Domina Colette,

I write to You as a young Domme only steps along on her journey. In a city where insightful teachers and mentors are busy, few, and far between, I felt trapped between ceding creative control and representation to a commercial dungeon, and giving up altogether. I know now with certainty that I will continue to try, and continue to become, picking up whatever inspiration I can to keep myself going. Your incredible elegance in word and philosophy drives me greatly to look deeply at domination, to become more self aware as a budding Domme. To look beyond mindless and mechanical wielding of implements, and instead at the hand that wields them and its intent. Your unique beauty and persona strengthens and liberates me to continue to develop my own, as a young woman and as a domme. With your online presence alone, You have shown me more hope and wisdom than much of what currently surrounds me. Somewhere out there is a young Domme who thanks You profoundly.

Lady X


Dear Lady X,

It’s been 3 years since I received your thoughtful letter. And I just want to thank you again for taking that time to write to me. For it was your very words that planted the seed for the Domme Guide for Pervette…

If I can inspire you to keep on going by existing alone, how else can I further help you or other young Dommes like you, who are at the beginning (or even middle) of their journey?

I was 23 and figuring out life when I first decided to become a Domme. I’m 36 now, still a Domme and still figuring out life, but I think I’ve learned quite a few things in my 13 years of wielding a whip. And with every thing that’s going on right now in our bizarro patriarchal world, I feel compelled to share everything I’ve learned. I want to show you how to start taking control, not only in the dungeon, but in every aspect of your life. I want to show you how to use all the tools and toys in our collective bag of tricks. I want show you the traps that I fell into and how to avoid them. I want to show you how to enjoy every moment of your ever budding career and how to keep it fresh and real, because it’s so easy to get stuck and lose your way. Most importantly I want to teach you how to not get burnt out. Because protecting that flame of yours is everything. I want to help you thrive, as a woman who is learning her powers. Because we need you. We actually need more of you. And we need each other to keep on going and growing together. With each of us growing stronger and smarter, this is how we change ourselves and the world around us. And this is how we shift the massive imbalance in our world right now and bring back the Power of the Feminine…


To Lady X’s next question


Domina Colette