Okay. The inner work is all about one essential thing

In a nutshell

It’s all about relationships.

Because everything is about relationships.


If you want a real chance of finding true and lasting love beyond the budding honeymoon period

If you want to gain trust and respect from those around you

If you want to find your passion

If you want to move through the world with an unafraid focus and achieve what you have your heart set on

If you want to be the most successful Domme/leader/businessperson or creative person that you can be

If you want to gain wisdom and enlightment and be the most awesome person you can be

If you want to reach your highest self, the version of yourself that you saw in your childhood fantasies

If you want to experience true freedom and profound inner peace

If you want to live a joyous meaningful and fulfilling life, one where upon your last breath, you can look back on proudly and fondly and say you have no regrets


Then you need to learn how to be in right reliationship…

With your self

With your beloved

With your family

With your friends

With your work

With nature

With things

With money

With food

With pain

With pleasure

With your phone

With (everything..)


Pretty much whatever is holding you back from living the life you want to live

And all of your suffering

Stems from your unawareness that

It’s all about relationships

And how to be in one.


That’s it.

If you think about it, where you are right now (emotionally, physically, pychologically, financially, etc.) is a product of all your relationships..

From your childhood till now.


Which means that everything can change

Your whole life can change once you begin to deeply examine your relationships

And change the way you relate to yourself and the world around you.


I swear to God, that’s it.


You see where this is going?

Possibly before now, you might’ve attribute your current sitaution to things, people, and events that happened to you.

You’re stressed because of work

You’re broke because you don’t have a job (or a decent one)

You’re divorced because your partner cheated on you

You’re unhappy because (insert something or someone outside of yourself to blame)


These are all proximate causes. Proximate causes are typically in/actions that lead to problems (you broke up with your partner because he cheated on you).

The goal is go deeper and look for the root causes (you guys broke up because over time there was a decay of trust and respect and both of you are not good at communicating your innermost feelings and desires.).


That’s the work I want you to do. To dig deep and understand the why and the how of where you are right now.

Because it can all be traced.

Everything is connected

Back to you

And how you relate

To yourself

And the world around you.


Once you can see that it all comes back to your relationships, in which you were an active or passive participant.

Once you can begin to see the network or cause and effect of every choice you made, you will begin to take ownership over your life.

And once you own your life, you can begin to shape it into the life that you want

By being conscious of every choice you make.


I think it’s kinda crazy that we’ve been “taught” so many things in our lives, but the one thing that really really matters is not even in our purview. It’s almost invisible to us.


You may think you know about relationships because you’re in them

But do you really know what you’re doing in them?


I think we do a great job of accumnulating and jumping from one relationship to the next.

But how often do we pause and give ourselves space and time to reflect on them.


Why do some relationships work so well?

Why do some end so tragically?


What about your relationships?

Are you happy in them?

Do they satisfy your needs?

Or are you still longing for something out there?


This might be the most important question to ask yourself:

What are you learning from your relationships?


I think this is what they mean when they talk about living

An Examined Life

This is about examining your relationships.

And the choices that make.


How is this connected to power?

And being a Domme?


A Domme is someone who can lead the way

and has the power to create change.

To lead the way assumes that there is someone willing to follow you.

And when there is a someone (even if that someone is just  you alone) there is a relationship).

All change happens in relationship.