Dear Colette,

When we’ve started on this journey, I felt stuck. I was alone, feeling stagnated in my love life, my work life, and I feared I was regressing. I wanted to heal from the traumas I’ve had gone through, love myself, love others, and dream big. As I’ve reached out to you in the middle of the pandemic, and we’ve spoke about where I was with my life, and you’ve brought up this journey, it felt as if you would help me fulfill all the goals I’ve had already set myself, and push me even further.

Since then, I’ve been feeling completely changed. I can see myself grow in all aspects of my life, and others are noticing it. You’ve helped me realize that I deserved to feel loved, and that I should always dream big instead of settling down quickly. I’m feeling much more in touch with myself, with my feelings, and I’ve learned to trust my instincts.

You’ve taken me further in my self-discovery than ever before, giving me exciting choices that help me discover and realize my dreams, and get me in touch with myself. It’s been a truly magical journey into self-growth and self-discovery, and every moment has been life-changing.




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