If you’re wondering where this is going..

The answer is.. deeper, of course.

As Pervette is this multi-leveled playspace that’s mapping out the architecture of intimacy and exchange.

The Voyeur level is where the more intimate and pervy community building is taking place. It’s open and accessible to all1Who are willing to submit their name (real or alias) and email

So feel free to go there by signing up here2or below, that is


If you do decide to go beyond the voyeur level, I will reply to you (within 72 hours) with links to all the intimate materials.. and a personal thank you note for wanting to go deeper with me..


See you on the other side..

Pervette Levels

As a Voyeur, you get to see me get a little bit more naked, in all senses. It’s here where I’ll share with you (through my writing and audio messages) my more intimate thoughts and the details about me that allows you to see more more dynamically. It’s also here that you’ll get to view the NC-17 version of my erotic teasers. And if you desire, you can open up to me as well, by writing to me. And it’s also here where we can find ways to connect with fellow pervy voyeurs and share what wants to be shared3at the level of your discretion, which means you can be out or anonymized, whatever makes you feel both safe and free to express yourself on this more intimate level. So once you create an account (which is free), you’ll be a Voyeur, who can see and share more with me, and each other.

Go deeper.


And you shall find another intimate side of me by listening to my expanded audio musings (updated every week). You’ll also get to hear my sexy audio recordings, e.g., like the sounds of me making love.. to myself and with my lovers (updated weekly), reading my daily journal (updated daily), get teased by my x-rated erotic photos and videos (updated every three weeks), and receive a written reply to your letter and/or questions.

Ready, set..

Let’s go





and explore the depths of me in all the following ways: You get to read or hear me share the more intimate parts of myself, which includes my secrets, sexual fantasies, and other juicy things (updated at least every other week).And you’ll also get to hear my recount my days in all its yummy super intimate details by listening to my audio journal (updated at least every week). Also, probably of most titillating interest to you is that you get to view my very intimate erotic x-rated videos (~11min in length) that I’m making with my lovers, friends and subs (updated every three weeks). And you get to hear the unabridged versions of my sexy audio recordings. Also, at this level, I want to get to know you, so we’ll get a chance connect over the phone at least once (length determined by me).

Ooo now we’re playing. Here you get my full-length (~33+ min) XXX erotic videos (updated every third week). And now that you got my attention as a ready player, you’ll get to connect with me over the phone within the week. This way, we can drop in deeply more quickly. And you’ll also receive at least one really sweet, possibly sexy, thoughtful voice message from me to you every month.  Also, at the Player level, you get to hop in the fastrack lane of the submission portal and see me in the flesh and play with me in my dungeon sooner rather than later..

As the Author,

You and I

Are going to write a crazy love story together..

This is where the magic begins

As in the co-creation4

It’s kinda like pro-creation

Except this time,

Our baby is our art

And we’re making her out of love..

If you go deep with me at this level, we’ll be connecting and co-creating together in no time..

This level is what it sounds like..5Of course you want to be here

If we become lovers, I’m going to change your life, and make it the story you want to tell over and over again (orgies and all).

That’s all.