two decades) and what I think are the must-haves and must-dos for a full head of healthy hair.


Nutrafol – I know this is totally expensive (hence all the not so great Amazon reviews) but their formulations are clinically tested and pretty miraculous if you give it a try. I started taking this a few months ago, and within 2-3 weeks of taking this, I started seeing little hairs grow in around my hairline forehead area. And the little hair didn’t stop there as most little hairs do, but continued to grow into bangs and they’re still going. I took the recommended dosage. 4 pills a day, for 3 months. I’m gonna see if cutting back to 2 a day will also do the trick (and adding 1 Shen Min and 1 Revive back into my regimen).

Shen Min for Women – When I was experiencing crazy hair loss in high school and tried everything, this is what actually stopped the hair loss. It works. I also recommended this to my eyebrow waxer who had breast cancer and was losing her hair due to chemo. She also said it works wonders and her hair was growing back a ton, so much that everyone was commenting on her full and shiny her hair looks.

Revive – This was recommended to me by a friend of a friend who said she takes this daily and her hair looks really healthy shiny and super full to me. I never tried this alone and never took the full dosage, it was always taken with Shen Min, so I can’t say how effective it is alone because of the confounding variables. But I like all the herbs in it, especially the horsetail.

I’d say go with Nutrafol and Shen Min as the must-have and Revive as a backup (if you’re a maximalist like me).

However, if you’re feeling cost conscious, go with Shen Min and Revive.


Essential Tools

Aquabliss Shower Filter – This is a must, you gotta remove the chlorine and fluoride from your water. It’s a quick and easy installation, I did it myself. And try using warm water when you wash your hair. This was a hard adjustment for me since I love hot and steamy showers, which I take, but when I wet my hair to shampoo I try to lower the temp of the water.

Airslant Slantboard – If you can remember one thing, hair growth is all about getting blood circulating back to your head. And because we spend our whole lives upright or horizontal, gravity over time is causing us to lose our hair. Therefore we need to reverse that literally by getting one of these. I was so resistant at first to investing in this. It takes up space and isn’t pretty. But trust me, it’s worth it. And I wish I did it sooner.

This combined with massaging castor oil in my hair totally creates new hair growth, on a miraculous level. Try to make it a ritual to spend 15-20 minutes a day or at least every day laying on it. And at least once a week, massage castor or jojoba oil into your scalp as you lay on it. It’s super relaxing and really therapeutic. I like to consider it my meditative self care time. I like to do the oil massage before bed, and then wake up the next morning to wash it out. Oh and when you’re done laying on it, remember to get up really slowly on your right side.

Castor Oil or Jojoba Oil – Massaging castor or jojoba (castor works really well for me even though it’s pretty sticky) into my scalp in circular motions starting at the base of your head (where your neck is) combined with the Airslant is a game changer. Just do it, at least once a week. How it works is that the oils are breaking up the build-up in your follicles, this combined with your blood circulating back into your head (from the slant board) allows for your hair underneath the (once-clogged) clogged follicles to push through.

And as an added bonus, castor oil also works as an eyebrow and eyelash growth treatment. It’s totally the miracle oil.

Hair Be There Oil – I alternate between the castor oil and this and sometimes I combine it when I do my Airslant board scalp massage. It’s a potent hand-made blend of essential oils that stimulate hair growth. Massage it into your thinning spots at night and wash it out in the morning with the Hair Be There Shampoo (see below).

Argan oil– I use this on the ends of my hair. If you have split or dry ends, that actually effects the root of your hair as well because of the way your hair holds its nutrients. So I try massaging argan oil into my hair the night before I wake up and wash my hair. This makes me hair looks super shiny and healthy.

Natural Bristle Brush – I stopped brushing my hair for the longest time ever since the hair fallout out in high school because I thought it would make my hair fall out even more. But as it turns out, it’s a very GOOD idea to brush your hair. With a natural bristle brush. It helps with the blood circulation. And the hair that falls out are the ones that should  or will eventually fall out anyways. Start the brushing by bending at your hips and and tilting your head down and then brush your hair from the back of your head to get the blood flowing. I try to make hair brushing a mindful meditative daily ritual. And now my hair looks smooth and I don’t look like a crazy wild woman with a giant ratnest on the bottomside of my hair.

Scalp Massager – You can totally massage your scalp with your hands but it’s kinda nice to have it done with an electric scalp massager. This feels amazing and helps with the blood circulation. This product is really well made and very aesthetically pleasing in person.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Avalon Organics Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner –  This is my go to shampoo and conditioner when I want voluminous hair. It’s been on the market forever and was one of the first shampoos and conditioners that I used that seem to help reduce my hair shedding in the shower.

Hair Be There Shampoo – This is probably the most thoughtfully formulated shampoo for hair loss and growth. It’s hand-mix and created by Evan and she puts nothing but the finest organic ingredients in her products. If you want a product made with love, you should definitely try this. I massage the Hair Be There oil in my scalp the night before and wash it out in the morning with this shampoo.

Biotin Shampoo – They say it’s a good idea to rotate shampoos and not use the same one all the time, so I rotate this one into my repertoire. I got it because it has crazy good reviews on Amazon. And it seems to work.



Modern Rapunzel – You should definitely get this book and read it. I had this book for years and for some reason was too lazy to read it. It was only a few months ago did I pick it up and read it cover to cover. It’s a treasure trove. And a lot of my tips above (like the Airslant, castor oil, and hair brushing) came from this book. The author Jeanne Powers is a wonderful human being and an amazing hair growth experimentalist. Her stories of hair regrowth is nothing short of miraculous, which gives me (and all of us, really) hope that all that hair you loss can totally grow back. I even got an over the phone hair consultation with her for $75. It was totally worth it and it was like talking to a really sweet and wise hair and nutrition guru.


There are more tips coming…