You’re ready to go deeper..


Below you’ll find the ways to get to the more intimate spaces of Pervette

Go ahead, dig around

See how far you can go

Then choose your own (erotic) adventure..

Pervette Levels

You not quite ready for the deep dive

You just want to be a voyeur

And get a glimpse of me

As you peek into my world

You’re aware

You only get what you see

Just a little tease

Of the possibilities..

So you want to play with me1It’s an infinite game, I tell you

Because you realize I’m creating a curious¬†playground

an evolving safe space where

you can get intimate with me

to get intimate with yourself

so you can get intimate with anybody


As a Player:

  • You will get to hear my intimate conversations and the ¬†sounds of my love life
  • You will get to read my daily journal where I’m writing to you and letting you know what I’m up to, what I’m thinking, feeling, putting in my body..
  • You will get to see how I make love and art with my friends and lovers..
  • You may receive secret messages and surprise gifts from me in your inbox (and if you’re open to it) in your text messages, and snail mailbox..
  • Oh and there’s more coming..I’m just at the beginning of creating this rabbithole for us. Come back here and you’ll see how I’m adding more to this space and how it’s all connected.. And eventually you’ll see why at this level you’re called the Player and why this is an infinite game..