How do you want to get to know me?

How do you want to get to know yourself?

How do you want me to guide you through this intimate journey

In finding your pleasure and power?


Below you’ll find the many levels of intimacy1Or the many levels of trusting yourself and me

Go ahead, dig around

See all the choices that you have

Then choose your own (erotic) adventure..


The deeper we go

The more we will lift this veil2Mine and yours


I dare you

to go deep..


I dare you

to get weird

with me..


I dare you

to tell me

your truth..


I dare you

to play

this infinite game

with me..

Pervette Levels

You not quite ready for the deep dive

You just want to be a voyeur

And get a glimpse of me

As you peek into my world

You’re aware

You only get what you see

Just a little tease

Of the possibilities..

You’re ready to get intimate.

You’re ready to explore this mystery..


When you first get to know someone

You’re exploring

Not only the other

But yourself

The truth or dare

that we play

reveals so much

Not only of the one answering

But the one asking as well


It’s in this dialectic of curiosity and vulnerability

that intimacy begins..


Because you know there are places3Inside and outside of yourself

You can’t go to alone

You want to explore these parts unknown


It’s in this curious beginning that I will prompt you to explore, examine and express yourself to me..

And in turn, I will open up to you and share with you the more private parts of my self.


As an Explorer,

  • You will receive choices and directives from each of my Trix-ster sides that will push you to get creative, curious and intimate with yourself and me. You can go at your pace, every time you submit, we go deeper and the choices become more intimate and interesting..4and maybe even intense!
  • Every time you open up to me, you will unlock me. You will see, hear and experience the many sides of myself as I take up the Truth or Dare that I gave to you. I mean, it’s only fair..
  • If you’re open, let’s talk. We can have a brief call to connect (~11-22 min). I want to hear your voice and I want you to hear mine. It’s in the vibration of our sounds that we can “vibe” each other. And you can tell me your desires in this journey and I’ll keep what you share in mind as I carve this evolving rabbit-hole for us.
  • You can get curious and ask me to tell you more about myself. I’m happy to share and open up to you. If you ask nicely, I might share with you my more private writing, audio recordings, photos and videos.
  • You can ask for kink, power, sex, death, magic, relationships, life, love, career, pain, pleasure, whatever you need more support in, I’m here to help.
  • If there’s resonance and you desire, we can find ways for you to call Pervette your creative home, where you can share yourself through your art and writing 5anonymously or otherwise, whatever feels good to you
  • You can join me in the live Pervette salons, where there will be an Educatrix Power Point, Dharmanatrix transmission, Dominatrix skillshare and other exploratory play..
  • We’re just the beginning, of everything, in this experiment in intimacy. I have a sense that my offerings to you on this level will expand in time, as I get to know you better, we can co-create in this mysterious space together..

As we explore and get to know each other, and like what we see/hear, we want to go deeper, and move beyond the talk.

It’s here that desire takes over.

The desire to connect with more than just our minds..


So inevitably we start to get curious and want to find each other’s buttons and sweet spots..

Maybe you want to know what turns me on?

Because I want to know

How I can dial you in?


We start to flirt

With the idea of playing with each other

Free and deep, we let our imagination run

I want to get intimate with your fantasies..

The sexy, spontaneous, and disarming play..

Where we can let go of our selves and become limitless in our multiplicity..


What’s your fantasy?

Who do you want to be?

The sub who willingly surrenders to me?

Or the Domme who takes the lead?6You’re not going to top me, silly, but I can show you the ropes

Or do you want to switch around?


When full range of high sensations and emotions, we are truly

As a Player:

  • You get to go where the Explorer goes and beyond..
  • We’ll get sensual and playful:
  • You can go deeper down the kinky rabbithole..and watch me play with my other subs..have me show you how I do it..or I can play with you..
  • Let’s connect. If you’re open, we can find a time within the week of your initiation to connect over the phone (~44 min). I want to get to know you and your desires. And we can stay connected.  As the sub, I may give you some personalized tasks to deepen your surrender. As a Domme, I may offer you some insights and pro tips to advance your play.
  • If you desire to play and submit to me in the flesh, this is the level that leads to the submission portal where you can find your way to me, on your hands and knees, of course.
  • If you’re femme-identified and want more hands-on practice as a Dominatrix. After your third month into the journey, we can discuss the possibility of you coming to my dungeon (in the Bay Area) where you can shadow or participate in a bdsm session with me and a sub of mine.
  • Also, if you do a little digging, you may find some erotic easter eggs and pervy rabbitholes in Pervette that you can unlock at this level. As I’ve been known to record lots of things, including my sexy/orgasmic adventures. And I’m pretty open to sharing with you some sights and sounds, since we are being playful here..

As the Author,

You and I

Are going to write a crazy love story together..

This is where the magic begins

As in the co-creation7

It’s kinda like pro-creation

Except this time,

Our baby is our art

And we’re making her out of love..

If you go deep with me at this level, we’ll be connecting and co-creating together in no time..

Let’s make art out of love together…


This is the deepest level of intimacy. It’s the place of deep understanding. It’s the place of deep love. It’s where I see you, all of you. And I show you what I see, your beauty, your strength and your potential. I open myself up to you so that you can open yourself up to me. We play, and make up the rules as we go, the only set rule is that we keep finding a way to say yes to each other. To say yes to trust, in each other to do the work on self through each other.

Has anyone ever taught you how to get intimate? How to be in relationship? We only learn about relationships by being in relationships.  And so let’s be in one. A healthy, conscious one. Where I mirror you, show you your loveability as well as your blindspots.

My aim is to make your heart bigger and stronger. To prepare you for deep intimacy in all your relationships. By teaching you the art of speaking your truth, with grace and integrity. By filling you with unconditional love, so you can gi Love for your past. Love for your future. And for the present that brings you to wholeness.

And I show you what unconditional love and support is, as we do the Great Work together and play for our dreams.  and it’s a rare space.8My love is infinite but my time and energy is finite. And so I can only take on 4 lovers at a time. You can apply to be here from the Author Level. 

If we become lovers, I’m going to change your life, and make it the story you want to tell over and over again. How I do that is by getting to you know you deeply. You share with me your stories and dreams. And together we create  We go on an intimate journey monthly.

That’s all.