As a small child, I used to lull myself to sleep with lucid dreams of citadels cloaked by gray, swollen clouds resting heavily on a perimeter of spires and fort walls. A fortress in my mind’s eye inhabited only by captured prisoners. While some performed hard labor in barley fields and thick mud, others remained in turret dungeons, shackled with metal cuffs, their backs pressed against damp stone and mortar. In these cells, I would emerge in my dreams, throw pails of frigid water at my meek, unsuspecting subjects, and begin my interrogation.

Now as a Domme-in-training, my penchant for medieval torture has expanded to corporal punishment, medical play, CBT, tease and denial, bondage, roleplay, pet play, and feminization with a desire to explore even more kinks, fetishes, and people.

With a background in art and an active writing practice, I crave sessions that allow my imagination to run wild. Where fantasies become real and where a glint of glee and deviousness enters my eyes while a submissive––tormented yet enthralled––lies beneath my control. Playing within the dreamscapes of my submissives, I seek to nurture power dynamics that replace the systemically enforced roles that plague us in our daily lives for ones that are transformative and healing.

While I can strike with a firm hand fueled by ire, I am also playful and quick-witted. I fill the air with bursts of laughter. And for the submissives who can earn their keep, I will treat them with abundant care. Soothing the select few who submit to me with soft and tender tones. Gently stroking their bruises and scars, including those not visible to the outside.

Let me efface you, strip you bare.

Find the shame that you hide behind.


M. Xuan is based in Los Angeles

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