You’re very curious..

You want to know if it’s true

Can I really make your wildest dreams come true?

There’s only one way to find out..

And that way begins with you going deep inside

As you connect with your innermost desire1It can be an erotic fantasy, but it can also be a dream for the life, love, purpose and passion that you want to live and experience, what ever desire is most potent and palpable is the one to be in touch with in this space

Once you can feel the delight of this dream

And see it so vividly

It becomes so clear to you

That it has nowhere else to go

but out into the world..

So you let it out..

And then..

You take another bold step

And go deeper

Towards the Unknown..

You trust me.

You trust

that I’m here to take you on a journey of a lifetime

You trust

that this is a mystery worth embracing

You trust

that this is an investment worth making

You trust

that this is an infinite game worth playing..

You’re ready for the Unknown..


You’re ready to get intimate with me

to get intimate with yourself

to get intimate with anybody


You’re ready to..

  • Receive a Dream Call from me
  • Get to know me, like you would a friend and lover2who happens to be a Dominatrix that’s invested in your dreams
  • Lift the veil3Mine and yours, in all senses, literally as well. If you desire, we can meet in person, possibly in my dungeon or my sanctuary or another magical place
  • Write the book4The book of You. How to unlock you, how to get to know you, how to play with you.. I give you prompts to write out your Intimacy Playbook, which you can share with anyone with whom  you desire to get intimate
  • Live the story you want to tell5as I give you “life-changing” choices and prompt you to make the more interesting choice
  • Stay open6To all possibilities, to change and growth, to doing something wildly different
  • Know that you always have a continue down the rabbithole. If at any point, you find that this isn’t your cup of tea, you can end the journey and gain deeper clarity on the boundaries of your self
  • Fall in love with the mystery8as every choice I offer you is filled with my intention and desire to bring you closer to your truth and to your dreams..
  • See the value of investing in your dreams9as it is my aim to make this journey to your dreams fast-acting, with your commitment to make bold choices, radical changes will occur sooner than you think

If you’re ready for this, tell me why..