Now that you’re here

I’ll tell you my fantasy…


All I want to do is..


Make LOVE.

Make ART.

Make my LOVE my LIFE.

Make my LIFE my ART.

Make my ART my LOVE.


And vice versa.



This is the heart of Pervette.

It’s all about intimacy.


Because I’m curious to find out..

Can I create a way a way to go deep with you..


I mean





holy fuck



That’s where I want to go

And what I want to cry out




And experience over and over again, the orgasmic bliss that comes from the ultimate surrender


To feel that with you

Is one of my deepest desires


Somehow it’s taken me years to even write these words to you and create this page/path..


The sum of the how of these years has been hours, days, weeks, months of me learning (changing & growing), practicing new arts, pushing myself (beyond my comfort zone), building my courage, finding my voice so I can express this wish to you

And start this path with you.

It’s almost like I needed to prepare myself for this.

It just took over 3 years to make it right here, right now.



I’m just curious..

Can we go to some strange and shadowy places together,

Can we explore (can I express?) all the different types of love-making that I know is inside me?


What I’m saying is that I’m dying to let this freak out.

And let her play.

With you.


That is

If you’re ready and willing

to play with me


This infinite game

of intimacy



If you think you’re ready, then keep on going deeper