Dear Colette,

When we first started this journey together, I had some wild dreams, of being in an open relationship, exploring bdsm, and having a job that taps into all of my strengths and inspires me on every level. What’s so crazy is that since we’ve connected, every one of those wild dreams have come true.

Looking back now I can see that the only way to making your dreams come true is to be fearless with the choices that I make. And that’s something that I’ve learned in this journey with you-the surest way to making your dream a reality is by making really bold and different choices, without fear.

For me being fearless started by quitting my uninspiring day job and exploring being a sugarbaby. With your nudge I directed my focus on what energized me and let go of what drained me. So I quit school. And with your guidance I became a dominatrix. And omg I love exploring this powerful and sexy side of myself as I go deeper into the incredible other world of kink. Since our work with Pervette and seeing you build something out of a vision for a better world, I realized that I too could make an impact in the world through unconventional ways. It was the start of this reconditioning of my mind-to be open and receptive to magic and exploring the unknown.

I love how you keep asking me about my dreams and where I am on my journey to realizing them. Because every time I reflect on how far I’ve come in my journey, I see where it all started. It began with a desire for something different. And exploring sexwork and becoming a sugarbaby was definitely something different. It was the first big step towards living a radically unconventional life, which led to so many good and radically different things and people in my life, including you. I know that this path of being a sugarbaby and Domme has led me to be the sexiest and most powerful version of myself. I’m the girl who gets what she wants because she asks for it and makes it happen.

It’s been amazing to have you witness me grow and evolve. I know that I’m going to continue on this path of doing what what I want and getting what I want, by doing what I do best and enjoy the most-solving problems and helping others. The Creatrix in me realized that I can combine everything I love into what do. I’ve always been fascinated by love and all things dating. And I also love making money…so why not combine it all together to create an fempowering sugardating platform?

And soo now I’m about to launch my brainchild Agency and we’re on a mission to change the stigma around sugardating. I want other women to be bold and fearless as they get what they want. And I want to see them create their dream lives by having and exercising their agency.

It’s been the most gratifying journey and it’s really only just the beginning as I prepare to launch! I still can’t believe how full circle this is. I’m creating a platform that was also what gave me my start of the most exciting chapter of my life (so far).

I can still remember our time together at your round table in your home last year, when we were talking about BDSM and our dreams. And how you shared with me your story and wisdom. How you talked about becoming conscious of the bondage of our mind, that being the key to unlocking oneself. That idea was imprinted in my mind and has stuck with me ever since.

And now here I am, feeling more free and excited about the future than ever, and I’m a CEO and founder of a new dating platform that has the potential to give women agency. Aaaand I’m also in the most incredible open relationships of my dreams with the most loving and supportive partners aaand my explorations in kink keeps bringing me new erotic pleasures I never even thought possible. Who knew I would be so into sissification??

And everyday when I meet another girl who’s ready for a change and is excited to join Agency, I’m reminded of how it all began. With a fearless choice to do something different.

Thank you Colette for inviting me down your rabbithole and being my Dommy and opening up this other world to me and for helping me make some fearless choices in this journey of living out my dreams. I am so grateful. I love you so much!


Mistress X