The name of the game is Intimacy.


Your goal is to go as deep as possible.

And get intimate with me.


Because to get intimate with me

Is to get Intimate with yourself1And isn’t that the point of it all, to know yourself?.


Know that throughout this experience

You are continually interacting with a hyper conscious

evolving human being on the other side of this screen

whose specific aim

is to help you become more aware

of every choice that you’re making.


And also be aware that the deeper you go,

the more interesting2and intimate and intense and.. this will get.


Oh and also, I should point out

This is not your typical website.

It’s not really user-friendly3in that it’s not straightforward, linear, static or easy to navigate at all

In fact, Pervette is pretty confusing, extremely nonlinear4Its structure and content grows organically dendritically and tangentially over time, and even emotional.

As you can see, it’s also raw and messy

not complete5and neverending, for that matter

and constantly changing

As it’s influenced by who ever wants to interact with it, like you and me.

When you go deeper, or go back even, and look again, you’ll see6Every page is never the same, even this page can be here today, or tweaked, slightly or a lot, or even gone tomorrow

The more you engage, the more you change what this space can be

And of course, the closer you get to me



Do you think you’re ready..

To get intimate with me?