How do you create an intimate experience through a website?

How deeply can one get to know someone, virtually? There’s something about most websites and the way they’re created, squarespace, wordpress, they’re all ready-made templates for you to fill in. The way they’re laid out is made to be organized and easy to navigate, which inevitably makes it feel clean (or sterile), boxed in, and slightly depersonalized. I think intimacy is the opposite of organized. It’s messy and complex. You can’t easily contain or organize it. That might be why I keep imagining this new structure where it forces the visitor to go on a ride and they can’t predict where the next page will take them. The structure of the site is modeling intimacy itself. And by being intentional about what I choose to share (in writing, video, audio, etc) at different levels of the rabbithole (i.e., how deep you do you have to go before I reveal my fantasies, my shame, my fears, my session videos, my sex videos..?) I’m trying to map out the architecture of intimacy.