Monday, July 31st 2017 10:47 am

It was last week when I got a text from my close friend (who was a former pro domme) asking me if I knew January. She went on to say that she didn’t realize how many of her friends not only the ones in sex work and porn but just party friends and locals knew her. RIP.

I was stunned. I never really knew January. I knew of her. We follow each other on Twitter and Instagram. I remember when she first came on to the scene (about a decade ago). January Seraph. What an interesting name. She called  herself a mercurial cunt. I liked her already. It seem like her favorite colors were purple and blue (just based on the color of her hair, butterfly tattoos and outfits).  I’m one to read into photographs. The way she looked (fierce and poised) and the way she looked at you through her imagery, you can tell, being a domme came naturally to her. The way she built her name and following as a domme and adult performer in a rapidly short span of time was phenomenal. You can tell from miles away she was a force. She was one of the first dommes I knew to get on social media. I admired her from afar. I never knew her. And now all that is l

What happened? How did she die? Was it a car accident? Was she killed? I googled January Seraph death. Nothing showed up. I don’t know her real name. So I searched twitter January Seraph RIP. I learned that she killed herself. Why? Then I learned from my friend that this wasn’t her first attempt. I also found out how she killed herself. Just like her life, her death was intense.

From the tweets, you can sense the deep waves of profound lost that was felt throughout the community. Her last tweet was haunting and felt like a harbinger.