You need more details before you can begin..


I’ll start with the fundamental questions…

Who am I?

What is this?

And what is my relationship to it?


Who am I?

I call myself Colette.

Colette is an alter ego of mine

She’s a dominatrix.

She’s a woman who plays with dreams and pushes boundaries.

She’s a woman who is in control of her own narrative.

And if you wish

I’m here to help you take control of yours.

I’ll do that by carving out paths for you to take.

In this way you’ll always have a choice.

And when you see none

I’ll try to point one out to you.

In a way, I want to be your guide

Into the unknown.

I’m not saying

I have all the answers and know the way

But I am actively searching and wandering and wondering

What’s the point?

Why are we here?

How do we make meaning

Out of this life?

How do we find peace and thrive

In a world that seems so bleak at times?

How do we change

To become better?

To that end

I’ve been quietly


Writing down my dreams and theories

And I want to test them out here..


What is this? And what is my relationship to it?

I call this place Pervette.

Right now I know it may not look like much.

But what I’m hoping to build out is a safe space

For us to come out and play.

Pervette is where I will reveal myself

Through my art.

Because I’m bored

Of the patriarchal structure and the needless binaries.

Because I’m tired

Of censoring myself

And playing by their rules.

Because I’m curious

What does a world look like

Where there is no shame or fear?

And what if

I can create this world?

One evolving page at a time..


Pervette is my diary.

Pervette is my experiment.

Pervette is my soul work.

Pervette is my way of connecting to you.


Pervette can change your mind.

And just maybe

Pervette can be our shared reality.

Because I want to come out

By inviting you in

To my mind.

Showing you what I see.

I see truth and possibilities

Playing on the edges

Of maybe..

Maybe Let's